Diablo 4 leak reveals over 40 minutes of video content

Major Diablo 4 leak reveals over 40 minutes of video content.

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Diablo 4 Gameplay Footage Leak

Diablo has been one of the most successful video game series in its genre. At the moment, Blizzard Entertainment shows no signs of stopping. Their upcoming endeavor will be the latest addition to the Diablo series Diablo 4. This title is set to release sometime in 2023.

As is almost always the case with popular games nearing their release window, Diablo 4 is also seeing a huge leak blow up online. This leak reveals more than 40 minutes of never-seen-before Diablo 4 gameplay footage. This title was first announced way back in November 2019 at BlizzCon. After that, it was more or less left in the shadows until recently, in June of 2022, the release window of it was set as the year 2023. The developers have started to open up about the game more. Expect a lot more official details to come out soon.

In the run-up before the official release, Blizzard Entertainment has provided us with content ranging from gameplay to the workings of the classes. And without shedding light on any major facts, we have seen some story highlights too. The developers have confirmed that Diablo 4 continues the saga that was started by the series. However, a new villain will enter the story, by the name of Lilith. You might have seen this guy before but not as the main character.

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But despite all the charity activities performed by the developers, the community just doesn’t seem satisfied. The data miners have brought before us more than 40 minutes of gameplay footage. This leak was first noticed and shared by a Reddit user, iV1rus0. In total, there are two clips. One runs for about 5 minutes and the other for 38 minutes.

We aren’t clear about the reason for this leak. All we have in this regard is a discussion in a shorter video, the implications of which tell us that the person recording the footage and the person playing the game aren’t one and the same. What seems to have happened is that the footage was streamed over a platform, like Discord, where others could watch it.

Here’s the discussion of this short video:

At the start of the video, Person 1 (whose voice is distorted) asks Person 2: “Are you watching Skye right now? Watch Skye right now.”

“Why are we watching Skye? What he is playing?” questions Person 2, before the realization of the live streaming dawns upon them. “This is not Diablo IV,” is Person 2’s reply.

“It is,” Person 1 shoots back.

These clips feature a lot of combat and some quests. The player is also using the Barbarian class. This guy first finishes some quests while showing off the classes’ abilities and also the class skill tree. We are also shown the shop, where players can buy a bunch of cosmetic items. With real money, however. The cosmetic items are Sunken Treasures, Heir to the Sea, Tols of the Sea, Raised by Wolves, Brackish Fetch, The Lion of Arreat, etc.

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Though we can see that the gameplay is not the final product, the visual effects are still amazing. Admittedly, this ‘amazing’-ness is a bit hard to see with all the watermarks.

The watermarks most probably indicate that the source of the footage is Blizzard’s Friends and Family Alpha test. Apparently, this is from a leak of an early version of the game. Interestingly, some Diablo 4 alpha footage had been leaked on a previous occasion, noticeably in August. So if this leak was from that private test, then Blizzard will be able to pinpoint where the leak sprang from.

Given the magnitude of the leak, over 40 minutes of clips, we can say with reasonable certainty that it will be taken down soon. But even in that case, we won’t be left stranded. Blizzard themselves have officially released some gameplay footage of Diablo 4, the latest of which shows us how the Necromancer class works in the title.

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