Final Fantasy 16 Gears: Crafting and Upgrading Gear in FF16

This thorough Final Fantasy 16 guide delves into the complex mechanics of creating and upgrading gear, offering you priceless advice and techniques to improve your gear and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

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How to Craft and Upgrade Gear in Final Fantasy 16 

In the expansive world of Final Fantasy 16, the key to becoming an invincible tank lies in obtaining the best gear. From powerful weapons to sturdy belts, vambraces, and accessories, these items can significantly enhance your character's abilities.

The Final Fantasy 16 gear is often obtained near the end-game stages or by completing specific side quests. These exceptional items possess varying levels of potency, with some providing substantial advantages over others. However, regardless of their power level, upgrading your Final Fantasy 16 gear is essential to maximize its effects and benefits.

While some gear can only be obtained through side quests, others become accessible in New Game Plus mode. Acquiring and upgrading Final Fantasy 16 gear is crucial to unleash your full potential.

The Role of the Blacksmith in Crafting Final Fantasy 16 Gear

Before we get into the details of Final Fantasy 16 gear crafting and upgrades, it is important to know the key role that Blacksmith plays in the entire process.

The Blacksmith plays a central role in the crafting and upgrading of Final Fantasy 16 gear. While Valisthea is filled with item vendors, the blacksmith can only be found in the hideaway, making it vital to maintain a positive relationship with Blackthorne, the skilled craftsman.

To unlock the Blacksmith's services, players must progress through the main story of Final Fantasy 16 until they arrive at Cid's hideaway. This milestone occurs within the first few hours of the game, after completing tasks for the hideaway's residents. Once accomplished, the Forge becomes available for use, marking the beginning of your journey into crafting and upgrading gear.

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Crafting and Upgrading Gear in Final Fantasy 16

Crafting New Gear

The Forge at the blacksmith's shop provides new recipes as Clive and the crew make significant progress in the main events of the game. However, some of the most potent and rare items require the discovery of corresponding recipes. These exceptional items demand specialized materials that can only be obtained through side quests or perilous Notorious Mark bounty hunts.

Armed with the necessary materials, players can collaborate with Blackthorne to create formidable gear in Final Fantasy 16.

Upgrading Existing Gear

Similar rules apply to upgrading gear in Final Fantasy 16. Successful upgrades require specific materials to enhance the gear's capabilities. By consulting with the blacksmith and selecting the desired weapon or gear, players can initiate the upgrade process. Most items have three levels: their base state, +1, and +2, with +2 representing the optimal state.

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Crafting Gear in Final Fantasy 16: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Unlocking the Forge: Speak to Blackthorne after unlocking the Blacksmith and request to use the forge.
  2. Accessing the Crafting Menu: Upon entering the forge, a menu will appear, allowing you to select the item you wish to craft. Options include weapons, belts, and vambraces.
  3. Required Materials: Different items require specific materials for crafting. Collect materials by opening chests, defeating enemies, completing quests, and obtaining renown in the game. Special materials can also be acquired from Eikon fights.

Upgrading Gearin Final Fantasy 16: Step by Step guide

  1. Consulting Blackthorne: Speak to Blackthorne and ask to use the forge, just as you would for crafting gear.
  2. Navigating the Upgrade Menu: In the forge, click the R2 button to switch to the upgrade option. This menu allows you to choose the specific gear you wish to upgrade, whether a weapon, vambraces, or belts.
  3. Required Materials: Each gear type requires different materials for upgrading. Obtain these materials through various means, including chests, defeating enemies, completing quests, and gaining renown.

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As you progress through the game, regularly visit the blacksmith whenever Clive returns to the hideaway. By doing so, you can stay informed about new crafting possibilities and available upgrades for your existing gear in Final Fantasy 16. Keeping your gear up to date ensures that Clive and his allies are well-equipped for the challenges that await them.

In conclusion, by mastering the art of crafting and upgrading gear, you can unlock the true potential of your character in Final Fantasy 16. Maximize your potential, craft your destiny, and leave your mark on the world of Final Fantasy 16.

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