GTA 6 codename and female character leaked by a voice actor

GTA 6 codename and female character has now been leaked, thanks to its voice actor.

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GTA 6 leaks reveal new details on its codename and female character

If there ever was a game whose development details have been so secretly guarded by the developers that almost no significant information ever leaked out, then it is GTA 6. This is probably the most anticipated sequel to the blockbuster game that shook the gaming world, GTA 5.

The way things stand right now, all that we know about GTA 6 is that it is in development. That is the only detail that Rockstar Games has condescended to pass on to the world. Leaked details have been extremely scarce till now, most of them being far-fetched speculations.

But the sad fact is, given the extraordinary dearth of information, players have had no choice except to make up their expectations based on said speculations. At the moment, the gaming community is leaning towards the belief that GTA 6 throws us back to the days of Vice City, and that there will be two main characters, siblings, a man and a woman, who are possibly involved in a drug cartel.

A surprising source of the leaks for GTA 6 has been the voice actors who star in the title. Another leak from this source has reared its head as we have new info on GTA 6 codename and female character and that is what we will be talking about in this post.

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GTA 6 female character plus codename leaked

Remember when we said many leaks about GTA 6 come from voice actors starring in the game. Of course, that’s not to say that these actors themselves leak the information. Data miners gain some insight into the game by sniffing around these actors’ resumes and all.

The GTA 6 leak we are discussing comes to us from some members of the GTAForums site.

On the fateful day of July 15, these guys came across the resume of a GTA 6 voice actress, Natonia Monet. But you might object that this is long back. Of course, the resume has been updated since then. This document referred to a video game by the name ‘Fireball’ and a character called ‘Tamara’.

On the surface, this is unrelated to GTA 6. However, after digging a bit deeper, we find out that the agency through which Monet landed the gig is linked with Rockstar Games.

Things start to get intense when we see that the listing was removed from her resume sometime after the data miners had been able to link the two elements together – the resume and the GTA 6 game. And so, being the collective detective that the gaming community is, we have deduced that Fireball has a high probability of being the internal codename of GTA 6.

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This is the way developers tread by not naming a game right at the outset so that if in the course of the development of the game a more suitable name comes up, that is what the game will be named.

Now, every community in the world has its share of skeptics. And it’s the same with the gaming community. There are people who do not readily believe any leak, especially when it comes to such a highly guarded title. But still, we’d say that maybe those people should give this GTA 6 leak another thought.

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Some insiders stick with the claim that leaks and information about GTA 6 come out before this year runs out. According to that claim, we don’t have to wait a long time to know whether this GTA 6 leak is accurate or not.

Fans however need to wait for Rockstar Games to give out news for GTA 6 to be certain about any of these reports as all of the recent ongoing information are leaks and hypotheses.

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