Honkai Star Rail Jingliu - abilities, traces, eidolons, and leaks

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu's abilities, traces, eidolons, and much more have been revealed by the leaks, and even HoYoverse has dropped an official splash art of Jungliu, confirming her arrival in the HSR 1.4 banner.

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Honkai Star Rail Jingliu will be released in version 1.4 banner

HoYoverse has pleasantly surprised Trailblazers who were engrossed in the game's Kafka banner in Honkai Star Rail. The developers have sprung a delightful shock by introducing Jingliu as an official playable character. 

This reveal has sparked excitement as players anticipate the new details on the 5-star destruction character involving Jingliu's Skills, Eidolons, and more.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Official Reveal

Revealing Jingliu, a prominent name in the Honkai: Star Rail universe, marks a significant moment for the game. As a five-star character from the Destruction Path specializing in Ice abilities, Jingliu's history is deeply intertwined with the game's lore. She once led the legendary group of heroes known as the High-Cloud Quintet, earning her the prestigious title "Transcendent Flash." However, the group disbanded less than a century after its formation, and Jingliu's fate took a dark turn.

Jingliu's tragic downfall came as she succumbed to Mara, the negative consequence of seeking immortality by consuming Yaoshi's fruit. The once-mighty leader eventually clashed with her former pupil, Jing Yuan, resulting in her defeat. Her journey has left players wondering about the mysteries surrounding her apparent death and how Honkai: Star Rail will weave her story into the game's narrative.

The announcement of Jingliu's arrival in Honkai: Star Rail has generated a wave of excitement among players. While an exact release date remains elusive, speculation points to a possible inclusion in the Version 1.4 banners. Leak-based insights have given players a glimpse into Jingliu's skill set and gameplay mechanics, allowing them to prepare for her entry onto the battlefield.

honkai star rail jingliu, hsr jingliu, star rail jingliu abilities, star rail jingliu eidolons, star rail jingliu release date, star rail jingliu traces
Jingliu splash art reveal confirmed her arrival in the HSR 1.4 banner

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Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Abilities

Jingliu comes as a new 5-star Ice Destruction character, and leaks have revealed the following insights on HSR Jingliu's abilities:

Jingliu's Basic Attack - Lucent Moonglow: Deals Ice DMG equal to a percentage of Jingliu's ATK to a single target, gaining a stack of [New Moon].

Jingliu's Skill - Transcendent Flash: Inflicts Ice DMG equal to a percentage of Jingliu's ATK to a single target, accumulating 2 stacks of [New Moon].

Jingliu's Ultimate - Precipitous Blossoms, Fleeting as Stellar Dreams: Unleashes Ice DMG equal to a percentage of Jingliu's ATK on a single target, along with Ice DMG to adjacent targets. Triggering [Transcendence] grants [Moonlight] stacks; without [Transcendence], [New Moon] stacks are gained.

Jingliu's Talent - Crescent Transmigration: When Jingliu accumulates 4 stacks of [New Moon], she enters the [Transcendence] state and obtains an additional turn. Within the [Transcendence] state, [New Moon] shifts to [Moonlight]. This transformation enables Jingliu to access a new Skill named [Moon of Glacial River]. When employing this Skill, a portion of allies' Max HP is consumed (ensuring allies' HP doesn't fall below 1), converted to Jingliu's ATK based on the total HP consumption, capped at a percentage of Jingliu's Base ATK. This effect persists until the attack concludes. The state of [Transcendence] ceases upon the depletion of [Moonlight] stacks.

Jingliu's Technique - Innermost Nature: At the start of the battle, Jingliu garners a specific number of [New Moon] stacks.

Jingliu's Enhanced Skill - Moon On Glacial River: Engages in Ice damage equivalent to a percentage of Jingliu's ATK on a lone target, followed by Ice damage to adjacent adversaries. This action consumes [Moonlight] stacks.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Traces

  1. Dead End: Following Skill usage, there's a base probability of freezing the target for a certain number of turns. While frozen, targets are incapacitated and experience extra Ice damage at the start of each turn.
  2. Sword Guard: While in the [Transcendence] state, SPD receives a percentage increase.
  3. Frozen Soul: When damaging foes susceptible to Ice, Crit Rate encounters a percentage enhancement.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Eidolons

  1. Moon Offends the Heavenly Court: When Jingliu employs an Ultimate or Skill targeting a single entity, the damage originally intended for adjacent targets is redirected to the primary target, resulting in Ice damage.
  2. Septentrion of the Moon Rings: Within the [Transcendence] state, the ATK bonus obtained from consuming teammates' HP corresponds to a portion of Max HP consumption by all allies, with the maximum ATK bonus elevated.
  3. Crescent Moon Compels Hope: Elevates Ultimate Lv. and Talent Lv., enhancing their efficacy.
  4. Holding the Moon: During the [Transcendence] state, Jingliu's damage output receives a percentage boost according to the Max stacks of Moonlight.
  5. Infiltrating the Staircase to Heaven: Amplifies Skill Lv. and Basic ATK, enhancing their power.
  6. Disintegrating into Hollowness: When transitioning to the [Transcendence] state, the count of stacks transformed to [Moonlight] and the Max stacks of [Moonlight] experience an increase.

Please bear in mind that the above information stems from unofficial sources and may differ from Jingliu's final rendition in the game. Additionally, the translations might not perfectly mirror the in-game content, especially concerning specific terms.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Light Cone: "This Body Is A Sword"

Jingliu's signature light cone, titled "This Body Is A Sword," takes the form of a formidable 5-star Destruction weapon.

Skill: "Hold Onto The Jade"

Jinglui's light cone increases the bearer's Skill DMG by a certain percentage. When the bearer executes their Ultimate, an immediate Energy restoration occurs, along with an increase in CRIT DMG by a specific percentage, persisting for a particular number of rounds.

The blade of the sword was shattered and reduced to a bone-piercing cold. Iron forgeries became useless, their limits were visible with a look. "What use do I have for a sword?" She has neither attachments nor holds no importance to things in her eyes. "From this moment onwards, this body shall become a sword." They wished to overcome their limits and reach a point and breakthrough to a region whereby nobody has stepped foot in, otherwise, they will be regarded as nothing more than "Firewood."

Updated Jingliu Lightcone via Affinity
by u/erikahrna in HonkaiStarRail_leaks

HSR Jingliu's Voice Artists

VTuber and Voice Actor AmaLee joyously declared her role as the English voice artist for Jingliu, coinciding with the release of the animated short "A Flash," which features both Jingliu and Jing Yuan. Beyond her role as a content creator, AmaLee has lent her voice to various characters, including Rupee from Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling, Dolcinaea from Octopath Traveler II, and Ai Hayasaka from Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

For the Japanese voiceover, singer and voice actress Kuwashima Houko embodies the character of Jingliu. She boasts an extensive portfolio, voicing notable characters across video games and anime. Some of her remarkable roles include Kasumi from the Dead or Alive game series, Eunectes from Arknights, and several characters in Detective Conan.

What is Jingliu's release date in Honkai: Star Rail? 

Jingliu is anticipated to make her debut alongside the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 banner. The announcement was tactically rolled out through drip marketing on the game's official Twitter account. Jingliu is scheduled for the first half of version 1.4, arriving shortly after Fu Xuan. Players can set their sights on her appearance sometime in October.

Keeping with the customary six-week release cycle per patch, this aligns with October 4, 2023. This update is also projected to introduce two other fresh characters, Topaz and Xueyi.


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