Splatoon 3 tickets - obtaining and using food and drink tickets

How to get and use Splatoon 3 tickets for food and drink is one of the main questions in the game, and we have brought you a guide for the same.

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Splatoon 3 tickets - obtaining and using food and drink tickets

Additional bonuses in Splatoon 3 don’t come easy. You need Splatoon 3 food and drink to make healthy Inkling and Octoling to gain that extra XP or those bonuses that result from the purchase of food and drink.

Sure, you could play Turf War, Rainmaker, and other such battles, but aren’t they tiring? Also, you can’t just spend Catalog Points to get these bonuses. It is essential to know the best way to get Splatoon 3 food and drink tickets. And this post is dedicated to showing you how.

Splatoon 3 Tickets - Crab-N-Go Food & Drink

  • Level up the Catalog

For some food and drink tickets in Splatoon 3, in addition to some cool items, you need to unlock the Catalog at Level 4. To level up the Catalog, a variety of options are available. Two of them are playing online matches and Salmon Run.

Every three months, with the season, the Catalog’s content is replaced. Also, the Catalog itself does have cool and awesome items. However, for the absolute best of what it can offer, you need to head over to the Splatoon SplatNet Store.

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  • Collecting Capsules in Salmon Run

The games that Salmon Run offers have a strong incentive here. If you complete these games, you might get some rewards, which include Capsules mostly. And these Capsules would have Splatoon 3 tickets for food or drink. An example would be a Purple Capsule that nets you a drink ticket, and a Purple Capsule that would get you a food ticket.

Open Capsules in the Grizzco lobby by pressing X and opening the map, heading over to Grizzco, going to the window beside Mr. Grizz, and then pressing A.

  • Lucky pull from a Shell-Out Machine

For 5000 Catalog Points, every day, you can afford one spin of the Shell-Out Machine. And maybe that one spin would fetch you some food or drink tickets in Splatoon 3 to get that extra XP at Crab-N-Go. The second spin of the day costs 30,000 Catalog Points.

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  • Spending Food & Drink tickets

These precious tickets you have gathered will buy you products. These products will be highlighted in comparison to others. The foods and drinks you buy fetch you additional bonuses, such as double XP, for the matches you play. You could spend them if you are planning on playing several matches in a row.

And that is how you get Splatoon 3 tickets for food and drink to help you out in acing the game.

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