Persona 3 Remake Gameplay Footage Leaks

Persona 3 Remake gameplay footage leak has created a new stir in the fan community.

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Persona 3 Remake Gameplay Footage Leaks

Persona, a well-known and popular video game series created by Atlus and distributed by Sega, is one of those iconic video game series that debuted in the 1990s and has endured for over two decades.

Persona 1 was first released in 1996, and we have already got Persona 5. Since Persona 5's release, Altus' Persona has become a massive hit and earned a spot on the list of underrated great video games, despite the fact that it has several elements that some may deem niche.

Since Persona 5 Royal's release in 2019, the Persona franchise has been in the dark about what comes next. Atlus has hung onto the RPG and plans to release it in 2022 for the PC, PS5, Switch, and Xbox.

With that in the past, Atlus appears prepared to move on to the following significant Persona release.

A gameplay video from a purported Persona 3 remake has leaked online, and the game is supposedly still in development.

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Persona 3 Remake Gameplay Leaks

The suspected Persona 3 Remake is said to have leaked very brief gameplay footage, which is currently receiving some noticeable traction on websites like Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube.

According to the claimed video, party member Yukari conjures her persona before unleashing a hail of magical arrows. Despite the poor quality of the video, the film itself appears to be authentic, at least authentic enough to spark a lot of internet discussion.

Can’t find any information on this clip, original uploader had deleted it (via Twitter), LOOKS real…P3R remake incoming?…
by u/Swimming-Ad-6842 in PERSoNA

However, the footage's original source, aikaangelica, has now made it clear on Twitter that the leaked Persona 3 Remake gameplay footage appears to have taken place in 2021 at the SEGA Japan meeting.

It's a difficult decision since, as we are all well aware, fans these days are more than capable of producing some very fantastic animations. However, given the current state of affairs and the lack of concrete evidence that the Persona 3 Remake is actually in development, any news should be taken with a grain of salt.

Additionally, there have been long-running rumors of a Persona 3 remake, and Atlus recently held a number of special events to commemorate the Persona series' 25th anniversary, but nothing about a remake of Persona 3 came out of this occasion.

Hence, it would be best to not get your hopes high.

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Previous rumors on Persona 3 Remake

Despite Persona 3 Portable's January 2023 release on contemporary platforms, an insider has claimed that a Persona 3 remake is in fact real. The leaker claimed that by doing this, Atlus will be able to sell Persona 3's portable edition before releasing a full-fledged Persona 3 remake for the game's fans.

One user on ResetEra questioned whether the long-running rumor of a Persona 3 remake was still true in light of Atlus's recent re-release of Persona 3 Portable. Insider lolilolailo, who had previously released the information of Persona coming on Xbox Game Pass in 2022, responded to this, stating, "[Persona 3 remake] is real".

Xbox insider on ResetERA doubles down on Persona 3 Remake, mentions cut content from Persona 3 Portable.
by u/Joseki100 in GamingLeaksAndRumours

Next answering a question about Persona 3 remake and Persona 3 Portable connection, lolilolailo simply suggested that the "whole" Persona narrative would be made available on new systems through an enhanced Persona 3 Portable release so that Atlus can profit from both the original game and its later remake, which features aesthetics reminiscent of Persona 5 and enhanced quality of life.

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Other games in Persona 3 Remake footage: Jet Set Radio Remaster and Sonic Frontiers

We also get a sneak preview of what would be our first look at the alleged Jet Set Radio Remaster at the very end. This little Jet Set Radio clip from 2021 would be a perfect fit for these rumors, giving the video and the larger leaks some credence.

But there is more information in the clip than that. Unsurprisingly, Sonic Frontiers is the second game to be demonstrated. It appears to be quite different from the finished game we received last year, with graphics that are far better outside of cutscenes.

We'll just have to wait and see whether anything follows from this, though.

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