Genshin Impact Chasm quests - How to complete the world quests to unlock chasm areas

Genshin Impact Chasm quests are needed to be completed in order to unlock all the Chasm areas in the game.

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How to complete all the Genshin Impact Chasm quests

The introduction of the new Genshin Impact region is one of the most important events of a new update, especially as the game progresses and there are fewer quests to enjoy. The long-awaited Inazuma islands have finally arrived in recent updates, and it appears that HoYoverse has no plans to stop adding new maps anytime soon.

During the Genshin Impact 2.5 Livestream, HoYoverse officially revealed The Chasm region to the world, and after the official announcement and throughout the 2.6 beta, we received a slew of leaks revealing additional details about the new Genshin region.

Furthermore, the developer also gave us The Liyue Diaries, highlighting the environment and mechanisms in the new sections of The Chasm.

It has been announced that Genshin Impact Chasm will include two maps: one for the overworld and another for the underground. In addition, the official titles of the Genshin Chasm areas - Underground mines and Overground areas have also been revealed.

However, in order to explore all the different areas in the upcoming region, players will have to complete all the Genshin Chasm quests, which are the World quests.

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Read on to find out how to complete all the Genshin Impact Chasm quests to unlock all of the chasm areas.

All Genshin Impact Chasm quests

There are a total of five continuous World Quests you need to complete to fully unlock both The Chasm - the surface and underground mines. We have jotted down the steps on how complete each of the Genshin Impact Chasm world quests.

The name of these Genshin Impact Chasm world quests are:

  • Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering
  • Chasm Spelunkers
  • The Heavenly Stone's Debris
  • Perils in the Dark
  • Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?

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Genshin Impact Chasm quest - Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering

You have accepted a commission that requires you to pay The Chasm a visit. Who knows what the situation in the long-sealed mines might be like...

  • Start the Quest
  • There are two methods to unlock this quest:
  1. Talk to Liyue Katheryne and start the Archon Quest (This is only for those who had completed previous Archon Quest). Then, you can talk to Muning to get the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering quest.
  2. Talk to Lan near Liyue Katheryne to start The Chasm Charters quest. Follow the navigation and you will automatically get the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering quest.
  • With both methods, players will need to destroy all Bedrock Keys.
  • In order to destroy all Bedrock Keys, gamers will have to follow the quest navigation until you find Zhiqiong and the Lumenstone.
  • Then, she will ask you to destroy all 5 Bedrock Keys. Make sure to unlock all the Waypoints and Statue of the Seven along the way.

Note: Players should take note that the first Bedrock Keys and fifth Bedrock Keys are in different sub-quest.

  1. The first Bedrock Keys - Hit using Cage-Shaped Geo Formations twice
  2. The second Bedrock Keys - Hit using Cage-Shaped Geo Formations three times
  3. The third Bedrock Keys - Hit using Cage-Shaped Geo Formations four times
  4. The fourth Bedrock Keys - Hit using Cage-Shaped Geo Formations three times
  5. The fifth Bedrock Keys - Hit using Cage-Shaped Geo Formations twice - Follow the quest navigation to talk to Zhiqiong first before she will bring you to the last Bedrock Key.

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For those following the first method, below mentioned steps should be followed:

  • Talk to Muning and find out the situation in The Chasm
  • Look for the adventurer Zhiqiong
  • Go to the miners' warehouse
  • Fend off the Treasure Hoarders
  • Obtain the Lumenstone Adjuvant
  • Tell Zhiqiong about what happened at the warehouse
  • Look for a way to destroy the Bedrock Keys
  • Talk to Zhiqiong
  • Participate in conversation
  • Use the cage-shaped object to destroy the three remaining Bedrock Keys
  • Report the destruction of the Bedrock Keys to Zhiqiong
  • Look for the final Bedrock Key
  • Destroy the final Bedrock Key
  • Talk to Zhiqiong
  • Talk to Muning and Zhiqiong

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Genshin Impact Chasm quest - Chasm Spelunkers

Now that you have destroyed the Bedrock Keys, the seal on The Chasm has now come undone. It is time to venture into the depths below.

  • Enter the underground mine, talk to the team members, and investigate the Lumnespear near camp.
  1. Follow the quest navigation and enter the underground mine and obtain the first Lumenspar. You will find that the map will be bare without any hint of waypoints' location.
  2. This is because you need to complete this quest storyline to unlock the map bit-by-bit. Make sure to at least collect 16 Lumenspar in your inventory so you can proceed in the next World Quest.
  • Talk to Zhiqiong & Jinwu and look for 3 clues to Uncle He's whereabouts
  1. The first clue - Diary Fragment on top of a crate
  2. The second clue - Diary Fragment pasted beside a box on a shelf
  3. The third clue - Diary Fragment inside a box
  • Tell Jinwu about what you've discovered of Uncle He's whereabouts
  • Go to the exploration team's camp and talk to Jinwu
  • Look for Zhiqiong, who went off on her own
  • Talk to Zhiqiong and complete Zhiqiong's commissions
  1. Follow the quest navigation until you reach the exploration team's camp. You will unlock the first part of the map. Then, look for Zhiqiong to obtain the next 3 tasks.
  • Go to the Treasure Hoarders' campsite
  1. Go to the first campsite and save Clitopho
  2. Go to the second campsite and examine the giant cannon
  3. Go to the storehouse
  • Investigate site of anomalies
  1. The site of the first anomaly: Take a picture and defeat Abyss Mages
  2. The site of the second anomaly
  • Return to the exploration team's camp
  • Talk to Zhiqiong

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Genshin Impact Chasm quest - Go The Heavenly Stone's Debris

To get to ever-deeper levels of The Chasm, you must open the path that was blocked by large stones back when the mine was sealed. Looks like you'll have to borrow the power of the Mountainator this time...

  • Talk to Jinwu to start the World Quest. The first task you need to do is Look for two keys to unlock the gunpowder storehouse.
  1. The first key - On top of a water filtration device
  2. The second key - Dig the ground to reveal a bomb and blow it up
  • Obtain the cannonball and craft items
  1. Open the gunpowder storehouse using the 2 keys above and take the cannonball inside a Common Chest
  2. Talk to Clitopho and craft 3 Special Unmoving Essential Oil. The second part of the map will be unlocked after this.
  • Release the safety on the cannon's breech - You need to read a signalling guide to release the safety on the cannon's breech. Then, observe the positions of all three lamp posts.
  1. High lamp post - Low-frequency flicker (Activate once)
  2. Middle lamp post - Low-frequency flicker (Activate once)
  3. Low lamp post - High-frequency flicker (Activate > Change Frequency once)
  • Load the cannon and fire it
  1. Follow the quest navigation until you load a cannonball into the cannon. Then, align the Mountainator as follow: Left > Down > Down. Then, fire the cannon! Head further into the cave and you will unlock the third part of the map.

  • Activate the mechanisms
  1. Make sure you have at least 16 Lumenspars and 1 Lumenstone Ore before continuing this step! Go back to Jinwu in the camp and enhance your Lumenstone Adjuvant to Level 2.
  2. You will need the Blooming Light to activate the 3 mechanisms below.
  • The first mechanism
  1. Destroy the Oozing Concretions with 1 Energy.
  2. Recharge the mechanism with 3 Energy (You can recharge your Lumenstone gadget by absorbing nearby energy).
  • The second mechanism
  1. Destroy 2 Oozing Concretions with 1 Energy each.
  2. Recharge the mechanism with 3 Energy.
  • The third mechanism
  1. Destroy the Oozing Concretions with 1 Energy.
  2. Recharge the mechanism with 3 Energy.
  3. Defeat the emerged Abyss Herald
  • Tak to Zhiqiong and Investigate the strange device again

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Genshin Impact Chasm quest - Perils in the Dark

The strange crystal plummeted toward the ground and shattered it, revealing an entrance to even greater depths. Who knows what's down there... But either way, it would be best to proceed with caution.

  • Take the path that leads deeper in and participate in a conversation
  • Examine the dark fog and clues
  1. You will obtain this quest automatically after completing the previous World Quest. Follow the quest navigation until you find a 'Fatuus' Journal' inside a Dark Mud. You will unlock the fourth part of the map after examining the journal.
  • Ring 2 bells
  • The first bell (Southwest of Underground Waterway) and The second bell (South of Stony Halls)
  • For the first bell flow these steps
  1. First, follow the Seelie until it reaches their garden. This Seelie will help you with the puzzle later.
  2. Next, recharge the mechanism with 3 Energy, if you're insufficient Energy, you can go to the previous Seelie to recharge your Lumenstone gadget. Now, you need to remove all the Dark Muds. Defeat all enemies so all mechanisms are free from mud and ring the bell.
  • For the second bell, follow these steps-
  1. First, you need to light up all lamps inside the broken tower.
  2. Next, open the Precious Chest and follow the new Seelie to the top of the tower. Stand on the lamp opposite side of Seelie's lamp.
  3. Lastly, use the device to unlock the gate and ring the bell behind Ruin Grader.
  • To light up all the lamps-
  1. First & Second lamp: Follow two Seelies until each of them is floating beside a lamp.
  2. The third lamp: Recharge the Lumenlamps
  3. Fourth Lamp: You need to stand beside the last lamp (While equipping the Lumenstone gadget).
  • Approach the dark fog
  1. Go back to the dark fog and it will disappear. Instead, two Abyss Lectors will spawn and you need to defeat them to continue the quest by picking up the Curious Cube.

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Genshin Impact Chasm quest - Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?

Having taken out the Abyss Lector lurking here, you discover that Zhiqiong has seen the symbols on the key-like object the Lector left behind somewhere else...

  • Tak to Zhiqiong up head and go to the camp with Zhiqiong
  • Head to the new exploration team's camp
  1. Follow the quest navigation until you reach the new exploration team's camp. After the conversation ends, you will unlock the fifth part of the map!
  • Go to the gate with Curious Cube
  1. Use the Curious Cube to unlock the gate and head further inside.

  • Purify the large crystal
  1. Once the cutscene with Paimon ends, you will completely unlock the whole map of the Underground Mine in The Chasm! Now just a little bit further and you will complete the World Quest. Your task now is to purify a large crystal by activating 5 mechanisms.
  2. You need to use the light from the Lumenstone gadget to keep the mechanism brightly lit until it is fully charged.
  • Fight the Ruin Serpent
  1. The goal here is to fight the Serpent until their HP is 20% left. Once it reaches that threshold, its HP won't deplete anymore and you need to wait for a cutscene.
  • Return to camp and report to Muning
  1. From now, just follow the quest navigation until you reach the surface of The Chasm and complete the World Quest.

There you go, you have completed all the Chasm World Quest to unlock the surface and the underground mine of The Chasm map.


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