Thor: Love and Thunder – A spoiler-free review

Thor: Love and Thunder is all set to hit the big screens soon, and we already have a spoiler-free review for the eagerly awaiting fans.

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Thor: Love and Thunder – A spoiler-free review

Thor is a stoic. Quite literally. He is the only Phase 1 MCU superhero still standing in Phase 4. It’s a natural quality for an almost invincible Asgardian really. And given his reality and abilities, it seems that MCU has not undermined this character at all.

We would go so far as to say that this character is the one who has faced the most turmoil among all the MCU superheroes. He has gone through success, love, tragic loss, regret, grief, and finally, in the latest Thor: Love and Thunder, peace and self-acceptance (it seems).

From the trailers, we suspect Thor 4’s narrator to be the much-beloved Korg. This stone-alien regales us with tales of woe-laden history, and also of his current, liberating interim position among the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor received a massive public response ever since Taika Waititi was put in the director’s chair. The duo of Waititi and Hemsworth does a phenomenal job of portraying Thor’s inner battle with his demons, his debonair personality, and above all, his indispensable comedic propensities.

In Love and Thunder, we see a potential fanning of the flames of Thor’s love life because Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, Thor’s past sweetheart, is back as the Mighty Thor. Thor: Love and Thunder, it seems, is turning out to be the last thing we expected it to be: a rom-com!

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Thor: Love and Thunder - a possible rom-com?

This movie, Thor: Love and Thunder is the brainchild of Waititi, so, naturally, we will see some crazy stuff here.

Thor and Jane might turn out to be each other’s better half after all. Foster had indeed moved on from Thor since their breakup. But with Waititi at the wheel, Jane’s forced to use her last resort and seek help from Thor and his troops when Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) shows up his ugly face.

We saw some chemistry stir up in this odd duo in Thor: Dark World. But now, Mjolnir has chosen Foster for the role of the Mighty Thor and that adds a lot of spice to the circumstances. Foster may never have gotten her due in earlier films, but Waititi makes sure that her capacities of intelligence and courage get enough screentime. Portman is excited to see what trouble this mantle of the Mighty Thor would land Foster in, in the future.

Thor: Love and Thunder - Gorr that God Butcher

Now we come to what might be the most anticipated element of Love and Thunder: Gorr that God Butcher.

Played by the versatile Christian Bale, who is known for his roles of complex and even psychopathic characters, this match of actor and character is one made in heaven. Gorr is much more than the mustache-twirling villain. His unwavering resolve that “all god will die” is met will equal verve from Bale who acts out every nuance of this character to perfection.

Gorr’s is a spirit of vengeance, we might say, and this movie features a fresh take on the age-old superhero theme of good vs the all-consuming evil with all its shades and nuances.

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Queen Valkyrie is a highlight in Love and Thunder

Love and Thunder is a fast-paced movie. That much is clear. What is a bit less than satisfying about the movie, however, is its lack of commitment, so to speak, to choices that would cut off their options for later movies. This seems to be a Marvel trademark in recent films. But whatever the case may be, it feels that the movie doesn’t live up to its potential, especially when it’s in the heat of battles.

A character that we feel Love and Thunder doesn’t utilize to her full potential is Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, or should we say, Queen Valkyrie. She’s seen engaged in talk with Thor and Mighty Thor in some parts, and other scenes show her working towards breathing life into New Asgard’s tourism. This character is only used to keep the movie moving and as a sidekick to Thor and Foster.

Valkyrie is left on the bench once the main characters start talking, and we move from battle to battle quickly. That’s not to cast doubts on Waihiti’s direction abilities. He utilizes every chance he gets to add color to the movie, be it in the form of Korg or Thor’s comedic side taking over. In one black and white Gorr vs Thor battle, the regions close to the magical energy get as much color as possible. The vibe of the setting then is almost like the Valkyrie flashback in Ragnarok.

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Thor: Love and Thunder - Our review

In Thor: Love and Thunder, Waititi’s flair for inserting comedic instances where they are least expected are unparalleled. For example, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker are at moments personified. Not that they get a voice actor or anything, but these weapons are the motifs of some of the strongest running jokes in Love and Thunder. The soundtrack might appear a bit dull to certain observant viewers. There are four songs in total in the movie, all from one band.

The story of Thor: Love and Thunder and the soundtracks seemed somewhat disconnected and repetitive, for example, when the heroes go into battle, and also in terms of artists’ curation. Waititi is not exactly a subtle filmmaker. His mind quickly moves from one element to another in hopes of trying something new. So, it’s inevitable that there be some black points in some elements of the movie.

All in all, Thor: Love and Thunder lacks nothing about bringing Thor’s journey of self-awakening full circle, and taking into serious account the relationship between Thor and Jane Foster, and also to some extent Valkyrie.

But one area in which this movie lags behind is that in the big picture, it does little to push the MCU universe forward, which has always been a huge Marvel trademark. Both Gorr and Valkyrie don’t get a chance to shine their potential’s worth. But there is the full-on presence of Waititi-style humor and aesthetics. In a sentence, Thor’s future looks bright. That of comrades’, less so.

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