New Need for Speed Unbound gameplay footage leaked

A new Need for Speed Unbound gameplay footage has been leaked, showcasing 20 minutes of the game's content.

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New Need for Speed Unbound gameplay footage leaked

At this time, Need for Speed has been around for more than 30 years. Over the years, NFS has changed across a number of platform generations, as well as across a number of identities and genres.

The Need for Speed series seems to be going back to its street racing roots with Need for Speed Unbound. It contains all the ingredients necessary to be a crowd-pleasing entry, including graphics in the manner of graffiti, music with hip-hop and techno influences, and lots of fast cars.

The gameplay of the Speed Race game option was recently shown in a new Need for Speed Unbound trailer. Most series fans would be most familiar with this mode, but Need for Speed Unbound is bringing some new with the betting and wagering system and distinctive aesthetics.

However, a week before the game's release, fresh Need for Speed Unbound gameplay footage was streamed, adding to the components that had already been officially revealed. This gameplay footage showed approximately 20 minutes of the game prior to its official release.

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Need for Speed Unbound gameplay footage leak

A week before the game's scheduled release, it appears that someone managed to get their hands on a pre-release copy and streamed the Need for Speed Unbound gameplay live.

The gameplay footage for Need for Speed Unbound that MrCarrot1890 and Lvneth have posted on YouTube now consists of a number of videos that total up to around an hour of gameplay. Additionally, there are two videos showing roughly twenty minutes of gameplay that are still up on YouTube (though they might not be there for very long).

Although the first video was recorded at 720p and the second at 1080p, the image quality is far from perfect, and it wouldn't be wrong to say that this is the longest segment of Need for Speed Unbound gameplay yet.

So far it seems some of the clips were recorded from Twitch Livestream broadcasts by a user going by the name of gerrykurlsucks and another by a user going by the name of Chocolove95. However, we can't be sure of other footage available on the web.

The Need for Speed Unbound gameplay footage has been shown before both the early access period and the game's scheduled release date of December 2nd. And all of the videos, including the archival streams on each racer's individual Twitch accounts, are still available online as of the time of this writing.

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EA has not made any public statements regarding the NFS Unbound gameplay footage leak and it is also unclear whether the streamers are violating embargoes or simply have early retail copies.

According to what the developers have so far divulged, Need for Speed Unbound offers a new graphic style with customizable driving effects, as well as 4K resolution at 60 FPS for the first time in the series.

Additionally, a new emphasis on street racing and hybrid realistic/anime aesthetics (cel-shaded figures, optional anime-style graphic effects, but realistic landscapes) was also revealed for NFS Unbound by EA on October 6th.

The Takeover Event, Speed Race, gameplay for police pursuits, and several customization options have all been showcased to the fans of Need for Speed Unbound. The event selection screen also offered a glance into Endurance, Drift Event, and Street Race, three additional game modes.

Well, it's possible that the Speed Race trailer for Need for Speed Unbound might be one of the final gameplay previews players see before the game's release because the game isn't far away from its release.

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And those, who wish to explore the content leaked online, should definitely get geared up for December 2, as then Need for Speed Unbound releases for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Well, that is it for now on the Need for Speed Unbound game, we will certainly update you with the latest info when it becomes available, so keep following.

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