Final Fantasy 16 Ability Points: How to Get and Use AP

The key to success in Final Fantasy 16's expansive and intriguing universe is mastering your abilities. This guide delves deeply into the world of Ability Points (AP), offering insightful advice on how to obtain them and use them correctly. 

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Get and Use Ability Points

Ability points (AP) are a crucial aspect of Final Fantasy 16, allowing players to enhance their combat skills and unlock new moves.

As the game has transitioned to a more action-focused combat system, the availability and utilization of Final Fantasy 16 ability points have become even more significant. In this article, we will guide you on how to obtain ability points and where to allocate them in Final Fantasy 16.

Ways to get Ability Points in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Ability points are acquired by defeating enemies in battle.

After vanquishing a group of regular foes, a small text box will appear on the right-hand side of the screen, displaying the number of ability points, experience, and Gil earned. For significant encounters against formidable enemies such as the Morbol or the Knight of the Blinding Dawn, the spoils screen will showcase the rewards, including ability points, items, gear, and experience.

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To maximize your Final Fantasy 16 ability point acquisition, follow this checklist for AP farming:

1. Get Accessory for AP Support

Equip "The Wages of Warcraft" accessory to enhance your character's ability to earn more Final Fantasy 16 Ability points during battles. This item can be purchased in Charon's Toll after completing the main quest "Cid the Outlaw." In New Game Plus (NG+), "The Wages of Warcraft II" offers double the amount of AP earned compared to the first version.

2. Defeat Bluebirds

Defeating Bluebirds, typically found among Wild Chocobos, grants 40 ability points per Bluebird. This is an effective method for early-game AP farming.

3. Defeat Hyenas in Kritten Hollow near Ravenwit Walls

Hyenas provide a significant amount of ability points and also drop Goblin Coins that sell for 800 gil each. Defeating five Hyenas near Ravenwit Walls yields a total of 400 AP. This method is more suitable for late-game farming, as access to the location where they spawn is available during the later stages of the game.

4. Collect AP in Final Fantasy Mode

For optimal Final Fantasy 16 Ability Points and EXP gain, it is recommended to farm them in Final Fantasy Mode during your New Game Plus playthrough. The AP and EXP rewards from enemies are significantly higher than in your initial playthrough.

5. Explore Story-Focused Mode

Story-Focused Mode features less challenging enemies, providing an opportunity to clear multiple foes for farming ability points. This mode is particularly effective during your first playthrough, as starting Final Fantasy Mode will restrict your ability to switch between Story or Action Focused.

6. Get Combat Accessories

Utilize combat assist accessories, such as rings, to enhance your combat capabilities. Equipping these accessories can help you, clear enemies, more efficiently, leading to faster AP accumulation.

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Ways to use Final Fantasy 16 Ability Points

Once you have accumulated enough ability points in FF16, you can invest them to improve your character's combat skills. To do this, pause the game and press the R2 button to navigate to the Abilities tab. In this tab, you will find a red-colored wheel consisting of locked and unlocked skills.

Before making a decision, read the description of each ability by pressing the Triangle button. Assess the different effects of each ability, considering factors such as damage output or the ability to break a target's will gauge. Once you have chosen the desired ability, move the cursor over it and press and hold the X button to unlock the new ability for Clive.

If you are unsatisfied with your current build, you can reset it by holding the touchpad. Additionally, you can reset individual abilities by selecting them and holding the Square button. If you are unsure about which abilities to choose, you can consult the recommended abilities for Clive by pressing the L3 button. Ultimately, select the abilities that align with your preferred playstyle.

Moreover, ability mastery in Final Fantasy 16 provides special properties to each skill after it has been acquired. Some abilities will grant extra attacks or increased damage, while others will enable their usage within any Eikon set. Press the Triangle button while hovering over a skill to view its mastery progression path and the corresponding benefits.

By effectively utilizing Final Fantasy 16 ability points, you can enhance Clive's combat prowess and unlock new moves, ultimately empowering your character to overcome the challenges in the game. Mastering abilities and acquiring AP will also contribute to earning trophies such as Eikon and Masterclass.

So, dive into the world of Final Fantasy 16, earn and use your ability points wisely, and embark on a thrilling adventure.

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