Resident Evil 4 Remake - Chapter 5: The Villa walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 5 takes players to four different locations and demands them to survive the village cultists' most intense attack to date.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake - Chapter 5 The Villa walkthrough

In Resident Evil 4 Chapter 4, players had the opportunity to increase their power by traversing the entirety of the village and discovering valuables and necessary items.

Now, moving ahead in the story, we have RE 4 Remake Chapter 5.

The remainder of Resident Evil 4 Remake revolves around escorting Ashley securely out of the area now that you've located her. It won't get any simpler because a violent cult is following you.

Leon must now take any necessary steps in Resident Evil 4 Chapter 5 to ensure Ashley's safety. Players will have to lead Ashley to the Villa on the opposite side of the Village while navigating a dangerous storm and plenty of foes.

We have detailed a complete Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 5 walkthrough for you to have a smooth journey in the game.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 5 Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 5 Summary reveals: Leon and Ashley begin a small journey to the extraction point, and along the way, they meet Luis who later on tells Ashley about her infection.

Players will go to 4 different locations and fulfill three major objectives in Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 5.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 5 locations

  • Church
  • Village Town
  • The Farm
  • Abandoned House

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 5 objectives

  • Escape the Church
  • Head for the Extraction Point
  • Stand Your Ground

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Let's get into our Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 5 walkthrough now.

RE 4 Remake Chapter 5: Escape the Church

Leon and Ashley are shown in the opening of the chapter standing on the second floor of the Church while Ganados shatters the door below them.

Now turn left and walk up to the wall-mounted hanging ladder. Assist Ashley in getting to the attic so you may ascend the ladder once she drops it. To leave the church, climb the steps and use the window.

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RE 4 Remake Chapter 5: Head for the Extraction Point

When you descend the ladder, Hunnigan will call to tell you where to take Ashley. A chest that contains an Elegant Headdress and a file that initiates the Grave Robber request can be found behind you before moving on.

Return to the archway now, and pull the cabinet to one side. The front yard of the church is where Ganados are looking for you both.

There are Ganados inside the church and below in the cemetery, so a confrontation is unavoidable. However, you can be cunning until you locate the ideal location where you can entice them and use a shotgun or hand grenades for a sweep.

A flash grenade can be thrown in to deal with the plagas that will emerge. Make sure to destroy the gravestone emblems for the Grave Robber request before you depart the cemetery.

After leaving the graveyard, keep going until you come to the Merchant. Send the request in and sell the Elegant Headdress and any other one-of-a-kind items you may possess. The Red9 upgrade for your firearm will be for sale from the merchant at this time.

You'll run into another vendor along the route. A Savage Mutt request may also be found nearby, right by the shop's front door. Enter this door to continue once your transaction with the merchant is complete.

Turn to the left and enter a house's open window and to see the rest of the village, locate the door leading out.

From where you left, you should be able to see two houses and a campfire to the left. Make sure you have Small Keys on hand because the left-side house will have a Vintage Compass in it.

Use the nearest window to leave the property. You can locate a ladder that goes to a different house right outside this one. As soon as you kill the villager, leave through the window next to it and drop to the ground below because you don't need to go downstairs. If you want to see the Farm gate, keep going north.

Following this, you'll engage in the Chapter's first Minotaur battle.

Once the wave has been defeated, make your way to the barn's back where you will find an Old Wayshrine and an Antique Pipe. You can accomplish this without going inside the farm.

Return to the main path to cross the bridge after obtaining this treasure. You'll pass another merchant along the route, and this is the ideal opportunity to sell all the loot you've amassed and get ready for a protracted battle.

After crossing the bridge, a group of Ganados will pursue you until you reach an abandoned home, where a cutscene will introduce you to Luis.

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RE 4 Remake Chapter 5: Stand Your Ground

Now since there could be two entrances, you'll have to pay attention to all angles. 

Initially, there wouldn't be many foes, but as the Minotaur bursts through one of the barriers downstairs, the situation becomes more difficult. 

A sequence where Ashley summons the other two from the door and leads them to an exit will play after you fight the Minotaur. Everyone exhales in relief as the protracted battle comes to a close, and shortly after, Ashley learns that she has an infection. And when the cutscene concludes, the RE4 Remake Chapter 5 will come to a close.

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Whether you've or you haven't played the original, Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapters all feature some exhilarating gameplay.

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