GTA Online Taxi Fast Travel in Winter Update leak

GTA Online Taxi Fast Travel feature could be added for the players soon, probably in the upcoming Winter Update.

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GTA Online Taxi Fast Travel in Winter Update leak

Grand Theft Auto 6 is soon to be released, and while gamers cannot wait, they have continued to enjoy the ongoing antics of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Thus, after spending so many years in the public eye, GTA Online's flaws are now plain to see. GTA Online may be very daunting for novice players due to its plethora of game options and chaotic lobby areas. However, there are a few highly desired features that are still in the works.

Grand Theft Auto Online's major upgrades are a little delayed in coming, but once they do, players are eager to play the fresh material. The "Winter Update" for Grand Theft Auto Online is now eagerly anticipated by players.

Additionally, data miners have found evidence that Rockstar may be considering including a frequently requested feature for Grand Theft Auto Online in this future GTA Online Winter update.

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GTA Online taxi fast travel in Winter Update leak

Even though GTA Online is already almost ten years old, the virtual streets of Los Santos are still full of fun activities.

Players of GTA Online have long enjoyed a variety of car-related mischief. They enjoy stealing and racing sports cars and supercars that are much, much more expensive than Adept. While driving around in a race car is enjoyable, some gamers have wished for other ways to navigate the vast environment.

Some eagerly awaited features are now known to be included in an impending update, according to a leaker.

The new leaked material is the result of a breach of Grand Theft Auto 5 source code that occurred in mid-November. The leak was minor in scope, and the Grand Theft Auto Online-related material was thin. Nevertheless, the information that leaked about GTA Online features had some intriguing information.

On November 16, Rockstar insider TezFun2 said that the makers of the game had discussed the possibility of allowing GTA+ subscribers to use GTA fast travel on the map. Tez observed that it appeared to be a cab company as well.

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Recent GTA Online Fast Travel feature leak

The feature, along with a few new characters that players will have to engage with, is reportedly coming in the yearly winter update, according to purported leaker Gaming Detective.

It wouldn't exactly be the first fast travel option in GTA Online, though the leaker mentioned. That has existed in some form ever since. But it would probably operate rather differently from the ones in use right now.

The leaker on November 30 while attaching an image of some text from the game’s files noted, "GTA Online winter DLC leaks: A new fast travel feature, new dead drop collectibles, and a new property that introduces a character called Dax. It’s also possible that Wade from a single player will be returning too!"

A mention of "DOWNTOWN CAB" in the leak is particularly intriguing. This statement initially caused some confusion, but it may have been a reference to a variety of various potential upgrades to Grand Theft Auto Online. Many have changed their minds as a result of a Rockstar survey that was later emailed to GTA Online gamers on future GTA+ premium features.

One of the suggested enhancements was "Instant Fast Travel" on the map of Grand Theft Auto Online. Players of Grand Theft Auto Online have drawn the conclusion that a feature might be added allowing them to employ a taxi service for fast travel.

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However, it should be noted that the leaks are intriguing but not entirely trustworthy and it's completely unknown whether Rockstar really intends to provide a fast travel mechanism for taxi services in a Grand Theft Auto Online winter update or later.

And this is all that is there to know about the new GTA Online Fast Travel leak, do check it out when it releases as we certainly have a lot to explore.

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