Genshin Impact TCG leaks - release date, trading card characters, gameplay, more

Genshin Impact TCG leaks have revealed some potential details on the Trading Card Game's release date, characters, and more.

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Genshin Impact Trading Card Game

Genshin Impact is expanding into everything from the looks of it. Current leaks tell us that the developers have a TCG (Trading Card Game) in the pipeline and would soon release it for the title. Also, the leaks argue that this Genshin Impact TCG feature will be permanent.

We’d like to remind you that HoYoverse has not put out a permanent mini-game, a broad category under which a TCG falls, since fishing, which was released in patch 2.1.

The name that has been given to this TCG is Genshin Impact Genius Invocation. It’s a famous card game among the lands of Inazuma and Sumeru. Invented by the scientists at the Sumeru Akademiya, it’s a pastime for children.

The cherry on top of this delicious icing is that we won’t have to wait for a long time either. UBatcha, a source of reliable leaks in this community, has provided us with an estimated Genshin Impact TCG release date also. This TCG is sure to have its system of complexity, much like everything else in Genshin Impact, but also a lot of unique features to enjoy.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it all the leaks of Genshin Impact TCG.

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Genshin Impact TCG release date leaks

The leaks that were circulating before had us assuming that the TCG would be coming to be Genshin Impact in patch 3.2. But this new leak claims otherwise. UBatcha tells us that it is in patch 3.3 that we can expect this Genshin Impact TCG to go live.

Now, the release date of patch 3.3 is December 7, 2022, if all goes as planned.

The dynamics of the release of the trading card game remain more or less unknown right now. The speculation is that it will be through an event that spills out the workings of it and most importantly, gives us lots of awesome rewards.

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Genshin Impact TCG gameplay leaks

At the moment, we only have the written word in the form of leaks to tell us about the gameplay of the Genshin Impact TCG. Essentially, you will have to gather a deck of cards, stack them up in order, and then play against other people. The cards will have the famous characters of Genshin Impact on them.

So you will be up against characters like Arataki Itto, Kamisato Ayato, and Cyno. To overcome them, you will have to use every defense you have at your disposal.

As a player, you will have to pick five cards from your stack and then draw a character card that will act as the Active Character. After this selection round, eight elemental dice are rolled in each round. The outcome of this will lead the way for the action to be taken by each side. Also, out of these eight dice, one will be an Omni die, meaning it will serve the purpose of a wild card.

Most probably, the victor is the player who defeats the Active Character card of the opponent.

Recently, Ubatcha gave a detailed explanation on the gameplay of the Genshin TCG and revealed that apart from the 25 characters mentioned before, a small number of regular game enemies (like the Electro Hypostasis) can also be used as active/inactive characters.

In order to win a game of TCG, you simply have to defeat all of your opponent's character cards. Rounds go as follows: Roll, take actions, and End turn. And the actions you can take are:

  • Use your active characters skill(s).
  • Switch your active character
  • Play a card from your hand
  • Discard a card from your hand and change the elemental type of 1 of your elemental dice

Reactions are also present in TCG. When characters take any elemental dmg, that element will be applied to them. Deal elemental dmg again to the same character to trigger a reaction.

Character cards are placed in a "character zone" where their HP is shown along with their "Charge". When your active character is fully charged, you can use its elemental burst. Every character card can have regular statuses, combat statuses, and equipment cards attached to them.

Each character can have 1 artifact-type equipment and 1 weapon-type equipment along with any amount of other types of equipment attached to them. Some character skills create statuses and combat statuses which can be attached to characters, these statuses will be transferred over to the new active character if you decide to switch your active character out.

There is a summons zone and a support zone, both zones can only hold up to 4 cards respectively As mentioned before you and your opponent both draw 2 cards at the end of every round though your hand is limited to 10 cards (if you go over then the new cards would be discarded)

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Genshin Impact TCG characters and cards

From all the discussion we had above, it is obvious that this Genshin Impact TCG is going to be a fun game for players from all walks of life. Apparently, more than 220 cards are up for collection. Among these, a scanty 25 will be Character cards. And there’s always the element of bragging involved in card games. To incorporate that into this game, HoYoverse will introduce the rare Golden Card variants.

But that’s not all. Open-world challenges, proficiency levels, weekly challenges, and more will be part of this package. The weekly challenges will have almost all of the playable cast, like Cyno and Fischl. The different characters will bring these own traits to the table and hence mix up the play of possibilities.

Don’t think that this is it though. There’s a lot more to the Genshin Impact TCG than just what the leaks reveal at the moment. You’ll see as we near the release date of patch 3.3, there will be a lot of information on the internet.

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From the looks of it, this Genshin Impact Trading Card game is no small thing. HoYoverse is putting everything they’ve got into this.

However, similar to all the leaks, players should take these Genshin Impact TCG leaks with a grain of salt until HoYoverse officially reveals any details as it is way too early to be sure of any info on the Genshin Impact 3.2 or 3.3 update.


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