Honkai Star Rail Seele build - best light cone, relics, team comp, abilities, more

Honkai Star Rail Seele build guide will ensure you make this 5-star Quantum character the best one in the game.

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Best Honkai Star Rail Selee build

Honkai Star Rail currently has 28 playable characters that the developers have made available. However, in order to fully utilize each of these characters, you must have the best build possible.

Seele will be discussed in this article. The best Honkai Star Rail Seele build may make your gaming rather exciting, therefore we've included the best Relics and Light Cones to use for Seele, as well as her potent Eidolons and abilities.

One of the many 5-star Honkai Star Rail characters that players can acquire in upcoming banners is Seele. She follows the Path of Hunt and because she grew up in Belobog, a dangerous and chaotic underworld, she has a short temper and prefers to keep to herself, avoiding contact with anyone.

After joining the Wild Fire organization, she was given the alias "Butterfly" since she flutters in battle and moves quickly. The list of Seele Voice actors includes Molly Zhang (English), Nakahara Mai (Japanese), Yajing Tang (Chinese), and Song Ha Rim (Korean).

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Below is all the information you need to know about the best Seele build in Honkai Star because Seele cannot achieve her full potential without the proper build, which includes Eidolons, Light Cones, and Relics.

Best Honkai Star Rail Seele build

Seele follows the Path of Hunt, which allows her to use her talent and ultimate to deal AoE damage to a specific area. Seele acts as a damage dealer and only a few opponents can stand up to her in combat, because of her tremendous speed stat and powerful damage multipliers.

It is advised that Seele's builds give priority to damage, CRIT, and speed to move more frequently and use skills.

Before getting into details, let's begin with an overview:

  • Best Light Cone: In The Night, Cruising in the Stellar Sea, Only Silence Remains, Swordplay, Darting Arrow
  • Best Relics and Ornament: Genius of Brilliant Stars, Musketeer of Wild Wheat, Space Sealing Station, Celestial Differentiator
  • Best Team Comp: Natasha, Tingyun, and Trailblazer

Now, let's first get into the details of the best Seele Light Cones in Honkai Rail.

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Best Seele Light Cones in Honkai Rail

Some of the best Light Cones for Seele include:

  • In The Night
  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea
  • Only Silence Remains
  • Swordplay
  • Darting Arrow

The Path of Hunt must match the Seele weapons you choose in order for the passive effect to take effect.

In The Night is the signature Light Cone of Seele. This raises her CRIT rate by 18% and increases her basic and skill ATK by 6% for every 10 SPD above 100, making it an ideal pairing with her SPD-enhancing Skill Sheathed Blade.

In The Night is a 5-star Light Cone and hence can be challenging to obtain because it depends on banner luck. A few 4-star Light Cones, though, can make for excellent selections for Seele. So, some of the best 4-star Light Cones for Seele include Only Silence Remains and Swordplay and the 3-stars have Darting Arrow and Arrows.

The wearer's ATK improves by 16% when wearing Only Silence Remains. If there are only two enemies on the battlefield, the wearer's CRIT rate increases by 12%. Furthermore, Arrows increases the wearer's CRIT rate for the first three turns of a fight; combined with Seele's DMG output and SPD, this combination should make quick work of defeating non-boss enemies.

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Best Seele Relics in Honkai Rail

Some of the best Relics of Seele include:

Genius of Brilliant Stars Relic

  • 2 Piece: Increases Quantum DMG by 10%.
  • 4 Piece: When the wearer deals DMG to the target enemy, ignores 10% DEF. If the target enemy has Quantum Weakness, the wearer additionally ignores 10% DEF.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat Relic

  • 2 Piece: ATK increases by 12%.
  • 4 Piece: The wearer's SPD increases by 6% and Basic ATK DMG increases by 10%.

Space Sealing Station Planar Ornaments

  • 2 Piece: Increases the wearer's ATK by 12%. When the wearer's SPD reaches 120 or higher, the wearer's ATK increases by an extra 12%.

Celestial Differentiator Planar Ornaments

  • 2 Piece: Increases the wearer's CRIT DMG by 16%. When the wearer's current CRIT DMG reaches 120% or higher, after entering battle, the wearer's CRIT Rate increases by 60% until the end of their first attack.

Seele should benefit from artifacts that boost elemental damage (quantum), attack power, and crit. Therefore, when selecting the Seele relics set, these should be your first consideration.

The Genius of Brilliant is the best Seele Relic in Honkai Star Rail. Along with increasing Seele's Quantum DMG by 10%, this set negates 25% of a target's defense if they have a Quantum vulnerability, helping Seele to defeat adversaries quickly.

As a result, the greatest choice to make the best Seele build is Genius of Brilliant. Also, Musketeer of Wild Wheat is always a fantastic counter for damage dealers.

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Best Seele Team Comp in Honkai Rail

Our choices for the best team composition for Seele include:

  • Seele, Natasha, Tingyun, Trailblazer
  • Seele, Bailu, Bronya, Trailblazer
  • Seele, Tingyun, Asta, Natasha

The Path of Harmony for imposing buffs, the Path of Nothingness for weakening opponents, and the Path of Abundance and Preservation for healing or shielding should be used to build Seele's team.

In this Seele team, she is the main damage dealer that relies heavily on using her Skill Attack in battle, she'll need to maintain a high level of skill points to be most effective.

Natasha's basic strike regularly deals DMG while creating skill points for Seele to employ, and when necessary, she can use her skill ability to heal the team. The only other healer in the game is Bailu, however, she is a 5-star character and will be considerably more difficult to get than Natasha, who is a free character.

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Now that you know what all you need to have the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build, let's head over to the details of her Ascension and Trace Materials, Abilities, and Eidolons.

Honkai Star Rail Seele Ascension and Trace Materials

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Seele is one of the best Quantum characters in Honkai Rail

Seele Ascension materials

Total Seele Ascension materials include:

  • Thief's Instinct: 20
  • Usurper's Scheme: 18
  • Conqueror's Will: 13
  • Void Cast Iron: 66
  • Credit: 308,000

Seele Trace materials

Total Seele Trace materials include:

  • Arrow of the Beast Hunter: 18
  • Arrow of the Demon Slayer: 69
  • Arrow of the Starchaser: 139
  • Thief's Instinct: 42
  • Usurper's Scheme: 56
  • Conqueror's Will: 58
  • Guardian's Lament: 12
  • Tracks of Destiny: 11
  • Credit: 3,000,000

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Honkai Star Rail Seele Abilities

  • Seele Basic Attack: Thwack

Deals Quantum DMG equal to 50%-110% of Seele’s ATK to a single enemy.

  • Seele Skill Attack: Sheathed Blade

Deals Quantum DMG equal to 110%-242% of Seele’s ATK to a single enemy and increases SPD by 25% for 2 turn(s).

  • Seele Ultimate: Butterfly Flurry

Seele enters a buffed state and deals Quantum DMG equal to 255%-442% to her ATK to a single enemy.

  • Seele Talent: Resurgence

Enters the buffed state upon defeating an enemy with Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, and receives an extra turn. While in the buffed state, the DMG of Seele's attacks increases by 40% for 1 turn(s).

Enemies defeated in the extra turn provided by "Resurgence" will not trigger another "Resurgence."

  • Seele Technique: Phantom Illusion

Seele gains Stealth for 20 seconds after using her technique. While Stealth is active, she cannot be detected by enemies, and when entering battle by attacking enemies, Seele will immediately enter the buffed state.

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Honkai Star Rail Seele Eidolons

  • E1 – Extirpating Slash: When dealing DMG to an enemy whose HP is 80% or lower, Seele’s CRIT rate increases by 15%.
  • E2 – Dancing Butterfly: The SPD Boost effect of Seele’s Skill Attack can stack up to 2 times.
  • E3 – Dazzling Tumult: Skill Lv. +2 up to a maximum of Lv 15. Talent Lv. +2 up to a maximum of Lv 15.
  • E4 – Flitting Phantasm: Whenever she defeats an enemy, Seele regenerates 15 Energy.
  • E5 – Piercing Shards: Ultimate Lv. +2 up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1 up. to a maximum Lv of 10.
  • E6 – Shattering Shambles: After Seele uses her Ultimate, the target enemy is inflicted with Butterfly Flurry for 1 turn(s). Enemies who are inflicted with Butterfly Flurry will take additional Quantum DMG equal to 15% of Seele’s Ultimate every time they are attacked. If the enemy is defeated by Butterfly Flurry DMG triggered by allies’ attacks, Seele’s Talent will not be activated. Butterfly Flurry is removed when Seele is knocked down.

That's all that we have for the best Seele build in Honkai Rail, including the Relics, Light Cones, and team comp to use along with her ascension and trace materials, abilities, and eidolons.


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