Resident Evil 4 Remake - Chapter 4: The Church walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 takes players to three different locations and demands them to withstand El Gigante's attack and the lakeside shrines.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 walkthrough

Leon Kennedy continued to explore the dispersed wreckage of a once-calm town in Resident Evil 4 Chapter 3. As well as facing his deadliest opponent to date, he faced threats from both humans and monsters.

Now, moving ahead in the story, we have RE 4 Remake Chapter 4.

Players can now enhance their power by exploring the breadth of the village in Resident Evil 4 Chapter 4 and finding valuables and essential things along the way. In this chapter, to uncover the mysteries that lead to the President's daughter, Leon must go deep into the surrounding area.

We have detailed a complete Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 walkthrough for you to have a smooth journey in the game.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 Summary reveals: Leon awakes from another nightmare. He is still out on the lake as his boat begins to fill with water. He races to shore to find the key to the Church on the other side of the lake.

Players will go to 3 different locations and fulfill four major objectives in Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 locations

  • Lake
  • Large Cave Shrine
  • Mural Cave

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 objectives

  • Find the Key to the Church
  • Investigate the two locations
  • Head for the Church
  • Look for Ashley in the Church

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Let's get into our Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 walkthrough now.

RE 4 Remake Chapter 4: Find the Key to the Church

Regaining control of Leon will allow you to leave the dock house. At the end of the trail, turn towards the tunnel. To fit in the crawl area, squat down. A Parasite, a brand-new opponent type, will appear.

Follow the torches and defeat the obstacles in your path. Follow the trail until you reach the subterranean shrine, then ascend the stairs beside the bloodied altar. Update your map by interacting with the lake paintings. Then take the Old Wayshrine Key, which will be in a small chest close to what seems like a shrine, by exiting in the direction of the Church Key.

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RE 4 Remake Chapter 4: Investigate the two locations

After leaving the temple, head to the port and board the boat. When you approach another dock, turn left. As you move forward, turn right off the dock.

Once you reach there, villagers will attack you and these villagers are parasite-infected. It is advised that you get rid of them as a result before they have a chance to metamorphose.

Keeping civilians out of the path and continuing to move further inside the Large Cave Shrine.

There is a locked door at the end of the walkway. By selecting the appropriate buttons on the panel by the door, the door can be unlocked.

You need to look for yellow paint on the cavern walls in order to see the hint on which buttons to press. According to the order of the buttons, from the top center in a clockwise direction, the second button, the fifth button, and the eighth button. Once the door unlocks, take the Apostate's Head from the statue.

To move on to the next place, get back in the boat and take a ride in the direction of the open lake in northwest of the map.

Enter the small opening between the rocks and when you dock your boat, a locked door similar to the one in the first site will be present.

The yellow lines on the wall will also allow you to see the hints for unlocking the door. The answer would be the 4th button, 6th button, and 7th button proceeding clockwise from the top center button, in the same orientation as the previous puzzle.

When the door opens, remove the Blasphemer's Head off the statue, and do remember to take the Hexagonal Piece C out of the chest on the table before moving on.

Reboard the ship and then sail in the direction of Mural Cave. Place the Apostate's Head on the right pedestal and the Blasphemer's Head on the left pedestal as you go towards the altar.

Go to the central pedestal and take the Church Insignia.

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RE 4 Remake Chapter 4: Head for the Church

The next step is to bring your boat back to the Quarry dock along with the Hexagonal Item C to the dock panel.

You can then ascend to the Quarries and proceed to the church. However, before continuing, the Merchant Hideout advises that you save the game.

As you get back to the Quarry, flames will already be started. And on top of the quarry, a stranger dressed in crimson will be heard appearing to sing an incantation. El Gigante will then smash through the metal door.

The behemoth appears to be immune to standard gunshots and your only chance is to use explosives and gunfire to disable it until it stumbles and reveals a Parasite on its back.

Press the chosen button when asked to continually melee attack the vulnerable point. The wolf-dog from earlier will reappear in the middle of the battle to help you fight.

As you unleash a barrage of melee assaults against the Parasite on its back, you will need to four to five times incapacitate the behemoth.

After you've beaten the giant, leave the quarry and go back the way you came. The Colmillos are also on the prowl as you approach the Church. After dealing with them, proceed to the front door, and to open this door, place the Church Insignia on it.

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RE4 Remake Chapter 4: Look for Ashley in the Church

To uncover three colored buttons, use the lever on the wall's left side opposite the altar. To complete the puzzle, you must locate the missing Blue Dial inside one of the church's cupboards. The blue dial must be directed to 5 o'clock, the red dial to 9 o'clock, and the green dial to 3 o'clock. The gate in the church will open once the puzzle is finished.

The freshly opened passage is to the left of the altar. Take it. At the opposite end of the church, up the stairs and enter through the door. Ashley will try to surprise you by thinking you are one of the villagers. When the cutscene concludes, the RE4 Remake chapter 4 will come to a close.

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Whether you've or you haven't played the original, Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapters all feature some exhilarating gameplay.

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