Gears of War 6 and Gears Ultimate Collection logos reportedly leaked

Gears of War 6 and Gears Ultimate Collection logos have reportedly been leaked, suggesting the new additions to the game are still in development.

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Gears of War 6 and Gears Ultimate Collection logos leaked

Under the cover of a furious action-packed schlocky horror that blurs the lines between military and post-apocalyptic science fiction, the Gears of War series explores profound topics such as war as a cycle and humankind's inability to avoid its own destructive power.

2019 saw the release of Gears 5, the fifth mainline installment in the Gears series. Fans were also given the passable mobile RTS Gears Pop in the same year and the X-Com-inspired Gears Tactics in 2020, but since then, there hasn't been much to quench their thirst.

Now despite the low pace of Gears of War releases in recent times, we have fresh reports that Gears 6 might be unveiled shortly along with Gears of War Ultimate Collection being in the process.

The Gears Ultimate Collection and the unreleased Gears 6 games' logos can reportedly be seen in a recent Gears of War leak.

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Gears of War Ultimate Collection and Gears 6 development leak

Early in 2022, comments made in an XboxEra podcast episode gave rise to rumors regarding a Gears of War remaster. Nick Baker, one of the show's co-hosts, claimed that Gears of War would receive the same treatment as the Halo Master Chief Collection. Additionally, there were rumors that it will arrive on retail shelves in 2022.

Now followers of the iconic action series have started to question the Gears of War Remastered collection claims since that release window has passed.

But according to a recent rumor, clinging to hope might not be such a bad idea.

Nick Baker (of the Xbox Era podcast) specifically stated that a Gears of War compilation was "still happening" about two weeks ago. Now, Baker purportedly received an image on a different episode of his podcast that would indicate (at least) the existence of both Gears of War 6 and a Gears Ultimate Collection.

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Gears Ultimate Collection logo and Gears 6 logo leak

A recent Gears of War leak purports to show off the purported Gears 6 logo and a Gears Ultimate Collection logo, with a "confidential" marking right behind them.

Caution: We should start by making it clear that neither Baker nor his source is aware of whether this is a real photograph or a (quite plausible, to be sure) modification.

The leaked image includes what may be Gears 6's logo, and it's important to note that none of the fonts, when all is said and done, seem particularly out of place. However, this isn't as incredible as leaks can occasionally be.

It is obvious that Gears 6 is at best years away, but it wouldn't be surprising if Microsoft and Coalition released remastered versions of the older games in the interim to fill in the gap in the timetable.

Contrary to Gears 6, the fact that Baker, who has before predicted the occurrence of such a remaster, is now stepping up his reporting on Gears Ultimate Collection, is encouraging and demonstrates that he certainly has access to inside information of some kind.

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Although discussions about the existence of these projects have erupted online, the general consensus is that the leaked Gears Ultimate Collection logo and Gears 6 logo image may have been fabricated to deceive people with high expectations.

Also, Nick makes a point of emphasizing that this leak is completely unsubstantiated and probably fake, so holding out for more details is the best thing to do on this front.

However, if it's true, Gears players may soon get to play the first new core Gears game since 2019 in addition to receiving improved, possibly even rebuilt versions of Gears 2 and 3 as essential components of the Gears Ultimate Collection.

Well, that is all that we have now on Gears of War 6 and Gears Ultimate edition, however, players are suggested to wait for the official announcement on both of these versions of the Gears game to be sure of anything.

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