New GTA 6 leaks - player settings, cinematic mode, and more content leaked

New GTA 6 leaks have highlighted the upcoming player settings, cinematic mode, and more content that will be a part of the game.

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New GTA 6 leaks

The frenzy that the highly anticipated video game GTA 6 has managed to generate throughout the globe so far has no comparison.

The scales would still swing in favor of the former if GTA 6 were placed on one side and all the other Rockstar Games games on the other. The creators have also taken numerous precautions to make sure that no leaks reach the public considering the high level of expectation.

But despite all the efforts made to stop leaks, some major GTA 6 leaks nevertheless managed to escape slowly.

Players got their first look at the upcoming game in Rockstar's adored franchise thanks to the enormous GTA 6 leak. And the same major footage leak still has some elements that are being discovered by the leaks now.

Fans have found new gaming possibilities in the files, along with other things. Additionally, we can anticipate the reintroduction of a well-liked Red Dead Redemption 2 feature in GTA 6. Read more on the same below.

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New GTA 6 player settings leak

User "Staatskassen" revealed a developer screen with a total of 15 player settings in a tweet.

There are some good features, even though some are already series standards, like crouching, hiding, and using melee strikes. For instance, the GTA series has never before featured the ability to go prone. The ability to engage in a melee grapple, which was added in RDR2, is another example.

It's also intriguing that we might be able to "ping" a friend. We will probably be able to call on our friend in battle or with individual tasks in GTA 6 because we will be able to play at least two separate characters.

To wrap things up, in addition to the melee grasp, there appear to be several actions that are only available online, such as self-reviving, killing oneself when downed, and surrendering.

Additionally, it appears that the creators of GTA 6 were heavily influenced by Red Dead Redemption 2 in several regards.

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GTA 6 Cinematic Mode leak

Fans have unofficially seen a tonne of gameplay videos from Grand Theft Auto 6's early development build, which leaked a few months ago. Over 90 in-development films were posted, coming from a leaker on the GTA forums, showcasing the new environment for Grand Theft Auto 6, its female protagonist, and many other things.

However, it has now been noted by a few eagle-eyed fans that GTA 6 will include a cinematic mode option that will let users set their controllers aside and take in the surroundings as they move toward a destination.

Fans may want to turn on the function if they must go throughout Vice City for missions because GTA 6's map appears to be fully vast and the cinematic mode will enhance the visuals even more.

Despite the lack of detail in the former, some of the locations thought to be featured in the next game are visible in the latter, including Port Gellhorn Racetrack, which can be seen far to the left and away from Los Santos.

It's crucial to emphasize that this is only a theory based on scant data. The only things that are known about the upcoming GTA game are that it will probably take place in Vice City and include a female lead.

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It's possible that Rockstar is getting ready for a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement and there are also chances a lot might change between now and the game's eventual release. However, only time will tell what the final version of GTA 6 will have to offer.

And this is all that is there to know about the new GTA 6 gameplay settings leak, do check it out when it releases as we certainly have a lot to explore.

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