League of Legends Milio abilities revealed - new enchanter support leaks

League of Legends Milio abilities have been teased, and the upcoming enchanter Support seems quite promising.

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League of Legends Milio abilities leaked

League of Legends, a multiplayer online combat arena video game developed and released by Riot Games in 2009, has risen to the top of the industry in recent years. They've made their mark on players' hearts by constantly pumping out new material, with the developers usually releasing a new update within a certain time limit and introducing a new champion with it.

Riot Games, for example, has released numerous fantastic champions past year, including Nilah, Bel'Veth, K'Sante with more planned for the future. After K'Sante, we now have the next playable Support champion - League of Legends Milio in the lineup.

LoL Milio has been described as a warmhearted boy from Ixtal who has, despite his young age, mastered the fire axiom and discovered something new: soothing fire. With this newfound power, Milio plans to help his family escape their exile by joining the Yun Tal—just like his grandmother once did.

The Gentle Flame: Milio has already been teased previously, but we now have leaked data on League of Legends Milio abilities and some fresh information on the next playable enchanter Support champion.

So, let's get into the details about this upcoming LoL Support character: Milio abilities, leaks, and more.

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League of Legends Milio - enchanter Support

The League of Legends developers posted a video in January 2023 introducing the forthcoming Champions in PreSeason 2023. In a Reddit thread, Riot Reav3 gave more information about the next champions' release schedule and upgrades.

However, on March 4th, the devs dropped a new League of Legends Milio Champion Trailer, revealing details about the upcoming enchanter Support champion.

The League of Legends 163rd champion was introduced to the players via a surprise reveal where it has been announced that Milio is a warmhearted boy from Ixtal who has, despite his young age, mastered the fire axiom and discovered something new: soothing fire.

LoL Milio has been described as someone who knew only love and laughter, and to him, life in the village was paradise. Milio was following the glow of some June fireflies one night. They sent him to a wounded and immobile hunter in the community. Milio attempted to stabilise her with his fire axiom, but it was ineffective. Knowing the distance to the village healer, he desperately tried to transform the axiom into a force that could heal.

It is a given that a mere name and a teaser don't reveal anything about LoL Milio's abilities, again, we have leaks giving detailed info on League of Legends Milio Abilities.

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UPDATE: 06/03/23

League of Legends Milio abilities officially revealed

  • LoL Milio ability - Passive: Fired Up

Milio's abilities enchant allies on touch, making their next spell or attack deal a burst of extra damage and burn the target.

  • LoL Milio ability - Q: Ultra Mega Fire Kick

Kick a ball that knocks back an enemy. On hit, the ball bounces behind the target, damaging and slowing enemies in the area upon impact.

  • LoL Milio ability - W: Cozy Campfire

Create an empowering zone that heals allies and increases Attack Range for those inside. The zone follows the ally nearest to the cast point.

  • LoL Milio ability - E: Warm Hugs

Milio tosses a shield to an ally, temporarily increasing their movement speed.

  • LoL Milio ability - R: Breath of Life

Milio unleashes a wave of soothing flames that heal and remove crowd control effects from allies in range.


League of Legends Support - Milio Abilities

Riot hasn't revealed any details on the League of Legends' new Support - Milio skills or gameplay. However, the teaser trailer of Milio revealed that he, like Alistar, Blitzcrank, and Lux, will be a Support.

The tease dropped by the devs suggested that Milio will use elemental magic in his arsenal to harm foes and heal allies, just like other Ixtal champions do.

Moreover, Milio's gameplay pattern will reportedly resemble that of Lulu's quite a bit, suggested a reliable source, BigBadBear. The exact Millio abilities, though, will be very different.

However, Milio, the most recent League of Legends character to be revealed, now has a leaked gameplay video. We can predict the League of Legends' Milio abilities in this clip using the in-game interface and determine which ones are standard and which are ulti abilities.

NOTE: Before you proceed further, it is important to know that the details shared in this post are solely based on video and are predictive. It carries no assurance at all.

  • LoL Milio ability - Q

Milio’s Q ability looks to be his bread-and-butter poke and CC ability. Milio launches one of his fire friends forward. When it hits an enemy, it creates a small area that stuns in the center, whilst slowing nearby enemies.

This ability has been compared to a smaller version of Leona’s ultimate ability and should allow Milio to peel off divers while also giving him the capability to poke in lane.

  • LoL Milio ability - W

Milio’s W is easily the most unique aspect of his kit, and would most likely be the reason to play the enchanter. Milio’s W creates a field on the ground, allies standing in it gain movement and attack speed. The field also provides bonus attack range as well to anyone in the field. The field will also follow allies around similar to a Viktor ultimate.

This is an incredibly potent ability as the buffs Milio’s W provides can really push the limits of certain ADCs such as Caitlyn.

  • LoL Milio ability - E

Milio’s E makes him shield a nearby ally. A pretty simple ability with a fast cast that allows good Milio’s to block damage with good enough reactions.

  • LoL Milio ability - R

Milio’s Ultimate is an incredibly powerful counter-engage tool. Milio instantly cleanses and heals all allies in a large AOE range around him.

This cleanse is like QSS, and will cleanse debuffs like suppression and Urgot’s ult.

Riot is yet to reveal any information because his kit is still in development, and it's too early for anyone to predict with any real certainty. And while the developers haven't revealed any specific enchanter Support - Milio abilities, one thing is clear he will be quite skill-expressive.

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We will make sure to update the article whenever Riot decides to drop in new info about this new League of Legends Milio abilities.

League of Legends Milio release date

Later in League of Legends Season 13, the 163rd Champion: enchanter support - Milio will be released, as per the information revealed by Riot.

Fans will undoubtedly want to learn more about this champion despite the fact that his name and his splash art have already been revealed. Milio will probably hit the Rift sometime in March because his teaser has already been dropped and LoL patch 13.5 is scheduled soon.

However, an exact patch and Milio's release date have yet to be determined.

Since we have LoL patch 13.6 next, it is expected that soon the LoL Milio release date will be scheduled soon. Hence, players can expect to see him on the PBE shortly, which will reveal more info on the new enchanter Support.

However, an exact patch and Milio release date have yet to be determined. Also, it is important to remember that the leaked Milio kit is not confirmed.

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Well, there you have it. Everything we know so far about the new LoL enchanter Support Milio abilities. Be sure to check it out when it releases. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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