Minecraft Legends Firsts mobs - how to wake them up, and their locations

Minecraft Legends Firsts can be really helpful in the game, and hence we have shared a guide on how to wake all Firsts mobs, their locations, and how to use them.

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Minecraft Legends Firsts mobs, how to wake them up, and their locations

The third-person RTS game set in the world of Minecraft, titled Minecraft Legends, has finally been released. Minecraft Legends, which is a simplified version of Minecraft Dungeons, is designed as an introduction to the genre of strategy games.

Players in Minecraft Legends have access to a wide range of unique mobs to recruit into their armies, each of which has a unique set of advantages and uses.

The game allows players to build their armies in accordance with their own demands and playstyle, using a variety of golems in addition to classic Minecraft enemies like the Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie.

In Minecraft Legends, there is a tonne of enemies, but only a select few are as strong as the Firsts mobs. They are all ancient creatures that the Overworld can use as a valuable resource.

Here are the locations of all four Minecraft Legends Firsts mobs on the map, instructions for waking each of these creatures, and how they assist you in conflicts with Piglin.

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All Minecraft Legends Firsts

The "The First" are some of the strongest allies that players in Minecraft Legends may enlist for their army. These Golems helped to create the world before they went to sleep, and you can find their remains all around the Overworld. When fighting against the Piglin Hordes, each of the Minecraft Legends First might be a player's greatest ally and offers a special set of advantages.

There are a total of four Firsts in Minecraft Legends, and each one may be acquired by consuming certain resources.

The four Minecraft Legends Firsts you can unlock are listed below, along with the advantages each one can bring to a conflict:

  • First of Stone: Throws large boulders at Piglins
  • First of Diorite: Spawns other Golems
  • First of Brick: Creates shields to protect allies
  • First of Oak: Powerful ranged attacks using a cannon

Once you have the Firsts, they will wait for you wherever you spawn and fight alongside you as long as you bring them. They are among the most effective mobs to battle against and are incredibly powerful, thus the effort is well worth it.

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How to wake Minecraft Legends Firsts?

Players will need to find one of the Minecraft Legends Firsts in the game's universe in order to unlock "The First." Similar to the various mounts and relic towers that can be located throughout the globe, they can be found at some of the question mark icons on the world map.

  • The ability to construct a brand-new enhancement at the Wellspring will become available to players once one of The First has been found and examined.
  • Following the discovery of a First, return to the Well of Fate to get the Improvement: Wake the Firsts by using 100 Prismarine and 100 Stone (These vary from First to First, but in general, this calls for 50 Gold and 500 of another substance).
    • First of Stone – 100 Gold and 500 Stone
    • First of Brick – 100 Gold and 125 Iron
    • First of Oak – 100 Gold and 500 Wood
    • First of Diorite – 100 Gold and 125 Coal
  • After that, you can return and awaken these creatures. You'll need to spend gold and another resource, so be sure you have enough on hand.
  • The First will be yours after the cutscene is over. Once you return to a fountain, they will spawn and be prepared to fight alongside you.

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What are Minecraft Legends Firsts Locations?

The Minecraft Legends Firsts can be rallied behind the banner and led like any other mob once it has been awakened. In case a player loses sight of the mob or forgets where they last left it, the current location of the Minecraft Legends Firsts will also be displayed on the global map.

The Firsts always spawn in the same kind of Minecraft Legends biome, despite the fact that the game randomly selects the map for each campaign. In addition, each of the mounts in Minecraft Legends has a different placement depending on the biome.

It is suggested to explore every nook and cranny to find the Minecraft Legends Firsts locations as there are at least two areas of each biome on the map.

The four Minecraft Legends Firsts can be found in the following biomes:

  • Minecraft Legends First of Stone – Meadow
  • Minecraft Legends First of Brick – Dry Savannah
  • Minecraft Legends First of Oak – Badlands
  • Minecraft Legends First of Diorite – Jagged Peaks

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Each of The First is a strong mob with a distinct specialty, such as the First of Oak's incredibly potent long-range strikes or the First of Stone's boulder-throwing attack that may collapse entire buildings.

Well, that is all that we have on Minecraft Legends Firsts, how to wake them, and their locations.

We'll make sure to update you with the latest info, so keep following for more Minecraft news.

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