Best XDefiant Audio Settings - Audio and Voice Chat settings to hear clearly

Having the best XDefiant audio settings is important if you want to a play dominating game and listen to the footsteps clearly.

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Best XDefiant Audio Settings

Having a good gun in XDefiant is important, but if your settings aren't good, you'll still struggle. This includes how your controller is set up and your PC settings, but don't forget about your audio settings. Making sure you can hear footsteps can make a big difference.

Here are the best XDefiant audio settings to use in the game.

Best XDefiant Audio Settings

The main thing to remember about sound in XDefiant is to wear headphones while playing. This helps you hear which direction sounds come from and important details better than using regular speakers. It makes the game more immersive.

Also, use a headset that gives a clear and balanced sound. Once you have your headphones on, here are the best XDefiant audio settings to enhance your gameplay:

For Audio in XDefiant:

  • Audio Main Volume: 90
  • Dialogue Volume: 70
  • Music Volume: 0 (Turning off music can help you focus on important sound cues)
  • Mute Audio When Minimized: Off (PC only)
  • SFX Volume: 100 (This is crucial for hearing in-game effects like footsteps)
  • UI Volume: 10

For an optimal setup, start with the Main Volume at a high level, around 80-100%, to ensure all game sounds are audible. However, it’s important to balance this with the Dialogue Volume, which can be set slightly lower, around 60-70%, to prevent voice lines from overpowering other critical in-game sounds. The Effects (SFX) Volume should be maximized to catch subtle audio cues like enemy movements, which are often key to survival and success in fast-paced scenarios.

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The Music Volume can be a distraction during intense gameplay moments, so consider reducing it to 0-20% or turning it off entirely to focus on the game’s environmental sounds.

For Voice Chat in XDefiant:

  • Microphone Input Threshold: 20
  • Microphone Input: Headphones
  • Microphone Volume Boost: 20
  • Microphone: On
  • Voice Chat Channel: Public
  • Voice Chat Mode: Push to Talk
  • Voice Chat Output: Headphones
  • Voice Chat Volume: 70
  • Voice Chat: On

Voice Chat settings are also important. Set the Voice Chat Volume to a comfortable level that allows clear communication with teammates without drowning out game sounds. Also, enable Push to Talk to avoid unnecessary background noise from interfering with your team’s communication.

Remember, high-quality headphones with surround sound capabilities can significantly enhance the experience by providing precise directional audio, which can be the difference between winning and losing in competitive play.

Overall, when configuring audio settings in XDefiant, the goal is to create an auditory environment that not only enhances the overall gaming experience but also provides a competitive edge. The best audio settings are those that allow you to clearly distinguish between different types of sounds, such as footsteps, gunfire, and dialogue, which can be crucial for gameplay strategy.

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These XDefiant audio settings are a good starting point, but feel free to adjust them according to your personal preference and comfort. Remember, the SFX volume is particularly important for gameplay information, so keep it at the maximum level to ensure you can hear enemy movements clearly.

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