Apex Legends new SMG weapon coming in Season 16 leaked early

A new Apex Legends SMG weapon has been leaked early which will probably get released in Season 16.

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New Apex Legends SMG in Season 16

As a battle royale spin-off of Respawn's popular first-person shooter Titanfall, Apex Legends was released in 2019. It immediately became known as the best battle royale game in the BR genre. The game quickly drew a significant number of players due to the fact that it was completely free to play.

Since its release, Apex Legends has received a tonne of new material from Respawn, including weapons, maps, skins, legends, and more.

Fans were given a new Legend Catalyst and a brand-new map, Broken Moon, before the start of season 15. Naturally, a lot of gamers have already come up with creative methods to combine the new character's skills with others to benefit from the Broken Moon.

Up to this point, Apex Legends Season 15 has been a huge success, and it seems like players can expect much more in the future. It seems that Respawn is prepared to add a new SMG weapon to the game in the upcoming Apex Legends Season 16.

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New Apex Legends SMG in Season 16

The core of Apex Legends' fighting and looting systems is its arsenal of weapons, which players must search around the game's diverse landscapes to find and equip.

Nevertheless, it has been a while since a new weapon was added to the game. And the latest new weapon to drop in Apex Legends was the CAR SMG, which debuted with Season 11.

As Apex Legends Season 16 approaches, it appears like a new gun will eventually be released in the game.

Grrt, an Apex content developer, revealed a new SMG in a brand-new YouTube video on December 2. The much-discussed new Apex SMG was discovered on a website selling Apex Legends skins and cosmetics.

In the video below at roughly the 0:22 point players can spot the image of the new weapon, which depicts a little, compact weapon that resembles an SMG and stands out as being distinct from all other weapons in the game.

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When discussing this upcoming Apex Legends SMG, he said "There is a finished model and skin for a future weapon." Explaining further he revealed, "Essentially, a company that makes skins for Apex posted a tonne of skins they’ve made. But when we scroll through, we notice something we’ve never seen before."

After seeing the leak and supposed image of the new Apex SMG gun, a few fans speculated that it could be a blueprint of a previous weapon or something else, however, clarifying these doubts in the video, he stated, "This is not a gun we have. It’s not a Prowler because it’s too long and the barrel’s too big. It’s not a Havoc or anything like that. It’s just a straight-up new gun."

Well, for those unaware of the leaks in the Apex community, we have heard of a new SMG weapon coming in Apex Legends before as well.

An Apex Legends "Gemini SMG" was the subject of numerous rumors, and some viewers also noticed that the listing and photographs had since been taken down, indicating that they had unintentionally been made available earlier than expected.

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So it's possible that the new Apex SMG weapon is an old leak that has surfaced again as its release window approaches.

However, there is no official or affirmed data about this weapon, so it's ideal to accept this as a theory only.

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