Honkai Star Rail characters voice actors - Fu Xuan, Kafka, Luka, more

Honkai Star Rail Bronya, Jing Yuan, Seele, Tingyun, and Bailu's voice actors or VAs have been revealed officially by miHoYo, and players are more than excited about these new characters.

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All Honkai Star Rail characters' voice actors

April 26, 2023, formally marked the launch of Honkai Star Rail. Since they have been waiting a while for this release, gamers are pretty excited about it. Many people in the community have already preloaded HoYoverse's newest game on their devices during the pre-installation period.

On the current banner, Honkai Star Rail is home to a large number of vibrant characters that players can roll for, and every update will add even more to the game's constantly growing cast.

Each unit has a distinct element, but they also have special attacks and powers that can give you the upper hand in combat. Other than the abilities, each Honkai Star Rail character has some voice actors.

A handful of the upcoming characters that have also been made public by miHoYo are Jing Yuan, Kafka, Himeko, and Bailu. Apart from revealing their faces, miHoYo has also revealed the Honkai Star Rail characters' voice actors. Check out the information below.

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Honkai Star Rail characters' voice actors

We got a glimpse of each of Nilou, Al Haitham, Nahida (Dendro Archon), Dehya, and more in the last Sumeru Preview Teaser. At present, it is too early for the dedicated data miners to come to us with anything on the release dates and kits of these Honkai Star Rail characters.

Now even though we don't know a lot about them, we do have info on these Honkai Star Rail characters' voice actors. We have made a list of all the upcoming Honkai Star Rail characters' voice actors, and these include Bronya's Vas, Jing Yuan's Vas, Gepard‘s Vas, Welt‘s VAs, Seele‘s VAs, Tingyun's VAs, Bailu's VAs, Sushang's VAs, Arlan's VAs, and a lot more.

Characters NameEnglish VAJapanese VAKorean VAChinese VA
ArlanDani ChambersShiraishi RyokoKim YulTao Dian
AstaFelecia AngelleAkasaki ChinatsuKim Hyeon-jiGuiniang
BailuSu Ling ChanKat EmiriJo Hyeon-jeongDuoduo
BronyaMadeline ReiterAsumi KanaLee Bo-heeXie Ying
ClaraEmily SunHidaka RinaKim Yea-limZisu Jiuyue
Dan HengNicholas LeungIt KentKim Hye-sungYudong
GepardBryson BaugusFurukawa MakotoMin Seung-wooMa Yang
HertaPJ MattsonYamazaki HarukaKim Seo-yeongHou Xiaofei
HimekoCia CourtTanaka RieKim Bo-naLin Su
HookFelecia AngelleTokui SoraLee Jae-hyunWang Xiaotong
Jing YuanAlejandro SaabOno DaisukeRyu Seung-gonSun Ye
March 7thSkyler DavenportOgura YuiJung Hye-wonNuoya
NatashaElizabeth MaxwellUchiyama YumiGang Eun-aeQin Ziyi
PelaXanthe HuynhMorohoshi SumireLee Da-eunYanning
QingqueBryn ApprillDate ArisaSeo Da-hyeLiu Shisi
SampoRoger RoseHirakawa DaisukeJeong Jae-heonLiu Shengbo
SeeleMolly ZhangNakahara MaiSong Ha-rimTang Yajing
ServalNatalie Van SistineAimiMin-aMu Xueting
SushangAnjali KunapaneniFukuen MisatoPark Shi-yoonChen Tingting
TingyunLaci MorganTakada YkiLee Myeong-hoJiang Li
Trailblazer (Female)Rachael ChauIshikawa YuiKim Ha-ruChen Tingting
Trailblazer (Male)Caleb YenEnoki JunyaKim Myung-junQin Qiege
WeltCorey LandisHosoya YoshimasaHan-sinPeng Bo
YanqingAmber MayInoue MarinaLee Sae-aMiaojiang
BladeDaman MillsMiki Shin-ichiroKwak Yoon-sangLiu Yijia
LuochaCraig Lee ThomasIshida AkiraShin Yong-wooZhao Lu
Silver WolfMelissa FahnAsumi KanaJang MiHanser
YukongDawn M. BennettTouma YumiJeon Sook-kyeongZhong Ke
Fu XuanSarah WiedenheftMiku ItōLee Ji-hyeonHualing
KafkaCheryl TexieraIto ShizukaSa Moon-youngXu Hui
LukaHoward WangKajiwara GakutoLee Joo-seungXiao Zhai
LynxRisa MeiTerui HarukaLee Eun-joMi Hu

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Honkai Star Rail characters' voice actors (top-tier characters)

Honkai Star Rail Bronya voice actors

  • English VA - Madeline Reiter
  • Japanese VA - Asumi Kana
  • Korean VA - Bo-hee Lee
  • Chinese VA - Xieying

New voice actress Madeline Reiter is most recognized for portraying Bronya in Honkai Star Rail.

A former member of the girl group Lisp, Kana Asumi is a Japanese actress, voice actress, singer, and musician. She is well-known for her work as the voice of Nagisa Momoe, Blanc, and PLAN An Shan. She has also provided the voices for Bronya Zaychik from Honkai Impact 3rd and Yomogi the Chef from Monster Hunter Rise.

Lee Bo-hee is a voice actress from South Korea. In the second season of Daewon Broadcasting in 3, she made his voice acting debut. Mocha from The Lost Ark and Haru Estia from Soul Walker both have her voice.

Female voice actress Xie Ying is from the mainland of China. Voice actor; among her most well-known roles come from the video games "League of Legends" Residual Moon Su Laluen, "Glory of Kings" Mirror, "Genshin" Keqing, "Ark of Tomorrow" Shihuaiya, and others.

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Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan voice actors

  • English VA - Alejandro Saab
  • Japanese VA - Ono Daisuke
  • Korean VA - Ryu Seung-gon
  • Chinese VA - Sun Ye

An American voice actor is named Alejandro Saab. Tamotsu Denkigai from Akiba's Trip: The Animation, Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya, Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School, and Cyno from Genshin Impact are just a few of his notable roles. In addition to voice acting, he also manages the KaggyFilms and CyYu channels on YouTube.

Daisuke Ono is a Japanese voice actor. Erwin Smith from Attack on Titan, Seish Handa from Barakamon, Silver the Hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog, and Drole from The Seven Deadly Sins are just a few of his well-known roles.

Male voice actor from South Korea named Ryu Seung-gon. His major roles include Lifeweaver in Overwatch, Tarik in League of Legends, Lance Rembrandt in Romantic Princess, and Thoma in Genshin Impact.

Male voice actor and singer Sun Ye hail from the mainland of China. The animations "I'm Crazy for Song" by Ge Shi Ai, "Qin Shi Mingyue" by Meng Tian, "League of Legends" by Trist, "Glory of Kings" by Li Xin, and the tokusatsu drama "Daina Ultraman" by Asuka Shin are only a few examples of the voice actor's representative works.

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Honkai Star Rail Seele voice actors

  • English VA - Molly Zhang
  • Japanese VA - Nakahara Mai
  • Korean VA - Song Ha Rim
  • Chinese VA - Yajing Tang

The voices of Mulan, Seele, and Yui Hachimitsu have all been credited to Molly Zhang, a voice actor from America. She is also well-known for Path of the Midnight Sun (2023), Sands of Aura, and The Titan's Bride (2020).

Japanese voice actress Mai Nakahara is well known for portraying Rena Ryuugu, Juvia Loxar, and Nagisa Furukawa. Additionally, she performed the roles of Rena Ryg in Higurashi When They Cry, Nagisa Furukawa in Clannad, Seele Vollerei in Honkai Impact 3rd, and Akagi in Azur Lane.

A female voice actress from the Chinese mainland is named Tang Yajing. A few of the voice actor's notable works are "Wu Gengji" Peacock, "Imperial Raiders" Duan Yao, "Honkai 3" Xi'er, "Genshin" Beidou, Xingqiu, and others.

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Honkai Star Rail Tingyun voice actors

  • English VA - Laci Morgan
  • Japanese VA - Yūki Takada
  • Korean VA - Myeong-ho Lee
  • Chinese VA - Jiǎng Lì

Voice actor Laci Morgan is well known for portraying Tingyun English VA. She is also well known for lending her voice to the 2016 video games Shadowverse and 2017's Cutie Cubes.

Yki Takada is a Mausu Promotion-affiliated Japanese voice actor from Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture. She is well-known for having voiced Hinako Shirai, Aoba Suzukaze, and Yuu Koito.

South Korean voice actor Lee Myung-ho joined KBS Gongchae in 2015. She provided the voices for Gummy Hob Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, Carr (Rebecca Benson), and Alit (Brianna Shan) in Doctor Who Season 10 (KBS), among other characters.

Jiang Li is a Chinese voice actor better known by her stage name, shourei. Her notable characters include: "Overwatch" Black Shadow, "Tricolour Love" Mo Xiaoju, "Bump World" Abby, Autumn, "Honkai 3" Rita Rosewisser, Ai-chan, Apricot Mar, "Battle Double Pamish" Lucia, "Genshin" Kamisato Ayaka, etc.

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Honkai Star Rail Bailu voice actors

  • English VA - Su Ling Chan
  • Japanese VA - Emiri Katō
  • Korean VA - Hyun-jung Cho
  • Chinese VA - Duoduo

Bailu from Honkai Star Rail and Akiya's Mother are two characters that Su Ling Chan is best recognized for portraying. She is also well known for the films Vast Horizon (2019), No Straight Roads (2020), and Power Rangers: The Audio Drama (2018).

Japanese voice actor Emiri Kato is most known for portraying IJN Nowaki, Kyubey, and Kagami Hiiragi. She received Best New Actress at the 2nd Seiyu Awards for her performances as Momoko Akatsutsumi/Hyper Blossom in Powerpuff Girls Z and Kagami Hiiragi in Lucky Star.

Jo Hyeon-Jeong, a voice actress from South Korea, joined the voice acting department of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation in 2002. She is also known as Shinbi from the South Korean animated series The Haunted House. She provided the voices for Aloy in Genshin Impact, Wizard (female) in Diablo III's Korean version, Pharah in Overwatch, and Irelia, Riven, and Quinn in League of Legends' Korean version.

China's Toto Poi is a voice actress. She is a new voice actor that has garnered a lot of interest since her debut, possesses a good awareness of the market in addition to a natural talent for voice acting, and has a distinct girl's voice that sounds both natural and fresh.

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Honkai Star Rail Welt voice actors

  • English VA - Corey Landis
  • Japanese VA - 한신
  • Chinese VA - Hosoya Yoshimasa

Honkai Star Rail Sushang voice actors

  • English VA - Anjali Kunapaneni
  • Japanese VA - Fukuen Misato
  • Korean VA - Shi-yoon Park
  • Chinese VA - Chen Tingting

Honkai Star Rail Arlan voice actors

  • English VA - Dani Chambers
  • Japanese VA - Shiraishi Ryoko
  • Korean VA - Yool Kim
  • Chinese VA - Taodian

Honkai Star Rail Gepard voice actors

  • English VA - Bryson Baugus
  • Japanese VA - Furukawa Makoto
  • Korean VA - 민승우
  • Chinese VA - Yang Ma

So that's all we have to say about the voice actors for the Honkai Star Rail characters. We have provided some information regarding the identities of the upcoming Honkai Star Rail voice actors; however, there are a few Honkai Star Rail characters whose voice actors' information is still lacking. We will update the post when more information becomes available.


We'll update you with the latest information regarding Honkai, so keep following. Till then, you can also check our Honkai guides on:

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