Apex Legends Valkyrie Prestige skin - phases, release date, and Interceptor leaks

Discover the Apex Legends Valkyrie Prestige skin's release information, all the phases, and thrilling leaks regarding the Apex Interceptor.

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Apex Legends Valkyrie Prestige skin has been leaked

Apex Legends, the popular free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment, continues to captivate players with its unique blend of first-person shooter mechanics and hero-based abilities.

As the game enters Season 17, data miners have already uncovered exciting information about the upcoming Valkyrie Prestige skin.

In this article, we will explore the details surrounding the Apex Legends Valkyrie Prestige skin, its release date, pricing, and what players can expect from the accompanying Neon Network Collection Event.


UPDATE: 20/07/23

Valkyrie Prestige skin: Interceptor Announced

The next Apex Legends legend, Valkyrie, will get a prestige skin during the Neon Network Collection Event. The event will follow Horizon's Heirloom as the second Collection Event in Apex Legends Season 17.

The Valkyrie Prestige Skin, which was originally intended for Season 17, has been postponed and now has a Gundam-inspired appearance. Players will acquire Valkyrie's Prestige Skin: Apex Interceptor once they have unlocked every skin in the collection.


Apex Legends Valkyrie Prestige skin

Until recently, Apex Legends character skins were available up to legendary rarity. However, Respawn introduced the Mythic-tier Prestige edition skin line, starting with Bloodhound, followed by Bangalore, Wraith, and Caustic.

These Prestige skins allowed players to further elevate the appearance of their favorite legends, adding a new layer of customization and prestige. And the leak community within Apex Legends has once again proven its resourcefulness with the revelation of the next Prestige skin.

Data miner and leaker KralRindo showcased a potential Mythic-tier Valkyrie Prestige skin called the "Apex Interceptor" on YouTube.

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Apex Legends Valkyrie Prestige skin phases

The Valkyrie Prestige skin seems to follow the established Prestige formula, featuring three evolving tiers. The overall theme of the set transforms Valkyrie into a formidable mecha warrior, donning sleek steel armor, futuristic mechanisms, and glowing light strips.

With each tier, the Apex Interceptor skin evolves to provide Valkyrie with enhanced protection and a striking appearance.

At its final stage, Valkyrie becomes fully equipped with maximum gear, including a Gundam-esque helmet. The third tier of the skin grants owners access to a unique "Blade Barrage" finisher, where Valkyrie delivers a powerful uppercut to her opponent before bombarding them with a barrage of knives.

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All tires of Valkyrie Prestige skin in Apex Legends

What sets the Apex Interceptor skin apart from previous Prestige sets is the inclusion of a dazzling "Bladed Descent" skydive trail. Unlike previous Prestige skins, which were limited to the specific legend, this skydive trail will be usable with any legend upon acquisition.

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Apex Legends Valkyrie Prestige skin release date and price

According to the leak, the Valkyrie Prestige skin will be released alongside the "Neon Network Collection Event" on July 25, 2023.

While the exact price for the Valkyrie Prestige skin has yet to be confirmed, based on prior Prestige edition skin releases, players can expect to spend around $160 to add this highly coveted cosmetic to their inventory. However, it is worth noting that this is speculative and subject to change based on official announcements from Respawn Entertainment.

How to unlock Apex Interceptor Skin?

To obtain the Apex Interceptor skin, players will likely need to collect all the items from the themed event or have the option to purchase event-specific Apex packs.

This method of acquisition ensures that players have the opportunity to earn or buy the skin through gameplay or direct purchase, providing multiple paths to obtain this prestigious cosmetic.

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Well, as Apex Legends enters Season 17, the unveiling of the Valkyrie Prestige skin has generated excitement among the player base. Respawn Entertainment's commitment to introducing new and innovative cosmetic options continues to elevate the game's customization possibilities.

The Apex Interceptor skin for Valkyrie promises to transform her into a formidable mecha warrior, with evolving tiers and unique abilities. As the Neon Network Collection Event approaches, players eagerly await the opportunity to add this exclusive skin to their collection.

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