Genshin Impact Sumeru quests - How to complete the world quests to unlock Sumeru areas

Genshin Impact Sumeru quests are needed to be completed in order to unlock all the Sumeru areas in the game.

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How to complete all the Genshin Impact Sumeru quests

The introduction of the new Genshin Impact region is one of the most important events of a new update, especially as the game progresses and there are fewer quests to enjoy. The long-awaited Inazuma islands have finally arrived in recent updates, and it appears that HoYoverse has no plans to stop adding new maps anytime soon.

During the Genshin Impact 2.8 Livestream, HoYoverse officially revealed The Sumeru region to the world, and after the official announcement and throughout the 3.0 beta, we received a slew of leaks revealing additional details about the new Genshin region.

Furthermore, the developer also gave us The Sumeru Diaries, highlighting the environment and mechanisms in the new sections of The Sumeru.

Geographically, Sumeru lies to the left of The Chasm in Liyue because it may be connected to Sumeru, according to UBatcha, a well-known Genshin Impact source. According to SteezyZ of the YouTube channel, who investigated this notion, Cinnabar Cliff features a tunnel that can be reached by gliding down and turning right from this POI to a Statue of the Seven.

However, in order to explore all the different areas in the upcoming region, players will have to complete all the Genshin Sumeru quests, which are the World quests.

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Read on to find out how to complete all the Genshin Impact Sumeru quests to unlock all of the Sumeru areas.

All Genshin Impact Sumeru quests

The main Genshin Impact Sumeru World Quest that Travelers must complete is Aranyaka. There are multiple chapters in it, and each one has a unique set of riddles and systems. Though they are all connected and involve Aranara, they do have certain things in common.

We have jotted down the steps on how complete each of the Genshin Impact Sumeru world quests.

The name of these Chapters in Genshin Impact Sumeru world quests are:

  • Woodland Encounter
  • Dream Nursery
  • Nursery of Lost Dreams
  • In the End, the Forest Will Remember

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Genshin Impact Sumeru quest - Woodland Encounter: Chapter 1

Genshin Impact players must first activate the first section of the Aranyaka in order to begin the journey with these forest creatures. People are free to play whichever chapter they like first once this opens the remaining ones.

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Start the Woodland Encounter Quest

Teleport west to the fork in the road from the Statue of the Seven in Gandharva Ville. As soon as you notice a forest ranger surrounded by fungus, your first objective is to protect her by vanquishing all of the foes.

Get rid of the Withering Spot

Till you get to a Withering Spot, follow the quest guidance. The Withering Branches (there are three of them) must be eliminated, opponents must be eliminated, and the Tumor of the Withering must be eliminated with Dendrograna.

Go to Vimara Village

It's merely talking and walking right now, so you can finish them all by simply following the quest route. You are always free to choose any dialogue option when presented with one as there are no wrong options.

Traveler the Forest Ranger

Once more, follow the route for the quest and aid Rana in eradicating 2 Withering Zones. You must battle some Spinocrocodiles after clearing out two zones.

Look for Iotham

When you're ready to return to Vimara Village after spending the night camping, follow the navigation instructions and look for Iotham in a cave. Bring your best team along since you will need to demolish a Withering Zone inside the cave. Take Rana with you back to the cave after escorting Iotham back to the settlement.

Follow the strange traces

Unsurprisingly, Rana is no longer in the cave, so you must look for her. This time, you can locate Rana inside a shack by following the unusual green traces.

Talk to Alphonso

In Vimara Village, teleport to a north waypoint, then move south until you come to Alphonso. When Paimon inquires about the order of the missing children, this is the appropriate option dialogue: Sudabeh and Kavus. But don't worry if you pick the incorrect one; it won't have any impact on the plot at all.

After talking to Alphonso out of Paimon's vicinity, there will be 2 options you can choose.

If you choose to let him flee, you need to find a note in an item to complete the Woodland Encounter. If you choose to battle him, you will complete Woodland Encounter Chapter after the fight and get the green checkmark.

For those following the first method, below mentioned steps should be followed:

  • teleport to Statue of the Seven in Old Vanarana
  • head east until you see a small group of Rifthounds
  • Defeat them so you can safely interact with the object on the ground.

For the second option, once you've fought Alphonso or interacted with the text, the Woodland Encounter will get completed and you can see the green checkmark in the Aranyaka gadget.

The Sumeru Woodland Encounter or Sumeru World Quest Chapter 1 is now completed and you can tickmark the Aranyaka gadget.

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Well, that was the overview, the following are the exact steps to complete Sumeru Woodland Encounter:

The Children of Vimara Village: The person going by the name Rana appears to be a Sumerian Forest Watcher. Travel to Vimara Village after accepting her offer.

  • Talk to Rana once you are ready
  • Follow Rana
  • Talk to Rana
  • Clean up the Withering Zone
  • Talk to Rana
  • Go to Vimara Village
  • Talk to the elders in the village
  • Follow Rana
  • Talk to the man
  • Follow the children to Rana's house
  • Talk to the children
  • Leave Vimara Village and go to the designated location
  • Talk to Rana

Into the Woods: You and Paimon worked so hard to compile your stories into a form that young readers could find engaging. Fortunately, they enjoy your stories. Now, proceed to various Withering Zones with Rana. After all, you're doing this to ensure that Vimara Village's kids may play securely.

  • Go to the Withering Zone that needs to be cleaned up
  • Talk to Rana
  • Clean up the Withering Zone
  • Go to the area where the Spinocrocodiles are active
  • Talk to Rana
  • Defeat a certain number of Spinocrocodiles
  • Talk to Rana
  • Go to the camp
  • Collect firewood
  • Return to the camp and talk to Rana
  • Light the campfire
  • Talk to Rana
  • Take a rest or wait until the following day (06:00 – 08:00)
  • Talk to Rana

The Lost Child: Both the Spinocrocodiles and the Withering Zones designated by Rana have been taken care of. Now, the kids at Vimara Village ought to be secure, so return with Rana.

  • Return to Vimara Village
  • Look for Iotham
  • Go into the depths of the cave to look for Iotham
  • Defeat the Fatui
  • Proceed deeper within to look for Iotham
  • Try to clean up the Withering Zone
  • Return to Vimara Village
  • Escort Iotham back to Vimara Village
  • Go to where Rana is
  • Follow the strange traces

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Genshin Impact Sumeru quest - Dream Nursery: Chapter 2

The "evil guy" in Vimara Village must be defeated for players to complete chapter 1 of the Aranyaka.

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Go to Vimara Village

When you have finished speaking with Arana in its tiny house, this quest will begin. Even though you already own a lyre, head back to Vimara Village and ask the elderly man named Amadhiah for a loan of his instrument.

Go to Varanara

Turn to your right after receiving the lyre to discover a Waverider on the river. Till you arrive in Varanara, use the Waverider and adhere to the navigation. Follow the weird tracks to your destination after you land. If you desire, you can overlook every enemy.

Play the Lyre

Your lyre will start playing a new song once you reach Phantasmal Gates. To confront the gate and wake it up, play the song in front of it.

The task at hand is to gather every Phantasmal Seed inside a predetermined area and make it back to the gate before time runs out. The timer's duration will shorten if you are struck by an enemy strike. Finally, you can use Electro to attack a purple Dream Flower to mark where the remaining seeds are.

Enter Vanarana

Follow the weird substance that arises unexpectedly after completing the challenge, and then play the lyre in front of the stone that resembles a turnip (named Silapna) to encounter Arama.

Help the Aranara

In order to allow you to enter the Vanarana "dream," Arama will need you to help it build trust. Fungi must be defeated, a breakable rock must be destroyed, and another bunch of fungi must be defeated. To find the tasks locations, simply follow the yellow circle on the mini-map. You only need to kill Pyro Whopperflowers for the final mission.

Enter 'Dream' Vanarana

Go back to the turnip rock and start the lyre once more. Talking with Araja when you first arrive in the dream Vanarana will allow you to unlock three very important items:

  • Tree of Dreams: where you can spend your Dendro Sigils.
  • Aranyaka (The Forest Book gadget): an item in your inventory that records lyre songs you've learned and served as a progress record for the quests to come
  • Statue of the Seven: will only light up the area once you complete this quest.

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Return to Rana in the forest

Teleport to Statue of the Seven in Devantaka Mountain and head west into the small shack.

Enjoy Festival Utsava

You need to talk to every Aranana with the blue checkmark on top of their cute lil hat. There are 9 spots you need to go to. Some of them may require some help and want to play around with you so just go for it.

This little guy though, Araesha, wants to play a quiz with you, so here are the answer to all the questions.

  • Apple
  • Viparyas
  • Starshroom

Play the Lyre

Once all Aranara has been accounted for, the quest navigation will be updated and you need to talk to Arakavi. Play the lyre to enter a beautiful cutscene.

Find Arama and Araja

From the previous location, head southeast to teleport above the little stone arch. Talk to them and go to sleep in Araja's house.

Talk to Arama

Teleport to Statue of the Seven in Vanarana and head southwest to Arama.

Go to the Fane of Ashvattha

Teleport to the underwater waypoint west of Yazadaha Pool and head into the cave until you reach a giant tree. Clear up the Withering Zone and continue following the navigation.

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Head to Old Vanarana

Continue deeper into the cave from the previous spot until you get to Old Vanarana. Keep in mind that Arama's barrier can protect you and heal you and that the wither effect in this area is significant.

Obtain the Inscription of Remembrance

You only need to follow Arama to find these inscriptions in three different locations. There will be many adversaries here, so beware.

Go to the seal

When you have collected all the inscriptions, keep following Arama until you come to a sandy location. After taking down the first Ruin Guard, you must proceed to the Withering Zone's central area. You must wait for a cutscene in which Arama destroys the zone itself because you cannot purify it.

Lift 7 seals

The sand cave contains 7 seals, and to kill them you must use the pyro attack. Three of the seals are concealed behind a wall that can be taken down with the help of Claustroflora. To move the stone, use your lyre.

After the cutscene, you must battle the Ruin Grader and lose two health points (though it can regain them) before Arama can finish it off for you.

Investigate the area

The chair, a house, a pool, books, and three wall murals are the eight things you need to look into in the region. Then speak with Arama to carry on the quest.

Defeat Marana's Avatar

You can discover Marana's Avatar in the cave's middle and deepest section, respectively. You will only be using Traveler as the active character for this entire battle, so stay near to Arama for healing.

The same thing will happen three times: Cleanse it by following Arama to the withering zones. Use Four-Leaf Sigils to teleport right away to Marana's Avatar, then battle it until its HP stops decreasing.

Talk to Arama & Arana

To finish this mini-quest, converse with Arama and play the lyre. "I'm so sad Arana forgot about us and Arama is no longer here with us..."

Return to Rana

Go to the Statue of the Seven on Devantaka Mountain by teleporting there, then turn west to the little cabin where it all began. To finish this quest, speak with Rana.

The Sumeru Dream Nursery or Sumeru World Quest Chapter 2 is now completed and you can tickmark the Aranyaka gadget.

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The following are the detailed steps to follow for Dream Nursery Quest in Genshin Impact Sumeru World Quest.

The World of Aranara: Finally, you run into the enigmatic Aranara once more. In order to assist Rana, Arana advised you to travel to Vanarana and locate Bija. Before entering the planet of Aranara, you must also play the Rhythm of the Great Dream. Ask Amadhiah if he has any instruments that you may borrow as you return to Vimara Village.

  • Talk to Paimon
  • Return to Vimara Village and talk to Amadhiah
  • Go to where Vanarana is
  • Enter Vanarana
  • Play the Rhythm of the Great Dream at the designated location
  • Go through the "arch"
  • Complete the trial of the Phantasmal Seed
  • Follow the strange traces
  • Play the Rhythm of the Great Dream in front of the strange stone
  • Talk to the mysterious Aranara
  • Help the Aranara
  • Go to the place that Arama mentioned
  • Talk to Arama
  • Eliminate the Vanagni threat
  • Return to Silapna
  • Play the Rhythm of the Great Dream in front of Silapna
  • Talk to Arama
  • Head to the house and talk to Araja

For A Better Reunion

  • Return to where Rana is
  • Interact with Rana
  • Talk to Arama

Festival Utsava

  • Enjoy Festival Utsava with Aranara in the Vanarana in the dream
  • Talk to Arakavi
  • Play a melody by the stage
  • Look for Araja and Arama
  • Head to Araja's house to rest

You must locate Aranara, aid her, and get ready for Festival Utsava in order to obtain Bija and assist Rana. Regarding the Aranyaka from Arama, it might be utilized to record the tales around Aranara and the adventure's hints.

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Well, with the above mentioned, you have completed the two chapters of the Sumeru World Quest to unlock the different areas of The Sumeru map. We will be back with the guide on the next Chapters as well so stay tuned.


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