Minecraft Legends campaign length - how long is the story?

Do you want to know what is Minecraft Legends campaign length and how long will it take to complete the story and defeat enemies, we have the answer below.

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Minecraft Legends campaign length - how long is the story?

The newest strategy title created by Mojang and Blackbird Interactive is called Minecraft Legends. This is the most recent in a line of spin-offs that includes Minecraft Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons. You control the overworld's heroes in this real-time strategy game as they fight the sinister Piglins who have invaded from the Nether.

One of the more fascinating games launched this year is Minecraft Legends, but it falls into the same trap as other strategy games in that it can be challenging to learn how to play at first.

With all the new features and gameplay, the Minecraft Legends campaign length is sure to be long.

Do you want to know how long the Minecraft Legends campaign will take you to complete? We have your back.

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What is Minecraft Legends campaign length?

Outwitting the remarkably cunning Piglins you encounter in Minecraft Legends won't be an easy chore if you want to unite the Overworld and put an end to the Piglin invasion for good.

If you decide to look for them all, the variety of collectibles in Minecraft Legends may lengthen your playtime. Additionally, there will be post-release tasks called Lost Legends that act like additional mini-games and, upon completion, grant you skins to use in-game.

The Minecraft Legends campaign, therefore, lasts for about 20 hours. However, it should be noted that how quickly you can respond to situations in the open world and the difficulty setting you to choose will affect how long it takes to complete Minecraft Legends for you.

It will take about 18 hours to finish Minecraft Legends' single-player mode. Of course, how you choose to spend your time in the game ultimately determines how it turns out. Your playthrough will be longer if you want to visit every location and engage with every animal. You can expect your playtime to be somewhat longer if you're striving for 100% completion.

Also, previously in an interview with Dennis Ries, an Executive Producer at Mojang Studios, it was revealed that the Minecraft Legends story/campaign would take between 18 and 25 hours to complete.

There are additional opportunities for you to increase the number of hours spent playing the Minecraft spin-off because it offers both multiplayer and co-op modes.

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What to expect from Minecraft Legends campaign?

Playing through the Minecraft Legends campaign again won't alter the core plot or gameplay thanks to multiplayer co-op and a randomly generated map, but it will alter your approach and tactics each and every time.

In addition, you can participate in PVP games or the Myths and Legends mode, which offers exclusive opportunities and gratis rewards.

Of course, you'll probably play the Minecraft Legends campaign once or twice if you just want to play the game by yourself. However, if your pals are playing on different platforms, you can still establish a group with them thanks to Minecraft Legends crossplay, which lets you play with people who aren't using the console of your choice.

That is all there is to know about the Minecraft Legends Story length and how long it takes to complete it. You are now prepared to defeat your adversaries and defend the planet.

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