Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid - Y7S4 operator, new map, release date, system upgrades, leaks

Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid has been announced as the Year 7 Season 4 operation, and we already have a few details on the operator, a new map, and much more.

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Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid

For Rainbow Six Siege fans, the most recent update brought a new operator, a little amount of map change, exciting gameplay, and much more. A new Brutal Swarm operation, which involves another Rainbow Six Siege operator, Grim - a Singapore Attacker, is now available to players.

However, the players will soon be finished with Operation Brutal Swarm and will be able to explore a new update. And additional information concerning the Rainbow Six Y7S4 operation, operator, elite, and more has been revealed by the developers.

There will be a new Operator, a battle pass, and cosmetics, as is customary. According to leaked information, players will get a new map rework along with quality-of-life improvements as promised in the roadmap.

So, let's dive into the specifics of this new "Rainbow Six Y7S4" upgrade - Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid.

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Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid

With Grim, a new map, elite, and more, Operation Brutal Swarm kicked off Rainbow Six Year 7 in style. Now the next season, Rainbow Six Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid will keep the game continued.

Earlier the Rainbow Six update was rumored to be called Operation Solar Raid, which will include a new map, another operator, and several major components that were teased at the start of 2022. And now Ubisoft has officially announced the Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid as Year 7 Season 4 operation.

Fans can take note that Ubisoft has renamed Siege's new season "Operation," which had been withdrawn since Year 6 began. Even the first season of Year 7 was titled 'Y7S1 Vector Glare,' with no Operation tag, thus this modification could have a deeper purpose.

Ubisoft has promised that the new Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid will be made available to the players in the test servers on November 21st, where feedback will be taken into consideration.

Here's all we know so far about the new Colombian Operator, an upcoming map, adjustments to the quality of life, and more.

UPDATED: Rainbow Six Siege Solis - release date, loadout, gadgets, gameplay, R6 Y7S4 operator

Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid Operator - Rainbow Six Siege Solis

Earlier, while revealing the name of the Y7S2 operation, leaks revealed that the R6 Y7S4 operator has some in-game data and that it is possible that Ubisoft will add a proper Tutorial to R6 in Y7 Season 3 or Season 4.

Then earlier on June 23, dataminer lungu_19 revealed the exact name of the R6 Y7S4 operator, "Solis". However, no further details were found about the operator then. Now we have new leaks about the next Rainbow Six operator, and the leaks have revealed the look of the R6 Y7S4 operator along with the complete background of this new operator.

On account of the Year 7 presentation held at the beginning of the year, we definitely knew that the R6 Y7S4 operator will be from Colombia. And then the dataminers revealed that Rainbow Six Siege Solis reportedly has access to a tracker weapon, and this Puma Prowl tracks the heat traces left by opponents.

Now as per the official announcement, Solis, an agent renowned for his tenacious scouting and skillful intelligence gathering, is joining Night Haven as an Attacker with a pretty peculiar unique tool: the Kawan Hive Launcher.

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Rainbow Six Y7S4 operator - Solis

We are yet to get detailed info about Solis gadget's Puma Prowl, or how it works, but leaks have suggested this Puma Prowl gadget reveals traces of enemies such as gadget installation and movement.

The following weapons are included in Solis's loadout

  • Primary: P90 (with no long-range optic) and ITA12L
  • Secondary: SMG-11
  • Gadgets: Puma Prowl (Impacts Grenade, and Bulletproof Cam)

All things considered, there's a possibility that the Rainbow Six Siege Solis operator will have a weapon like no other as the next Operation is called R6 Y7S4 Solar Raid.

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Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid release date

Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 is the fourth season of content. Following several teasers in the days before the aforementioned release, this new season of R6 was officially announced on November 11.

December 4, 2022, has been speculated to be the Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid release date, however, we are still waiting for official confirmation.

We don't have a confirmed release time for this update at the moment. However, based on the release time for the previous season, Operation Solar Raid is anticipated to start at roughly 7:00 PST, 10:00 EST, and 14:00 BST.

A Colombian operator and the eventual release of the new competitive map that was originally anticipated for the Y7S4 update should come after this.

Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid map

The new R6 map, which was previously intended to debut alongside Singaporean operator Grim in Operation Brutal Swarm, will now appear in Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 4.

Ubisoft has also dropped official information on R6 Y7S4's map. The Nighthaven Labs will be the name of this new map. This map offers players new layouts they have never seen before and is competitive right away.

The map for this season makes advantage of Nighthaven's headquarters and R&D centers, which have been established as key plot points.

The other thrilling features of this R6 Y7 season 4's map won't be revealed to players until Monday, November 21.

Before revealing Operation Solar Raid, Ubisoft said that the map it had originally planned to release alongside the update will now be included in the Y7S4 content update.

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Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid - Ranked 2.0

R6 Operation Solar Raid will provide the typical slew of battle passes and aesthetics, but a new ranking system is also on its way.

The devs revealed that Rainbow Six Y7S4 also sees big changes coming to the ranking system with Ranked 2.0 as they have added a new rank and implemented some changes to progression.

These new R6 Ranked 2.0 changes aim to have a real progression system while giving players revamping the matchmaking experience.

Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid - Cross-play and Cross-progression

Fans of Rainbox Six were eager to see the Cross-play and Cross-progression feature in the game. And now that Operation Solar Raid in Year 7 Season 4 is underway, the developer's intended answer is prepared.

Operation Solar Raid sees the launch of cross-play and cross-progression which will allow for matchmaking between all consoles as well as between PC and streaming platforms. This feature will also allow for unified progression and inventory, letting you share your progress, in-game currencies, and items across all platforms.

Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid - Reputation System Score Display

The final stage of Ubisoft's Reputation System updates is being implemented across both platforms in R6 Y7S4.

When R6 Operation Solar Raid launches, the Reputation System will receive an important update. For the first time, players will be able to see their Reputation Standing and get more information on the active penalties linked to their accounts.

However, players should keep in mind that this feature is in beta, meaning there won't be any penalties or bonuses granted based on their standing just yet, the activation of the effects and modifiers will come at a later date.

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Additionally, Ubisoft will begin the new balance adjustments to make the game more fun and comfortable. The devs are evolving the R6 Battle Pass and making it more tactical with a new progression system to offer more choices. This will let players have a custom approach and choose how to progress.

Advanced Controller Options will also be coming to console players allowing them to customize the aim controls of their controller's look stick, hence console players should anticipate this.

This was everything about the Rainbow Six Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid - operator, new map, release date, and leaks. We will keep refreshing the article with new info, whenever we get any.

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