League of Legends Milio - new support champ, abilities, release date, teaser, leaks

LoL Milio, the upcoming Support champ has been revealed by the devs, and we also have some leaks on his abilities.

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League of Legends Milio - new support champion

League of Legends is without a doubt one of the most famous games among gamers, and players all around the world eagerly await any new update that is provided within a specific time frame.

Each new update introduces a new champion, which fans eagerly anticipate. So far, Riot Games has revealed numerous characters in League of Legends, including Bel'Veth, Nilah, and most recently, K'Sante.

Recently, Riot Games posted the LoL Pls Video describing all the changes coming to Preseason 2023 and beyond because that season is just around the way. In this new trailer, three new champions were hinted at. The first is a support champ named Milio. Then a Darkin assassin, Naafiri, a new hangry jungler, and an artistic mid-laner.

The Gentle Flame: Milio has already been teased previously, but we now have a new champion teaser on League of Legends Milio and some fresh information on the next playable Support champion.

So, let's get into the details about this upcoming LoL Support character: Milio release date, abilities, leaks, and more.

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League of Legends Milio Revealed

The League of Legends developers posted a video in January 2023 introducing the forthcoming Champions in PreSeason 2023. In a Reddit thread, Riot Reav3 gave more information about the next champions' release schedule and upgrades.

However, on March 4th, the devs dropped a new League of Legends Milio Champion Trailer, revealing details about the upcoming support bot lane champion.

The League of Legends 163rd champion was introduced to the players via a surprise reveal where it has been announced that Milio is a warmhearted boy from Ixtal who has, despite his young age, mastered the fire axiom and discovered something new: soothing fire.

league of legends milio, lol milio kit,  league of legends milio release date, league of legends milio abilities, new league of legends support champ
League of Legends Milio model

LoL Milio has been described as someone who knew only love and laughter, and to him, life in the village was paradise. Milio was following the glow of some June fireflies one night. They sent him to a wounded and immobile hunter in the community. Milio attempted to stabilise her with his fire axiom, but it was ineffective. Knowing the distance to the village healer, he desperately tried to transform the axiom into a force that could heal.

As per the given description, "Milio is a warmhearted boy from Ixtal who has, despite his young age, mastered the fire axiom and discovered something new: soothing fire. With this newfound power, Milio plans to help his family escape their exile by joining the Yun Tal—just like his grandmother once did. Having traveled through the Ixtal jungles to the capital of Ixaocan, Milio now prepares to face the Vidalion and join the Yun Tal, unaware of the trials—and dangers—that await him."

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League of Legends Milio Abilities

League of Legends Milio abilities are now officially revealed by the devs, and they additionally announced that Milio will be released in LoL Patch 13.6.

  • LoL Milio ability - Passive: Fired Up

Milio's abilities enchant allies on touch, making their next spell or attack deal a burst of extra damage and burn the target.

  • LoL Milio ability - Q: Ultra Mega Fire Kick

Kick a ball that knocks back an enemy. On hit, the ball bounces behind the target, damaging and slowing enemies in the area upon impact.

  • LoL Milio ability - W: Cozy Campfire

Create an empowering zone that heals allies and increases Attack Range for those inside. The zone follows the ally nearest to the cast point.

  • LoL Milio ability - E: Warm Hugs

Milio tosses a shield to an ally, temporarily increasing their movement speed.

  • LoL Milio ability - R: Breath of Life

Milio unleashes a wave of soothing flames that heal and remove crowd control effects from allies in range.

League of Legends Milio release date

Later in League of Legends Season 13, the 163rd Champion: support - Milio will be released, as per the information revealed by Riot.

Fans will undoubtedly want to learn more about this champion despite the fact that his name and his splash art have already been revealed. Milio will probably hit the Rift sometime in March because his teaser has already been dropped and LoL patch 13.6 is scheduled soon.

In the recent blog post, the devs stated, "Warm your allies and burn your enemies with Milio coming in patch 13.6!" implying March 23rd will be the exact Milio's release date.

Past Leaks On Milio - the new Enchanter Support Champion

LoL Milio abilities

Riot hasn't revealed any details on the League of Legends' new Support - Milio skills or gameplay. However, the teaser trailer of Milio revealed that he, like Alistar, Blitzcrank, and Lux, will be a Support.

Ixtal in Runeterra is where Milio is from, along with champions like Rengar, Qiyana, and Neeko. Milio will use elemental magic in his arsenal to harm foes and heal allies, just like other Ixtal champions do.

Milio's gameplay pattern will reportedly resemble that of Lulu's quite a bit, according to a reliable source, BigBadBear. The exact Millio abilities, though, will be very different.

Players will be able to switch between Millio's two different forms of ability by interacting with his ultimate ability. He will also have two different forms for his powers. One of his forms will emphasize helping teammates heal and gain speed, while the other will emphasize dealing damage and controlling crowds.

Milio seems like an intriguing guy who will be quite useful in the game. Using League of Legends' Milio's firepower and his firefly pals' visual effects, the shapes will be easily distinct.

Riot can't reveal that information because the Millio kit is still in development, and it's too early for anyone to predict with any real certainty. And while the developers haven't revealed any specific support - Millio abilities, one thing is clear, the support champ from a region of Ixtal will be quite skill-expressive.

We will make sure to update the article whenever Riot decides to drop in new info about this new League of Legends Milio's abilities.

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League of Legends Milio appearance

The recent teaser showcased that Riot will collaborate with Milio to create the one-of-a-kind skin, with Faerie Court Milio skin.

In August 2022, Riot Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, one of the game's primary gameplay designers, teased Milio for the first time. Although Milio was still in the early stages of development, it was predicted that he would reveal a different aspect of Ixtal than what was revealed in the lore of Qiyana, for instance.

Now, on March 4th, Riot officially released Milio splash art and it wouldn't be wrong to say that he is the cutest champion in the current roster.

Three little orange creatures, who could be Milio's fire buddies and are undoubtedly a crucial component of Milio splash art and were also shown in the previous teaser clips to tease the champion.

The small orange blob, sometimes known as a fire buddy, merely occupies an alcove. Yet it should come as no surprise that he would be teased in the bot lane on the Summoner's Rift given that he is a support champion.

Reacting to LoL Milio reveal, a few fans expressed their happiness stating, "He's got so much storyline potential too... Young prodigy, one of his grandparents plotting against the Yun Tal, Milio going to the capital with wide-eyed optimism.... " whereas others were disspoited that there were no teaser trailers for such amazing new League of Legends champion.

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Well, there you have it. Everything we know so far about the new LoL Milio champion and the elements that it will bring. Be sure to check it out when it releases. We will keep updated with further info, so keep following.

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