GTA 6 leak - gameplay videos, weapons, characters, and more content leaked

A massive GTA 6 leak reveals 90+ gameplay videos to the fans, and lots of unwanted content has been revealed.

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GTA 6 gameplay videos leak

If GTA 6 was put on one side of a scale and all the rest of the Rockstar Games titles on the other, still the scales would tip in the favor of the former. This is a massively anticipated video game that has no rival in the excitement it has managed to produce in the world at the moment. And given its peaking anticipation, the developers have taken just as many measures to ensure that no leaks make their way out into the public.

But despite all this, despite all that has been done to prevent leaks, they have managed to trickle slowly out. And now, it seems that that trickle has finally turned into a torrent.

GTA V was released almost a decade ago. Though Rockstar Games had confirmed that there would be such a thing as a sequel to this crime video game franchise, they had the tightest set of lips in the world after that. But now it looks as if lady luck has finally graced us. A massive GTA 6 leak, no less than internal footage of Rockstar Games itself, has creeped out and given us our first look at the GTA 6 gameplay.

GTA 6 gameplay footage leaks

These GTA 6 gameplay footage leaks seem to be in the in-development stages of GTA 6.

A user of GTAForums, going by the name tepotuberhacker, posted a zip file there, commenting alongside it, “Here are 90 footage/clips from GTA 6. Its possible i could leak more data soon, GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets, GTA 6 testing build. [sp]” And given the nature of the Internet, before anybody could blink, the GTA 6 leaks were blasted all over the place, on YouTube and Twitter, and every website in between.

These GTA 6 videos showed many things, from guns to voiceovers. Also, there seemed to be debugged elements, much like those from the developmental stages of Red Dead Redemption. The leaker has said that he has downloaded all these clips from Slack.

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GTA 6 leak - the return of Vice City to the franchise

The leaked GTA 6 gameplay video confirms a lot of things. One of the most major reveals would be that it apparently confirms the return of Vice City to the screen. You would remember the Vice City map to be the one based on Miami and Miami Beach that hit the consoles first way back in 2002.

Now, some past GTA 6 leaks said that this would happen before the leak in question got out. However, at that stage, it was more or less hearsay. But now, there seems to be hard evidence for this case. Not that we can confirm a full-fledged return of the old title map, but at least it’s going to feature in the game, or so the leak claims.

One piece of proof for this would be the rear of a police car that was featured in the leaked footage and which had ‘VCPD’ written to one side of it, which many say stands for Vice City Police Department. The number plate itself displays ‘San Andreas,’ which was the setting of GTA 6, but fans argue that the abbreviation is just a placeholder and does confirm the return of Vice City.

Other leaks gave us the alleged map of GTA 6, which could be familiar to many fans. The leaked footage shows us wide avenues with tall buildings on both sides trailing off in the distance. The weapon gameplay is simply amazing. You will see the traditional over-the-should ADS return to GTA 6.

You would recall that some past leaks talked of a female protagonist in GTA 6. Well, this leak also corroborates this past claim.

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GTA 6 leak - female protagonist

There is a leaked GTA 6 clip that shows an unidentified female character caught up in firefights with the police and going across the bright and sunny city.

If you have been catching up on the GTA 6 news of late, then you’d be familiar with the saying of Bloomberg that “Rockstar’s next game, Grand Theft Auto VI, will include a playable female protagonist. The people said that the woman, who is Latina, will be one of a pair of leading characters in a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde.

Developers are also being cautious not to “punch down” by making jokes about marginalized groups, the people said, in contrast to previous games.”

If the above claims by Bloomberg are accurate, then that explains the leaked alpha build that had both male and female characters. Of course, this is not to dismiss the claim that models are just acting as placeholders for the time being.

Yet another report from Bloomberg, this time from Jason Schreier, says concerning the leaks, “based on the scale, it’s hard to imagine they’re not real.”

From the leaked GTA 6 footage, we also got some references for the types of weapons involved in the title.

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GTA 6 leak - upcoming weapons and content

There are handguns, smoke grenades, assault rifles, flashbangs, and, surprisingly, golf balls passing as in-game items. A GTA 6 video on YouTube has a character involved in a firefight with the authorities while running out of a store. This is the longest footage the leak provides.

One more video shows the female character marching through a strip club. PiƟwasser, the beer of GTA, is shown in the clip, which accordingly to some people adds to the authority.

Another video shows us a character going through a “Vice City Metro” train, another claim of a Miami-based map. A tweet shows the shooting mechanics when driving works. Another tweet tells us of the conversation system and the robbing of a fast food store. One video with the tag “robbery” in the top corner shows a male character strolling into a store.

If you have played any game in the Grand Theft Auto series, you would be familiar with the type of stuff that comes out of the mouths of the NPCs. Well, that ironic and at times hurting dialogue style is back in GTA 6, claims the leak. Now that we are talking about what is usual in GTA games, the leaked GTA 6 gameplay footage also gave us glimpses of a strip club, something which is as regular as weapons and other dirty stuff in the underworld of these titles.

The footage also has a new conversation mechanic much like the one in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2.

There were some scanty leaks in the past, based on which Tom Henderson, an industry insider and expert, had alleged that GTA 6 would be launched in late 2024 or early 2025. This rather big time interval seems to have come from the fact that Rockstar has started to focus on employee wellbeing due to the widespread criticism it took because of its alleged crunch culture. Jason Schreier had backed Henderson’s claims back then.

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Overview or Summary of all the GTA 6 leaks

Lastly, we will leave you with a Reddit post that will serve as a summary of all this leaked GTA 6 business. It has several links which you can check out at your leisure.

Here’s a surprising piece of information for you. The user who brought this leak out first is now threatening to publish the source code of GTA 6 and GTA 5, which they claim is in their possession. And, they continue further, were it their wish, they would release a test build of the game, which also happens to be in their possession.

We end on the note that everybody cringes at but is still the most important part of the post. As long as the official sources don’t confirm what you read up there, you should not consider them so. By all accounts, these leaks look legit, but there’s always that margin of error.

Many doubt the assets that were featured in this leak, saying that they were just a reuse of GTA 5 elements. Of course, some would point to the voiced dialogue and debug elements as an answer to the question of authenticity.

GTA 6 is still a far way off. Bloomberg said some time at the beginning of the year that this title is “at least two years away.” A lot can change during that time. Plus, there’s not a lot to the name of this GTA 6 leak that guarantees its accuracy and reliability. Simply speaking, we have no idea where the GTA 6 leak sprang from. Pun intended.

And this is all that is there to know about the massive GTA 6 Leak, do check it out when it releases as we certainly have a lot to explore.

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