Genshin Impact Apep - 3.6 weekly boss model, fight mechanics, location, 3.6 leaks

Genshin Impact 3.6 Weekly boss fight mechanics and Apep model have been revealed by known leakers.

Genshin Impact Apep - 3.6 weekly boss leaks

We have never-ending 3.6 leaks revealing info about this upcoming update, so indeed we can't wait to explore the upcoming update.

Recently, new Genshin characters Baizhu and Kaveh were introduced by the devs who will be joining us in the 3.6 update and with the 3.6 beta going on, new changes to the characters are being made.

We are constantly getting reports on the changes that are being made to Baizhu's weapon - Jadefall’s Splendor, and Baizhu and Kaveh's kit. Moreover, we also have the leaks on the events, spiral abyss, monsters, and features that will be seen in version 3.6.

Other than the character changes and event leaks, we have our new Genshin 3.6 weekly boss - Apep who is all set to give them a tough time to the players.

And now the new leaks have revealed Genshin 3.6 weekly boss model, Apep fight mechanics, and location.

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Genshin Impact 3.6 Weekly boss

Even though Genshin Impact 3.6 weekly boss is one of the main foes, Travelers have yet to engage him in combat in the game. The new creature is currently known by the name Apep and leaks suggest that he would be a hard one to defeat in the game.

Earlier @BLANK revealed that Apep is going to be the 3.6 boss, who will be released along with the new Baizhu in the game. Moreover, the 3.6 beta leak from @TeamChina, @SagiriShape, and Timing revealed how Apep will perform during the boss fight.

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Genshin 3.6 weekly boss model and drop materials

As per the leaks, Genshin 3.6 weekly boss form will be known as "Apep," and it goes without saying that the Apep boss model will appear very different from other bosses. Fortunately, the Genshin 3.6 leaks have allowed players to view the Apep boss model.

Meet Apep, a green, slimy, incomprehensible creature that resembles the offspring of a spider and a maggot, curses of which seeped into the molecular structure of its genes. Due to its billowy arms (are those even arms? ), Apep may be a distant relative of the majestic Jadeplume Terrorshroom. It's difficult to describe the appearance of this supposed Weekly Boss, but you can see for yourself below.

The leaked image shows Apep's boss form, while additional photographs demonstrate the little size that his model would have, making it harder to beat him.

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Genshin 3.6 weekly boss model

The Apep's brief invulnerability would not be the first instance of a comparable gameplay aspect, even if it appears to bring underworld dynamics to the game's newest fight. The Apep's offensive strategy was not made explicit in the initial leak, which was notable for not revealing any of the creature's attacks.

Additionally, some of the new items that will be Apep drop materials have also been revealed.

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Genshin 3.6 Apep gameplay boss fight mechanics

This Genshin 3.6 Weekly Boss may have two forms spread between three transformations, according to rumours. It is claimed that this will introduce a mix of 2D and 3D games into the daily grind. Additionally, it is said to be able to call forth monsters such as the Oceanid known as the Seed of Arjuna, Ashura, and Karna.

The Genshin 3.6 Apep gameplay footage is highly fluid, graceful, and dynamic, and the leaf effects and helix-like strikes are particularly alluring. Players may identify Genshin Apep using DNA shots in the video, and he even has a Buddhist lotus flower portal.

Also, the new Genshin Apep boss has 70% resistance to the Dendro element along with having 108.67 Base HP, 62.8 Base ATK, and 500 Base Def.

Although the video looks incredible, with fantastic strikes and animations, some fans have remarked that Genshin 3.6 Weekly boss is too weak for a weekly boss because it appears to be the final phase and lacks the magnificent, incredible strength of a weekly boss. Some others remarked that there may be a chance for a complicated and perhaps dangerous fight mechanic that will add something fresh to the conflict, much like Scara did.

Now, even though the newly leaked 3.6 boss fight mechanic was not able to disclose the location, in the past we received leaks from a known leaker, revealing the Apep boss fight location.

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Genshin 3.6 Apep boss fight location

Other than the Apep boss fight video, we also have leaks about Apep's domain where he will spawn.

A new map might be included in Version 3.6, and this map will contain Waftgaol, which is likely to be a new Genshin 3.6 weekly boss location to harvest resources from, according to Genshin Intel, a Twitter user that posts rumors about Genshin Impact.

According to the sources, a new Trounce Domain for the 3.6 weekly boss might be included in Genshin Impact 3.6.

By the looks of it, this all seems pretty exciting, however, players will have to wait for a while to explore this part of the game as the 3.6 update still has some time before it goes live.

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With all the enemy lineup and the new boss, it seems like players will need to grind a lot to complete their missions and quest, as the difficulty level on Floor 12 of 3.6 Spiral Abyss and challenges with the Apep boss seem quite hard. So we wish all the players the best of luck.

However, the data has come from the leaks that are subjected to change, so players should wait for the official confirmation from miHoYo as they can at any time decide to make changes in the main game.


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