Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark - how to complete the quest to unlock Nahida Story Quest Act 2

Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark is a part of The Chasm World quest, which is needed to be completed for finishing the Nahida Story Quest Act 2.

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Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark Quest

Events and quests abound in the Genshin universe. The World quest, Story quest, Archon quest, and Event quest are some of the Genshin quests.

Nahida Story Quest Act 2 in Genshin Impact version 3.7 is one such new quest that sends players on an adventure to save the terminally ill Apep. Players are instructed to finish the World Quest "Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark" first before continuing to save the sick Dragon through a message they receive in the middle of the adventure.

For those unaware, the Chasm offers the world quest, Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark. Here, your goal is to ring two bells in order to eventually vanquish the Abyss Lector.

Don't worry if you are unfamiliar with the Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark World quest, as we have provided a full explanation of how to finish it and go to Act 2 of the Nahida Story Quest.

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Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark

A Chasm World Quest called Perils in the Dark begins in the Stony Halls region of The Chasm in Genshin Impact.

You have opened this section of The Chasm Delvers questline after navigating The Heavenly Stone's Debris. However, a lot of explorers have run into difficulties ringing the bells and finishing this task.

Let's dwell on the journey of Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark World quest, which is filled with bells ringing, intriguing monuments, and thick fog.

Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark walkthrough

Take the path that leads deeper in.

  1. After smashing the crystal into the earth and making a sizable hole, this quest starts.
  2. Get the Lumenstone Ore before diving in. After that, plunge into the hole. You'll encounter Dainsleif in a cutscene at the bottom.

Examine the dark fog in front of you.

  1. There is a fairly noticeable dark fog in the vicinity. Start moving towards it and then go to the designated place

Look for clues near the dark fog.

  • Approach the deep purple dome in the center of the region after you've descended. A bulb with oozing concretion should be seen. To reveal the Fatuus' Journal, use your Lumenstone Adjuvant on the object.
  • The location will also become more visible after reading the Fatuus' Journal, making the Nameless Ruins' map visible.

Hit the bells on both ruins

  1. The next step is to ring two of the ruin's bells. Southwest of the Underground Waterway has the first bell and south of Stony Halls has the second bell.
  2. For the first bell follow these steps:
  • First, follow the Seelie until it reaches their garden. This Seelie will help you with the puzzle later.
  • Next, recharge the mechanism with 3 Energy, if you're insufficient Energy, you can go to the previous Seelie to recharge your Lumenstone gadget.
  • Now, you need to remove all the Dark Mud. Defeat all enemies so all mechanisms are free from mud and ring the bell.
  1. For the second bell, follow these steps-
  • First, you need to light up all lamps inside the broken tower.
  • Next, open the Precious Chest and follow the new Seelie to the top of the tower. Stand on the lamp opposite side of Seelie's lamp.
  • Lastly, use the device to unlock the gate and ring the bell behind Ruin Grader.

Approach the dark fog and defeat the Abyss Lector

  • Go back to the dark fog and it will disappear. Instead, two Abyss Lectors will spawn and you need to defeat them to continue the quest by picking up the Curious Cube.
  • The Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark quest will be finished if you do this!

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How to Solve Puzzles in Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark?

You must ring the bells on the ruins in the North by the river and the South by Stony Halls as part of the Perils in the Dark quest. Be sure your device is set up to solve the puzzles in both locations!

First Ring Puzzle

After crossing a Teleport Waypoint, you will find the puzzle in the northern ruins close to a river. As you ascend the ruins, you should see a Pyro Abyss Mage watching over a number of monuments that are covered in Dark Mud. How to solve this monument riddle is as follows:

  • Take the Pyro Abyss Mage down.
  • Press the Vine's Recharge button.
  • Use the gadget or the vine to move the rocks.
  • Take the Shadowy Husks down.
  • Press the bell.

Second Ring Puzzle

High above the ravine is where you'll find the mysterious puzzle in the southern ruins. When coming here from Stony Hall, follow the ledge on your left. Follow these steps to finish the Seelie puzzle:

  • Press Recharge on the south monument.
  • Utilize the device to the westward oozing bulb.
  • The two Luminous Seelies should be separated by east and west.
  • Assemble by the north cross.
  • Ride the air stream by opening the chest.
  • Place yourself on the other cross.
  • Open the gate by operating the mechanism.
  • Take down the Ruin Grader.
  • Remove the mud.
  • Press the bell.

Well, that is all that is there to the newly hyped Genshin Impact Perils in the Dark quest.

Many players have been receiving messages stating that they must complete the Perils in the Dark World Quest before completing Act 2 of the Nahida Story Quest. However, if players have completed all the Chasm quests in Genshin Impact, they can simply switch their map to the Underground Chasm and teleport there.

The game seems to mislead players into thinking there is a quest missing when all they need to do is switch to the Underground Chasm map. Naturally, if players didn't complete the task before beginning Act 2 of the Nahida Story task, they must do so in order to complete Nahida Story Quest Act 2.


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