Valorant 6.08 Patch Notes - agent updates, map upgrades, bug fixes, more

Valorant 6.08 patch notes including map changes, minor visual upgrades, some bug fixes and more have been shared on the PBE server.

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Valorant 6.08 Patch Notes

The highly acclaimed tactical shooter Valorant from Riot recently welcomed Gekko as a new agent. That hasn't stopped Riot, though, from implementing a few fresh updates that will both enhance gameplay and address a few annoying problems.

Valorant Patch 6.07 made a few major adjustments to Bind, which resulted in a slight change to its overall gameplay. With the upcoming patch, Riot intends to enhance the gameplay further.

One of the most powerful sentinel agents in the game will undergo some big alterations as a result of this Valorant 6.08 patch, but a few other agents will also receive small upgrades.

The Valorant 6.08 patch notes have been made public by Riot Games on the PBE serves. Unfortunately, the PBE has not seen any significant alterations other than Bind's addition and a few Agent updates.

Let's directly dwell on the details.

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Valorant 6.08 Patch Notes

Valorant 6.08 PBE, a recent update from the developer that makes numerous modifications to the game, has just been made available.

Riot Games is finally reintroducing Bind to the game in each playlist with Patch 6.08. Players are content with the OG map's comeback, despite Icebox having to wait for a while.

Additionally, Gekko's Wingman will receive some minor audio tweaks as part of the Valorant 6.08 patch. Players can now more clearly hear the Wingman's audio cue as it plants or defuses the spike. Killjoy's kits will also undergo various adjustments in addition to the new Agent.

The Valorant update 6.08 PBE patch notes are listed below.

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Valorant 6.08 Patch - AGENT UPDATES


  • Wingman
    • Audio improvements to Wingman’s (Q) plant and defuse audio.
    • The audio cues for Wingman’s spike and defuse sound were unclear during hectic combat situations. This should help make those audio cues standout.
  • We’ve updated Gekko’s in-game portrait for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.


  • Nanoswarm (C)
    • Nanoswarm reveal radius increased 350 >> 525
    • Nanoswarm audio has been updated.
      • Audio loop now also turns off when disabled as a result of Killjoy being killed or suppressed.
    • Improved feedback for the enemy when they destroy Nanoswarm.
    • Nanoswarm is now revealed when it is disabled.
  • Other Abilities
    • Updated visuals for Killjoy’s ultimate Lockdown (X) being destroyed.
    • Removed the yellow warning UI Indicator for enemies Killjoy’s Lockdown (X).
    • Updated deactivate sounds for Killjoy’s Turret (E) and Alarmbot (Q) to make them more distinct.

Brimstone and Omen

  • Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E), Orbital Strike (X), and Omen’s From the Shadows (X) ability have updated targeting visuals to help players with precision placement on the map.

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Valorant 6.08 Patch - COSMETICS UPDATES


We have upgraded several Shorty models, including the default Shorty, to get them up to par visually with the rest of our weapons. These are just art updates—there will be no gameplay changes.

Players who own any of the following will notice an updated Shorty:

  • Default Shorty
  • Wunderkind Shorty
  • Sidekick Shorty
  • Karabasan Shorty
  • Prism II Shorty
  • Doodle Buds Shorty

Valorant 6.08 Patch - MAP UPDATES

  • The newly updated Bind rotates into Competitive and Unrated queues.
  • Icebox rotates out of Competitive and Unrated queues.

Recently, Riot Games revealed that Episode 6 Act III will mark Bind's long-awaited return to the game. This inevitably meant that one of the already live maps would be dropped, and it has now been made public that the map being dropped is none other than Icebox.

With the release of Valorant patch 6.08, Icebox will no longer be a part of the game's Competitive or Unrated queue map rotation, and Bind will take his place.

However, with the release of the Valorant 6.08 patch, Riot will release the map together with all of its upgrades for all other modes, including Deathmatch and Swiftplay, in order to get players ready for all the new Bind map improvements.

Despite the map's reintroduction to the game, Riot Games will give it a significant facelift so that players can have a unique Bind. Here are the main changes made to Bind:

  • The exit for the teleporter connecting B Long to A Lobby is now directly next to the entrance to A Bath (aka Showers).
  • The triple box on A site has been significantly altered.
  • A vent opening in the wall between the B site and B Elbow has been added.

Valorant 6.08 Patch - PREMIER GAME MODE

With the launch of VALORANT Episode Six, Act Three, and the distribution of VALORANT Patch 6.08, the official global Premier open beta for the in-game seasonal competition begins.

Within their skill division and designated regional zone, players will be able to form teams and compete in weekly matches throughout the season. The season's champion will be determined in a tournament.

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Valorant 6.08 Patch - BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where “Kick ally off” displays while defusing the Spike.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the Spike progress bar for planting or defusing would speed up or reset while defusing.
  • Fixed an issue where Yoru couldn’t drop his weapon while using Dimensional Drift (X).

Valorant 6.08 Patch - SOCIAL

  • (Fixed in Patch 6.07) Fixed a bug where the add/remove friend button wasn't available when right clicking a party member who had "Hide my name outside my party" setting turned on.
  • (Fixed in Patch 6.07) Fixed a bug where banned players would not get removed from your party.
  • Fixed a bug where party invites that were no longer valid were sometimes still showing as active for players.
  • Fixed a bug where Team and All chat logs would be wiped after a match. Thank you to our Redditors for alerting us to this one.
  • Fixed a bug where punctuation marks were not correctly displayed when in-game language is Thai.

Valorant 6.08 Patch - KNOWN ISSUES

  • We are aware of an issue modifying locale within the client. Locale updates will need to be performed through Riot Client (Riot Client settings).
  • We’re aware of an issue where, in rare instances, audio cues are not playing for various sound effects. We are investigating at this time and will share as soon as we know more.

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We received information on the upcoming Valorant PBE patches in addition to the Valorant patch 6.08. This began with the 4.10 patch, however, we don't know when the next round of invites and opportunities to join Valo Patch 6.09 will occur.

These modifications certainly appear intriguing, so those who are eagerly anticipating the improvements to the Valorant agent abilities, bug fixes, and other things should keep an eye on the official announcement as Valorant patch 6.08 is likely to be released.

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