GTA 6 Developers releases early development footage post leaks

Developers worldwide release early development footage in support of GTA 6 

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GTA 6 early development footage 

Reason says that the biggest leak of a video game can only happen to the most anticipated title. Well, one of the biggest leaks in history was revealed over the past few days. And the victim was none other than the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. This was done by a hacker who managed to get past Rockstar’s firewalls and infiltrate their systems. 

More than 40 minutes of gameplay footage of GTA 6 was leaked. This included the title’s new female protagonist, up till now just speculation, the map of the game, and a lot more.

Well, the import of this big incident is not lost on the developers worldwide. To show that they understand the loss suffered by Rockstar Games, video game developers around the globe are sharing early footage of their titles on social media.

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The reaction to the phenomenal GTA 6 leak was mixed from the community. Some believed that the leak shows us the early stages of development of the game and that this shows that GTA 6 is in active development. But on the other side of the coin, some thought that this gameplay footage was of the title near completion status. They were also those that gave critiques of the graphics of the game.

“Visuals are one of the first things done,” said a now infamous tweet online about general video game development. Many developers responded to online comments of the such kind by releasing early footage of their titles to discredit them. Cult of the Lamb has posted a side-by-side comparison of the early footage, which showed blocky and dull visuals, and its status quo on its official page.

And this case is not limited to just Cult of the Lamb. Many other games have put out their early footage to disprove the claim that visuals are one of the first things to be developed in a video game. 

Remedy’s 2019 award-winning action-adventure game, Control, put out weird, blocky structures, and side-by-side, a Jesse Farden that is definitely not the person players were expecting. Another example is an early build of the Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn. To be honest, it was blockier than a character made of Legos.

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However, even though such a huge force of video game developers responded to this leak for the GTA 6 content, that doesn’t mean Rockstar Games won’t suffer some loss because of it. The development of the game itself won’t be affected much by the leak. The developers are hot in pursuit of the hacker who got past security. 

The original thread on GTAForums has been taken down already. All the signs point to this being a serious breach of security at Rockstar Games. To understand the momentousness of the situation, you need to realize that even the FBI has joined this investigation. 

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