Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Elite Skin - outfit, victory dance, player card, gadget, more

Rainbow Six Thorn Elite Skin has been announced and this amazing bundle includes an eye-catching outfit, a victorious dance, a unique player card, a sleek gadget, and much more. 

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Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Elite Skin

In Rainbow Six Siege, elite skins are highly sought-after cosmetic sets that offer unique and exclusive components for specific Operators, deviating from the standard themes of other skins. 

These elite sets were introduced with Operation Red Crow in November 2016, and the game has since accumulated more than 40 elite skins, with some operators having multiple sets. However, one operator, Thorn, has been missing an elite skin since the game's release. 

But the good news is on the horizon as recent details about the Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Elite Skin have been revealed.

Rainbow Six Thorn Elite Skin

Ubisoft has finally released the long-awaited Rainbow Six Thorn Elite skin in Year 8 Season 2, highlighting the Irish Defender's cultural background with a Celtic Warriors theme. 

The R6 Thorn Elite skin was initially leaked alongside the Thunderbird Elite Set in May 2023, before the announcement of Operation Dread Factor. However, Ubisoft hasn't yet released information about the latter, as only one of the two defenders in Year 8 Season 2 has their Elite Set.

The R6 Thprn Elite set incorporates various cosmetic items that pay homage to her Irish roots. Ubisoft has already released Centurion clothing for Lion and Tachanka in a previous Battle Pass, so the company is no stranger to cosmetics with an ancient theme. The Thorn Elite skin also includes a new MVP animation, which sets it apart from previous Battle Pass cosmetics.

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Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Elite Skin - MVP Animation

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Elite Skin - Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn player card, gadget, and background

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How to get Rainbow Six Thorn Elite Skin?

To purchase the Fearsome Blaze Thorn Elite in Rainbow Six Siege, players can head to the in-game shop, find the Thorn Fearsome Blaze bundle under the Uniforms section, and acquire the entire set for 1680 R6 Credits. 

Unfortunately, items from the Elite Set cannot be bought individually. Once purchased, players can equip Thorn's Elite Set from her Operator preview section in the Appearance tab.

Here is the step-by-step procedure to purchase Rainbow Six Thorn Elite Skin:

  • Open Rainbow Six Siege and navigate to the main menu's Shop area.
  • Then go to the Uniforms section and look for the Thorn Fearsome Blaze bundle.
  • The total price of the bundle is 1680 R6 Credits. However, the Elite Set does not allow you to purchase individual things.
  • After making your purchase, use Thorn's Operator preview area to find her Elite Set and equip it.

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Thorn's kit was improved by Ubisoft by adding a 1.5x Scope to her primary UZK50GI SMG in addition to the cosmetic improvement. This adjustment will likely affect her in-game playstyle, potentially leading to increased pick rates for her in Year 8 Season 3. 

Ubisoft has previously followed this pattern, buffing operators during their Elite Set launches and then implementing nerfs later in the season based on player feedback.

While some players have raised concerns about mid-season tweaks being solely related to Elite Skin launches and not significantly impacting the Siege meta, the community is eager to see how Thorn's newfound buff and the new R6 Thorn Elite skin will affect her performance in the game.

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