Apex Legends Loba Heirloom leaked, coming in Season 14

Apex Legends Loba heirloom is probably the next one in the line, which would be another awaited addition to the game.

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Apex Legends Loba Heirloom leaked

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale shooting game that has completed its 13 seasons and still has got the same craze amongst gamers. Recently, Respawn launched the Apex Legends Season 14 on August 9th bringing a new legend Vantage, battle pass, Ranked Season, a new map update, and more.

However, new features and elements are always welcome by the players, and similar is the case with Apex Legends heirlooms.

Apex Legends Heirlooms are the most valued cosmetic products in the game as they are interesting skins that are layered in the separate legend lore and surprisingly accompany their own quips and animations, which add a bit of style to the player's game.

Currently, Apex Legends has almost 23 characters in their battle royale, and the pipeline for Heirlooms can get delayed with numerous players actually trusting that their beloved Legend will get one. Players have been eagerly waiting to see Apex Legends Loba heirloom, and leaks suggest that we will soon get one.

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Apex Legends Loba Heirloom in Season 14

Apex Legends heirlooms are weapons that are only accessible for a limited time and are issued in combination with collection events. And if players wish to get one after the event then the only way to get it is via the open packs with a 1 in 500 chance of getting one, clearly not an easy task.

The last Apex character that got its own heirloom was Valkyrie. Valkyrie's Heirloom was made available via the Gaiden Thematic Collection event releasing her Suzaku on June 21.

However, now the leaks appear to have revealed the next Heirloom coming to the game, which belongs to Loba, the Translocating Thief. Although it is a fact that Loba is one of the mid picks amongst all the other Legends in Apex Legends, many gamers have high hopes that soon they will be getting Apex Loba Heirloom in the latest season 14 Collection event.

Popular Apex Legends data miner, KralRindo recently shared some new bits about the Season 14 content and Loba Heirloom was a part of it.

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Apex Legends Loba Heirloom leak

Respawn releases a substantial amount of material into the game with their seasonal update at the start of each new Season. As soon as these upgrades go live, data miners begin their arduous work and delve deeply into the encoded game files to uncover important information about what’s coming.

Similar to the previous updates, this Season 14 update includes all of the new stuff from the Patch Notes as well as any upcoming patches' unannounced skins and content.

The Loba Heirloom is the item that data miners discovered in the Season 14 files that have garnered the most interest. Despite not being able to locate precise renderings of the Heirloom or the Loba Heirloom animation, dataminers have discovered some proof.

On August 17, KralRindo, a leaker well-known within the Apex Legends community shared that some animations and emotes for Loba were discovered in the Season 14 game files. The Loba Animations and a Banner Pose are highlighted as Red or Mythic rarity, which only happens if the cosmetics are taken directly from an Heirloom or a Prestige skin.

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Now, the possibility of Loba getting a Prestige skin has been ruled out because according to an earlier leak, also from KralRindo, Wraith will be the next Legend to acquire the Prestige skin during the Season 14 Thematic Event. Therefore, the only logical conclusion from this is that Season 14 may finally bring us the long-awaited Apex Legends Loba's Heirloom.

Adding to this, the community has been buzzing since Respawm's lead animator posted a recent Tweet. "For whatever reason, she's been on my mind lately," Moy Parra wrote in a Tweet that featured an animation of Loba. Fans of Apex Legends now think that this verifies Loba's status as the following Legend to get an heirloom in Season 14.

Additionally, it appears that another well-known leaker is teasing Loba Heirloom. A recent Apex Legends leak claims that the Loba Heirloom is a fan of warfare. Although the teaser image appears to be a simple fan, it actually includes shooting blades, making it highly dangerous.

Up until now, we haven't seen a full display of all the Apex Loba Heirloom's animations through leaks, so it is quite obvious that we will have to wait till the weapon is launched to witness them.

Although there are tons of leaks that strongly suggest that Apex Legends Loba Heirloom is next in the line, we can not ignore the fact that there are still no official statements by the game developers and creators about whether the leaks are real or not, or if Apex Loba Heirloom is actually in the pipeline.

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These were all the information about the Apex Legends Loba Heirloom. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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