Apex Legends Global Series 2022 - ALGS July team shop, skins, price, release date, more

Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Championship skins are now being offered in the ALGS 2022 team shop along with various other items.

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Apex Legends Global Series 2022 - ALGS July team shop

As part of Apex Legends' periodic updates and meta adjustments, Respawn made Season 13 content available for players to explore. Players now have a tonne of new content to enjoy in Apex Legends Season 13, including a new battle pass, map, and, unsurprisingly, another Legend - Newcastle.

Recently, Apex Legends' Awakening Collection Event came to a close. Players could participate in the well-liked 9v9 Control LTM and explore the Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus during the most recent collection event for the battle royale. In addition, with the debut of the Suzaku, Valkyrie became the newest Legend to earn an heirloom.

However, sadly, the game's content over the previous few weeks has had some unforeseen effects. A significant percentage of the community began experiencing input lag problems after the commencement of the Awakening Collection Event for Apex Legends.

But, leaving that aside, Respawn is now introducing limited-time esports skins to a new shop in the in-game store to mark the debut of the Apex Legends Global Series' Year 2 Championship event.

Soon, ALGS 2022 will take place, and to commemorate it, EA has added some intriguing team-based cosmetic products to the Apex Legends Store once more. Check out every detail on Apex Legends ALGS 2022, including the info on the team shop, skins, price, release date, and more.

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Apex Legends Global Series - ALGS 2022

The biggest Apex Legends esports competition is ALGS. Players enjoy watching their favorite teams compete in large arenas for the ALGS Championship. Starting in 2021, EA started promoting team-specific cosmetic products as a way to honor the ALGS victory.

There won't be any differences between this year and the previous ones as to commemorate the approaching ALGS 2022 Championship, EA has added some team-specific items to the ALGS Team Shop once more.

Epic Banner Frames for various well-known teams are currently available in the store, along with Weapon and Legend skins. This time, we have 10 competitors in total, and below we have detailed what players can obtain, including team banners and Legend skins.

Apex Legends Global Series - ALGS 2022 Bundle Release Date

A few weeks ago the Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Championship was announced that is all set to take place at PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, on July 7-10, 2022. And now we’re only two days away from kicking things off!

However, for the commencement of the Championship, the Apex Store's Featured area is currently hosting the ALGS Team Shop.

During the two-week ALGS Championship, the shop will be open, that is from July 5 to July 19, 2022. So, acquire the bundles for your favorite teams before they are removed from the Shop.

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Apex Legends Global Series - ALGS 2022 Skin Bundles

According to the official release, each team will receive a bundle that contains a thematic banner, albeit there are minor differences for the larger parts. The new additions are broken up into two weeks' because the list of participants is fairly long.

Along with the Banner Frames bearing the team's logo, the Shop also offers specific Legends and Cosmetic goods. The duration of this rotation is one week. After one week, there will be another rotation.

Epic Banner frames from TSM, 100 Thieves, Crazy Raccoon, Cloud9, and NRG are presently available in the ALGS Team Shop. Additionally, NaVi, Complexity, Team Liquid, G2, and Alliance Bundles will be a part of the upcoming rotation.

The different Apex Legends Esports teams getting ALGS 2022 Skin Bundles during different weeks are:

July 5th – 12th (Week 1):

  • 100 Thieves
  • Cloud9
  • Crazy Raccoon
  • NRG
  • TSM

July 12th – 19th (Week 2):

  • Alliance
  • Complexity
  • G2 Esports
  • NaVi
  • Team Liquid

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Apex Legends Global Series - ALGS 2022 Cosmetic Items

Each team is shown in the trailer receiving a distinctive Legend skin, such as a TSM-themed Octane or a Team Liquid Bangalore, along with a number of team-specific gun skins. A team banner, a legend skin, and a weapon skin are also included in each ALGS 2022 Bundle.

The official post read, "The items in the ALGS Team Shop will include team-branded Epic Banner Frames, plus bundles featuring Epic or Legendary Weapon and Legend Skins."

ALGS 2022 100 Thieves Bundle

  • 100T Banner Frame
  • The Burgundy Knight Pathfinder
  • Rune Breaker Havoc

ALGS 2022 Cloud9 Bundle

  • Cloud9 Banner Frame
  • Snake Charmer Mirage
  • Dangerous Game R-99

ALGS 2022 Crazy Raccoon Bundle

  • CR Banner Frame
  • Dangerous Game Bloodhound
  • Lethal Injection G7 Scout

ALGS 2022 NRG Bundle

  • NRG Baner Frame
  • Gold Standard Rampart
  • Dragon Chaser Rampage

ALGS 2022 TSM Bundle

  • TSM Banner Frame
  • Clocktrain Octane
  • Bronze Age R-301

ALGS 2022 Alliance Bundle

  • Alliance Banner Frame
  • Seeker of Knowledge Crypto
  • Crimson King Wingman

ALGS 2022 Complexity Bundle

  • COL Banner Frame
  • Pearly White Fuse
  • Golden Arrow Hemlok

ALGS 2022 G2 Bundle

  • G2 Banner Frame
  • Blazin’ Hot Gibraltar
  • Entry Lane Longbo

ALGS 2022 NaVi Bundle

  • NaVi Banner Frame
  • Judge Jury Lifeline
  • Copperhead EVA-8

ALGS 2022 Team Liquid Bundle

  • TL Banner Frame
  • Nerves of Steel Bangalore
  • Nightcore Sentinel

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Apex Legends Global Series - ALGS 2022 Bundle Price

Each bundle costs 2150 Apex Coins and each Banner Frame costs 500 Apex Coins. To separate each Apex Legends Global Series 2022 Bundle Price, we have:

  • 100 Thieves Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins
  • Cloud9 Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins
  • Crazy Raccoon Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins
  • NRG Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins
  • TSM Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins
  • Alliance Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins
  • Complexity Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins
  • G2 Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins
  • NaVi Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins
  • Team Liquid Bundle - 2150 Apex Coins

Therefore, if you want to purchase all 10 bundles, you must pay 21500 Apex Coins.

Apart from the skin bundle, Respawn is also offering ALGS Championship 2022 Twitch drops.

ALGS Championship 2022 Twitch drops

Similar to the majority of big esports competitions, Respawn is giving gamers Twitch drops just for watching the Championship, where a Revenant skin and other prizes are up for grabs. Players only need to make sure that their EA account is connected to their Twitch account.

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In this manner, Twitch will be able to give you each of the awards during the matches while you're watching the show. Players can obtain the following four different rewards over the course of the July 10 ALGS Championship 2022 finals:

  • Gun Charm
  • Holospray
  • Revenant skin
  • Devotion skin

Moreover, the following are the Twitch Drop Earning Thresholds:

  • 15 cumulative minutes watched on Day 4 of the Championship: The Rare ‘ALGS-Glitched’ Holospray
  • 1 cumulative hour watched on Day 4 of the Championship: The Rare ‘Digital Jammer’ Devotion skin
  • 2 cumulative hours watched on Day 4 of the Championship: The Rare ‘Amethyst Assassin’ Revenant skin
  • 3 cumulative hours watched on Day 4 of the Championship: The Epic ‘Lowkey Flex’ Gun Charm

Well, this was everything on Apex Legends ALGS 2022, including the info on the team shop, skins, price, release date, and more. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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