GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car - how to get the hypercar for free

GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car is the recently launched hypercar that came along with the GTA Online Last Dose DLC.

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How to get the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car

Although players can't wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 to come out, they have continued to appreciate the ongoing antics of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Although there is a tonne of tasks and activities for users to perform in GTA Online, Rockstar is slow to release new significant content.

Grand Theft Auto Online is still going strong as it gets closer to its tenth anniversary later in 2023. In fact, Rockstar Software will continue to place a lot of emphasis on GTA Online as long as the creator keeps adding new material and upgrades to maintain the mode livelily and engaging.

The Last Dose DLC for GTA Online was one of the most recent additions to the game. In this DLC, the devs released a GTA Ocelot Virtue hypercar that players can obtain for free.

Read on to know how to get the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car.

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GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car

The Last Dose, the most recent update, continues the Los Santos Drug Wars storyline by introducing new story missions for players to participate in. The set of five missions will be available to players on March 16, bringing the expansion's initial release in December to a close.

Along with new GTA Online story missions, players can continue to acquire new vehicles to use, like the electrically powered hypercar known as the Ocelot Virtue. The gamers may find all the information they require regarding the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car, including instructions on how to purchase it for regular usage, below.

How to get GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car for free?

The GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car can be totally acquired for free for the players who don't mind putting in a little more effort. The only prerequisite is that all Last Dose missions be finished, which will take some time.

When the task is finished, the player will get access to Dr. Isiah Friedlander's personal Ocelot Virtue, which features FriedMind livery cosmetics and color palettes. To get the rewards and GTA Online Ocelot Virtue for finishing the tasks, it is advised for players planning to play co-op to start out as the host.

The five-story missions that must be completed first to get the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car are as follows:

  • This is an Intervention
  • Unusual Suspects
  • FriedMind
  • Checking In
  • BDKD

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How to purchase the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car?

For those who do not want the hassle and want an easy way out, there is another option to get the hypercar, which is by purchasing the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car.

On March 16, the Ocelot Virtue will be released alongside the other Grand Theft Auto supercars as a part of the Last Dose DLC. Those who are interested can visit Legendary Motorsport and buy the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue car for $2,980,000 after the upgrade is applied.

Even while it could be the quickest and easiest way to obtain the GTA Online Virtue car, it is still a very expensive alternative.

The Ocelot Virtue, like the majority of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto, is a fictional vehicle that appears to be based on the actual Lotus Evija. The Virtue is a two-seat electric hypercar that may be fully customized inside GTA Online.

Start tuning automobiles at Los Santos Customs and Benny's Original Motorworks, though the Ocelot Virtue can also use Imani Tech, where weapon upgrades like the Remote Control Unit or a Lock-On Missile Jammer can also be applied.

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By hosting and completing both the "First Dose" and "Last Dose" missions as part of the Los Santos Drug War Update, players can additionally get the Ocelot Virtue for nothing. Dax will phone you to let you know where to pick up the car once all assignments have been completed.

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