Honkai Star Rail Codes April 2023 - free stellar jade, credits, rewards, and more

Honkai Star Rail Codes for April 2023 have been revealed to the players, so here's the chance to grab free stellar jade.

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Honkai Star Rail Codes April 2023

Genshin Impact's creator, HoYoverse, has now released Honkai: Star Rail. Although it's not a follow-up to Honkai Impact 3rd, this gacha game is a turn-based strategy RPG that takes place in the Honkai universe.

In Honkai Star Rail, players explore the entire galaxy while meeting new people, finding valuable items, and destroying powerful opponents.

Genshin Impact, which frequently includes codes, and Honkai: Star Rail both offer redeemable codes that can be used on the day of release.

While the vast world of Honkai Star Rail can be explored for free, using the free redeem codes that are available can provide you additional advantages to improve your in-game experience, whether you're new to gacha games or an experienced player.

Players can utilize one of the five Honkai Star Rail April 2023 codes that developers miHoYo have already provided while starting their brand-new adventures. See them listed below.

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Honkai Star Rail Codes April 2023

Several new Honkai Star Rail codes have been reviewed and verified in-game, and there are presently five that are usable.

As mentioned previously, five Honkai Star Rail redeem codes have been dropped for gamers to take advantage of to mark the launch of the game. Each of these Honkai Star Rail April 2023 codes grants Stellar Jades in addition to Credit (cash), Character Experience, and Weapon Experience.

As of April 26, 2023, the following are confirmed to be functional:

  • STARRAILGIFT - Stellar Jade x50, Credits x10,000, Traveler’s Guide x2, Bottled Soda x5
  • HSRVER10XEDLFE - Stellar Jade x50, Credits x10,000
  • HSRGRANDOPEN1 - Stellar Jade x100, Credits x50,000
  • HSRGRANDOPEN2 - Stellar Jade x100, Traveler’s Guide x5
  • HSRGRANDOPEN3 - Stellar Jade x100, Refined Aether x4

Return to the Honkai Star Rail app once these HSR Codes have been activated. An in-game notification ought to appear if everything is done correctly. To claim your rewards, just select the "Mail" icon from the pause menu.

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Now that you know which ones are the active Honkai Star Rail codes, it is important to know how to redeem these Honkai Star Rail codes.

How to redeem Honkai Star Rail codes?

Follow the straightforward guidelines provided below to redeem the codes in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Start Honkai Star Rail, then sign in as usual.
  • Launch the primary menu.
  • To the right of your character's name, click the three dots, then choose "Redemption Code."
  • Enter the code in the space provided, then click "Confirm."
  • To claim your prizes, click the mailbox in the top right corner.

Keep in mind that Hoinkai Star Rail codes are also accessible online at the official website, which can be accessed by heading to the redemption website of HSR.

You can redeem the codes only once per account, and the rewards can be obtained via the in-game inbox. The initial set of HSR codes is valid through April 30 only.

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What are the items rewarded for redeeming Hoinkai Star Rail codes?

It's crucial to redeem codes in Honkai Star Rail because they greatly aid in your quest to obtain the best characters the game has to offer. Typically, you can gain free Stellar Jade (to help with Warps) and Credits, but you can also sometimes acquire Traveler's Guides, Aether, and Bottle Soda.

The main form of currency for players of Honkai: Star Rail is Stellar Jade. These glittering crystals are needed to buy Star Rail Pass and Star Rail Special Pass, two Warping currencies that can be used to roll on the game's banners, or "gacha," as they are also known.

The Trailblaze Power stamina mechanism is refilled by stellar jade as well.

You'll also need to gather a sizable number of Stellar Jade if you want to expand your roster with the top Honkai Star Rail characters and earn access to the forthcoming or current banner 5-star.

These were currently active Honkai Star Rail codes April 2023 and the steps on how to redeem them.


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