Rainbow Six Siege Grim - release date, loadout, gadgets, gameplay, R6 Y7S3 operator

Rainbow Six Siege Grim, the Y7S3 operator is yet to be released officially, but players already have an idea of his gadgets, weapons, and more.

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Rainbow Six Y7S3 operator - Grim

The most recent Rainbow Six Siege update included a new operator, a small amount of map alteration, exciting gameplay, and much more to the game. Players can now access a new Vector Glare operation, which features another Rainbow Six Siege operator, Sens - a Belgian Attacker.

However, Operation Vector Glare will be completed soon, and players will be free to explore a new update. As is traditional, there will be a new Operator, a combat pass, and cosmetics.

Leaks have also revealed additional details about the Rainbow Six Y7S3 operation, operator, elite, and more. According to leaked material, players will receive some new elites along with Thorn & Blackbeard WWE crossover skins.

However, other than detailing the info on the Rainbow Six Y7S3 operation, new leaks have revealed the complete data on Rainbow Six Y7S3 operator - Grim. Let's check out this newly leaked information on Rainbow Six Y7S3 Grim.

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Rainbow Six Y7S3 Operator - Grim

The leakers have gradually been revealing insights regarding the Rainbow Six Y7S3 operator. The name of the next Seige operator has been leaked, the operator will be known as Rainbow Six Siege Grim.

Earlier, while revealing the name of the Y7S2 operation, leaks revealed that the R6 Y7S3 operator has some in-game data and that it is possible that Ubisoft will add a proper Tutorial to R6 in Y7 Season 3 or Season 4.

Then recently on May 23, @Zer0Bytes revealed the exact name of the R6 Y7S3 operator, "Grim". However, no further details were found about the operator then. Now we have new leaks about the next Rainbow Six operator, and the leaks have revealed the look of the R6 Y7S3 operator along with the complete background of this new operator.

The pictures below were shared by the leaker, which show the next operator named Grim. Fans can spot him wearing a combat suit with his name written on the back and having a weapon in his hands.


The past leaks additionally revealed the Rainbow Six Y7S3 Grim gadget, and the new leaks seem to support the same.

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Rainbow Six Y7S3 Operator - Grim Gadget

Other than the Rainbow Six Y7S3 operator name, leakers dropped a few insights regarding the Rainbow Six Y7S3 Grim gadget, named the Kawan Hive Launcher.

We are yet to get detailed info about Grim gadget's Kawan Hive Launcher, or how it works, but leaks have suggested that Rainbow Six Siege Grim reportedly has access to a Prismable weapon, and this Kawan Hive Launcher fires a canister, releasing a cloud of bots that reveal opponents passing through it for a limited time.

Each Kawan Hive releases a Kawan Canister of Kawan Bots. Moreover, Hives release a Kawan Canister that sticks to surfaces and disappears after a few seconds.

The latest R6 leak likewise revealed Grim's weapon and the loadouts. This new leak is definitely a strong one as players were able to get a proper gander at his name and logo in the last leaked picture.

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Rainbow Six Y7S3 Operator - Grim Loadout and Gameplay

As per the leaks, the following weapons are included in Grim's loadout

  • Primary: IQ’s 552 Commando and the SG-CQB French Shotgun
  • Secondary: Soft Breach Charges or Claymores
  • Gadgets: Kawan Hive Launcher

Similar to Alibi's location ping, Defenders going through this Kawan Hive Launcher's cloud will be pinging in real-time. This pinging effect lasts for 10 seconds after leaving the cloud.

Nothing much was shown with regards to Grim's gameplay, but soon Ubisoft will have a complete reveal showcasing Grim's gameplay. Players will have to wait to see how the operator uses a yet-to-be-seen Kawan Hive Launcher in the artistic and cover artwork.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3 Operator - Grim biography

The Year 7 roadmap for Siege's Y7S3 merely indicates that Singapore would be the area where the new operator comes from. Data miners for Rainbow Six Siege, however, have been working tirelessly to uncover fresh information regarding the next operator.

The new Singaporean operator will go by the name "Grim," according to famed leaker dumbhael. Grim will become an Attacker for Team Rainbow. Grim will have access to five of these canisters at the beginning of a round, according to the graphic, but you never know, developers can make any changes before the operator goes live.

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Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3 Operator - Grim release date

Rainbow Six Y7S3 Grim release date has not been announced up until now. Nonetheless, given Ubisoft drops its new season substance at regular intervals of 3 months, players can anticipate that the next R6 Y7S3 will hit live servers somewhere around August or September 2022.

Moreover, Ubisoft releases all-new Rainbow Six substances at their esports majors, so there are chances that players will bet a significant look at the R6 Y7S3 operator during that period of time.

Whatever the case, we will keep updating the article whenever new R6 Grim leaks will be dropping before the next Rainbow Six season.

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