Minecraft Archeology - all its features coming in the 1.20 update

Minecraft Archeology is coming in the 1.20 update, announced Mojang, and all its features coming with Archeology have been listed below.

Minecraft Archeology - all its features coming in the 1.20 update

A little-known independent game called Minecraft was released in 2009, and hardly anyone could have imagined that it would later grow to be the hugely popular sensation it is today.

Additionally, the core 1.19 patch for Minecraft was released at the beginning of June. The Deep Dark biome, old towns, a new friendly mob, a warden boss, frogs, mud, and boats with treasure chests are all introduced in this version, dubbed The Wild Update.

However, users were eagerly awaiting information about the impending update for the game, Minecraft 1.20, which ought to be available soon. Although a definite Minecraft 1.20 release date has not yet been announced, occasions like Minecraft Live 2022 have given hints about some of its impending features.

The first four additions coming with Minecraft 1.20 consists of a camel, hanging signs, a chiseled bookshelf, and a bamboo wood set. Also, what is known is that version 1.20's themes include "personal expression, creativity, and intrinsic motivation."

Recently, Mojang also revealed that the long-awaited Minecraft archeology feature would be included in the upcoming 1.20 version. Read more on the same below.

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Minecraft archeology feature coming in the 1.20 update

Since it was initially teased during the 2020 release of the Caves and Cliffs Update, players have been eagerly anticipating the addition of the Minecraft archeology feature.

And one of the key elements of the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 Update has been formally unveiled; it will enable users to use a brand-new kind of instrument to unearth archeological treasures from beneath the sands of desert biomes.

This information was revealed in a blog post on the official Minecraft website. While this will undoubtedly provide new opportunities for treasure hunters, it will also bring a number of new blocks, including a new variety of suspicious sand blocks that players must seek out if they want to find any wealth.

Players might also be able to use a new brush tool to excavate historical artifacts buried deep in Minecraft's desert biomes, giving them the chance to extract not only brand-new pottery shards that can be used to craft decorative pots but also a variety of other items.

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Every feature in Minecraft archeology in the 1.20 update

Mojang Studios made a point of stating in the blog post that the confirmed version of Archeology was the first of its type. Although this frequently indicates the presence of bugs, glitches, and other technical issues, the community is still able to actively assist the development team in polishing the update prior to its official release thanks to the game's snapshot, beta, preview, and experience visions.

Here are all the features that Mojang's most recent blog post disclosed today, with the statement confirming that archaeology will indeed be included with the as-yet-unnamed Minecraft 1.20 update.

Minecraft 1.20 Archeology features - Dig site: Desert temples

Desert temples are among the first dig site in Minecraft archaeology in the 1.20 update where players may discover new blocks from which hidden treasures can be grabbed, according to Mojang.

These were among the game's oldest and most uninteresting constructions for a considerable period of time. Even new players are aware of how to avoid the trap and find loot, and they haven't gotten any updates. But they will now be enhanced by a new element.

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Minecraft 1.20 Archeology features - New block: Suspicious Sand

Despite there hasn't been any data about Suspicious Sand, we have seen some sand blocks in Mojang's images that have a bit of distinct texture from the standard variant.

Earlier, Mojang demonstrated how common blocks like sand, dirt and other materials may be scraped to expose brand-new archaeological objects. However, by including entirely new blocks that must be stroked, the developers have slightly altered the gameplay mechanics. As a result, a new addition dubbed Suspicious Sand will only be found in desert temples that have just been built.

Minecraft 1.20 Archeology features - New brush tool

The Minecraft 1.20 archeology feature will include a new brush tool, as can be seen in the early clip from 2020. It will be the default option for revealing the things tucked away in special blocks. However, nothing further has been disclosed regarding the recipe for making the brush, how to use it, etc.

Players must use a brush to properly clean the area after unearthing a suspicious sandstone block in order to disclose objects like pottery shards that enable them to create pots.

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Minecraft 1.20 Archeology features - Pottery shards and pots

The main additions made by the Minecraft archeology feature will be new craftable pot bricks and pottery fragments. The shards will be unique artifacts that can only be discovered at certain dig sites. Players can combine four of them once they have several of them to make a pot, though it is unknown how to make them or what the formula is.

Although the current gameplay iteration will probably experience numerous changes in the period leading up to the 1.20 update's official release, the post also confirmed that these new features will shortly be available for preview in a coming snapshot.

Well, this is only a portion of what players can anticipate from the upcoming significant update to Minecraft, as developer Mojang has hinted that other features may soon be disclosed on its official social media platforms.

Well, that is pretty much everything that we know about Minecraft 1.20 Archeology, including its possible features like dig site, suspicious block, and more. However, nothing is set in stone for now, so it would be ideal to wait for Mojang's confirmation on these elements.

We'll make sure to update you with the latest info, so keep following for more Minecraft news.

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