Sonic Frontiers leak - Intro cutscenes, Titan boss fight, gameplay footage

A major Sonic Frontiers gameplay leak has shared the intro cutscenes, Super Sonic and Titan boss fight, and more.

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Sonic Frontiers gameplay leak

As part of the Tokyo Game Show, Sega just released a brand-new Sonic Frontiers trailer that showed off a playable Super Sonic, a new giant boss encounter, and an island coated in lava. Now that there is a new installment, players may expect a lot from the Chaos Emeralds when the game is released.

Despite frequently provoking strong opinions, the Sonic the Hedgehog games have remained popular. The Blue Blur can still enthrall audiences of all ages, as seen by games like 2017's Sonic Mania and other media (especially the most recent Sonic the Hedgehog movies). However, many Sonic fans are now dubious about upcoming releases in light of the recent controversy surrounding Sonic Origins.

Many people have varied opinions about the way Sonic Frontiers, the upcoming game in the franchise, is changing the 3D Sonic formula.

Players also got a sneak peek at some new opponents located in the arid Ares Island region, a peculiar skinny bird-like monster, characteristics of fast travel, and much more in addition to the brief demonstration of Super Sonic gameplay via the trailer.

But we also got a peek at Sonic Frontiers' Intro, cutscenes, and Titan boss fight with Super Sonic courtesy of recent leaks.

Sonic Frontiers' Intro, cutscenes, and Titan boss fight leak

A lengthy gameplay video showcasing numerous cutscenes and mechanics from Sonic Frontiers has been leaked online. This Sonic Frontiers leak is one of the biggest for the game. The first video of Super Sonic's gameplay as well as the opening cutscene for Sonic Frontiers has surfaced thanks to what is thought to be an edited version of the EGX and Gamescom demo.

Sega already faced problems with the game being leaked at Gamescom, where it was found that a flaw allowed players to progress beyond what was planned. The first five minutes of the game were videotaped and posted online in this breach, which is not uncommon.

You should be aware that the information presented below contains spoilers for the introduction of Sonic Frontiers and the first glimpse at Super Sonic's gameplay.

Sonic Frontiers Intro cutscenes leak

A YouTube user going by the name of Acro posted the now-deleted leaked video, with their clip containing at least 15 minutes worth of the game. This contains Dr. Eggman's discovery of the Starfall Islands in Sonic Frontiers' opening cinematic, as well as Sonic, Tails, and Amy Rose's descent into the vortex that transports them to cyberspace.

Before being dragged into Cyberspace himself, Eggman is seen in the opening cutscene communicating with one of the Cyberspace towers that Sonic has used in some of the game's teasers. Knuckles is notably absent from this introduction, despite the fact that we know he is present someplace on the Starfall Islands.

Sonic Frontiers Gameplay leak

Super Sonic's gameplay is rather brief but does demonstrate the shining action of the game. The eagerly anticipated Super Sonic vs. Titan Boss Fight was also shown in this Sonic Frontiers gameplay video leak.

Super Sonic is seen floating against a member of the Titans before he rushes forward and kills it with one blow, piercing its chest in a shockingly gruesome sequence.

It has been claimed that the leaked Sonic Frontiers gameplay footage wasn't stolen from a demo, although it did happen; rather, it was apparently released by a beta tester for the game. 

Additionally, Twitter user and proprietor of Badnik Mechanic DaveLuty thinks that by rebooting the EGX show floor demo, someone was able to change its settings and share the footage.

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