Genshin Impact Alhaitham story quest - how to complete, steps, rewards, guide

The following Genshin Impact guide has revealed how to complete 3.4 Alhaitham story quests along with with the rewards.

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Genshin Impact 3.4 Alhaitham story quest

Recently, Genshin Impact 3.4 update went live, which brought tonnes of new stuff for the players to explore.

It was revealed in the Genshin Impact 3.4 Livestream that players will get two new characters - Alhaitham and Yaoyao in v3.4 which were additionally leaked before. Moreover, the Livestream likewise disclosed that players will get a new region of the Sumeru map in the 3.4 update.

Well, players have already gotten a glimpse of Alhaitham in the game as both Alhaitham and Xiao banner was released with the launch of version 3.4 on January 18th. The new banners and events in v3.4 have already excited the fans a lot, yet details on Genshin Impact 3.4 quests were likewise shared by the devs.

For the Genshin Impact community, story quests are always fascinating since players can earn a lot of free goodies while completing numerous challenges.

It was revealed that players will get one new Genshin 3.4 story quest, namely: the Genshin Impact Alhaitham story quest. The Illusions of the Mob Vultur Volans Chapter: Act I - Alhaitham is the new story quest that will be included this time.

However, now the guide below has revealed the exact amount of quests in this 3.4 Story Quest along with the steps to complete these quests.

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Genshin Impact 3.4 Alhaitham story quest

It was announced that Act I of the Genshin Impact Alhaitham story quest will be known as the "Vultur Volans Chapter" and will be released in the main game on the 18th of January, along with phase 1 of the 3.4 version.

It was announced that the popular Alhaitham story quest will be continued in version 3.4 and since many players are unfamiliar with the Sumeru region, Act I of the "Vultur Volans Chapter" will be strongly related to Sumeru's history, notably the Chapter 3, Act 5: Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises Archon Quest.

Now the following guide has detailed the number of quests inside Genshin 3.4 Alhaitham Story Quests Vultur Volans Chapter.

The three Genshin 3.4 Alhaitham story quests include:

  1. Fragmented Testimony
  2. A Thorough Investigation
  3. Pride and Prejudice

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Genshin Impact Alhaitham story quest - Fragmented Testimony

The description of Fragmented Testimony reads, "You've heard that Alhaitham has become the Acting Grand Sage. Considering his personality, will the other scholars accept him? Time to pay the Akademiya a visit. "

The entire steps included in completing the Genshin 3.4 Fragmented Testimony quest are:

  • Go to the Akademiya
  • Look for a matra
  • Talk to the matra
  • Go to the tavern
  • Round up the suspects
  • Find a quiet place
  • Talk to Alhaitham

Paimon is concerned that because of Alhaitham's personality, things might go disastrously wrong now that he is the Acting Grand Sage. To begin the quest, go to the Akademiya. You'll be drawn into a setting where numerous academics are discussing Alhaitham's work in his new capacity.

Ilyas, a man, will arrive in poor condition and beg you to take him to a matra. Ilyas will let you know that he must report a scholar by the name of Siraj when you go into the Akademiya to look for Cyno. You'll join Alhaitham in the inquiry because he has an interest in the case.

Find Siraj by going to the tavern in Sumeru City. While the rest of the crew waits outside, Aarav will carry on the investigation in the role of matra. Siraj doesn't arrive, but his purchaser Narendra is caught.

The discussion will continue once Aarav has left. And you will find out that Siraj and Alhaitham were really classmates at the Akademiya, and Alhaitham had previously stopped Siraj's research.

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Genshin Impact Alhaitham story quest - A Thorough Investigation

The description of A Thorough Investigation reads, "Ilyas remembered two things that he had to do, one of which is to collect his pay at the Research Preparation Center."

The entire steps included in completing the Genshin 3.4 A Thorough Investigation quest are:

  • Head towards the Research Preparation Center
  • Talk with the staff at the Research Preparation Center
  • Look for Chandra
  • Talk to Chandra
  • Look for Janaki
  • Talk to Janaki
  • Search for information related to Ilyas
  • Talk to Alhaitham
  • Wait for Alhaitham to look through the information
  • Talk to Alhaitham
  • Talk to Ilyas
  • Go to Gandharva Ville
  • Talk to Ilyas’s parents

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A Guide on How to complete Alhaitham Story Quest - A Thorough Investigation

Ilyas can't remember much now that Siraj has experimented on him, but he does remember that he needs to get paid. To continue, go to the House of Daena in Sumeru City's Research Preparation Center.

Ilyas needed to talk with Chandra before receiving his paycheck because he was unable to work because of the Siraj problem. To find the person you're looking for, go to the Puspa Cafe.

As Ilyas recalls more of what Siraj told him, he will encounter some difficulties. It seems that Siraj was looking into group consciousness. Chandra then directs your attention to Janaki, a woman who declined Siraj's invitation to participate in his research. She can be found close to the Surasthana Sanctuary.

Ilyas doesn't recall her at all, but Janaki seems to be familiar with him. Janaki claimed that Ilyas had previously created a lot of people's problems. Visit the House of Daena once again to review his file and pick up his salary.

Take the elevator to the top floor after you're inside, then talk to Alhaitham once more. To find out more about what transpired to Ilyas, look through the files on his desk. It turns out that he was hailed as a hero for confronting a senior Akademiya official.

Go to Gandharva Ville right away to give Ilyas' sister Izebel his money. Ilyas will remember more about what transpired after communicating with his family, particularly where Siraj's hiding was.

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Genshin Impact Alhaitham story quest - Pride and Prejudice

The description of Pride and Prejudice reads, "While stopping by Gandharva Ville, Ilyas managed to recover his memories. It's now time to follow him to Siraj's hideout."

The entire steps included in completing the Genshin 3.4 Pride and Prejudice quest are:

  • Head to Siraj’s hideout
  • Talk to Ilyas
  • Enter the research base
  • Continue to explore the research base
  • Talk to Alhaitham
  • Head into the heart of the research base
  • Listen to Ilyas’s thoughts
  • Head into the heart of the research base
  • Listen to Ilyas’s thoughts
  • Head into the heart of the research base
  • Listen to Ilyas’s thoughts
  • Head into the deepest part of the research base
  • Defeat opponents
  • Talk to Siraj
  • Defeat opponents
  • Talk to Siraj
  • Defeat opponents
  • Witness the internal conflict within the Hive
  • Talk to Alhaitham
  • Talk to the test subjects
  • Leave the Domain
  • Talk to Alhaitham
  • Follow Alhaitham
  • Listen to Alhaitham’s thoughts

Go to the Apam Woods to locate Siraj's hidden cavern. You should bring a Dendro and an Electro character because this is the Domain section of the Story Quest. Alhaitham will be available to you, so Dendro is already secured.

Continue along the route until you reach a scene when Ilyas goes. You'll glimpse memories of his history as you move through the cavern.

Move only a few footsteps forward to discover a different kind of puzzle. To turn off the blue barrier, remove the glowing blue key from the pedestal and place it inside the brown mechanism on the wall.

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There are two keys in the room ahead. Use one key to hold one side of the double barrier open while you bring the other key through, using the same technique as before. You can enter the small passageway once both keys are located on the proper side of the double barrier.

To advance through the cavern, fight the Fungi foes that are waiting in the next room. To go through the region automatically, step upon the light platform in front of the clearing.

You'll watch another scenario from the day Ilyas reported one of his superiors when you get to the finish of the brief ride. The flashbacks reveal that the study situation had a horrible ending.

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A Guide on How to complete Alhaitham Story Quest - Pride and Prejudice

To ascend through the next section of the tunnel, use the Four-Leaf Sigils. As you pass through the blue obstacles, make sure you bring both of the available keys with you.

Ilyas is seen straining to get along with people after he uncovered the instance of academic fraud in yet another flashback. The scenario also depicts Ilyas's decision to collaborate with Siraj. On the broad platform, approach Ilyas and strike up a chat.

You will get to know about his genuine intention which was to seduce Alhaitham into this cavern after visiting Gandharva Ville in order to set off the mantra. At the conclusion of this talk, defeat the opponents Siraj calls. Continue to battle the waves until an animated cutscene starts.

Alhaitham will compel Siraj's Hive to close. It seems that Alhaitham's plan came to fruition in every aspect of this research. He even left Cyno a trail to follow, which is why he is currently in the cavern.

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After speaking with the researchers awaiting the matra's arrival, open the chest and depart the Domain. Then, continue to follow Alhaitham back to Sumeru City to learn more about how his strategy was put into action.

Enter Alhaitham's house to discuss the Siraj matter one last time. Despite having seen Kaveh following the previous Archon Quest, you will also formally meet him for the first time. Alhaitham will comment on Siraj's findings and announce his resignation as acting grand master.

And with that, the Genshin Alhaitham Story Quest will come to an end.

Genshin 3.4 Alhaitham story quest rewards

After the completion of Genshin 3.4 Alhaitham story quests, players will be awarded the following rewards:

  • Adventure EXP - x 1725
  • Mora - x 119825
  • Hero's Wit - x 13
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore - x 26
  • Primogem - x 60
  • Guide to Ingenuity - x 5

This Alhaitham story quest will be available in version 3.4, as previously stated, and then will be available permanently in the game. That's all there is to the Genshin 3.4 Alhaitham Act I story quest.

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Other than these story quests, the 3.4 version will also bring the following Genshin Impact 3.4 events:

  • The Exquisite Night Chimes
  • Iridescent Splendor
  • Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Extreme Beetle Brawl
  • Warrior's Spirit
  • Second Blooming
  • Overflowing Mastery

After quite a while players will be able to see a lot of characters offered in the same event all at once, and these characters offered during the event are some of the most popular Genshin Impact characters.


We'll update you with the latest information regarding Genshin Impact, so keep following. Till then, you can also check the latest Genshin Impact leaks about the upcoming characters:

| Alhaitham | Yaoyao | Mika | Kaveh | Dehya | Dainsleif | Baizhu | and more.

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