Rainbow Six Siege Ram - loadout, gadgets, gameplay, release date, R6 Y8S3 operator

R6 Ram's loadout, gadgets, gameplay, and other intricate aspects have all been revealed with Rainbow Six Operation HEAVY METTLE, getting players all excited for the new experience.

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Rainbow Six Siege Ram's loadout, gadgets, and gameplay revealed

Rainbow Six Siege's Y8S3 Operation Heavy Mettle has been officially revealed, providing an in-depth glimpse into the latest operator, "Ram." For those who've been keeping up with the leaks, the addition of Ram, the latest Attacker in Operation HEAVY METTLE, to the Rainbow Six roster brings a satisfying revelation.

Operation Heavy Mettle ushers in a new wave of action within Rainbow Six Siege's Year 8 Season 3, introducing the fiercely determined Operator, Ram. Hailing from South Korea, she commands a unique gadget, the BU-GI Auto-Breacher. This armored drone bulldozes through destructible floors, smashes barricades, and obliterates Defender traps with autonomous determination.

With this introduction in place, let's dive into the specific details that have been disclosed thus far concerning R6 Ram, encompassing her loadout, gameplay mechanics, weapon selection, and more.

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R6 Ram Operator

As highlighted in the R6 Y8S3 reveal video, Ram is a formidable member of the all-female South Korean Special Forces unit. This Tarantula/Tango unit is known for its unparalleled competitiveness, underscoring her character's undeniable aura of badassery.

Ram's appearance resonates with the aesthetics of the South Korean Military, encompassing night visions, camouflage, combat attire, and more. This foundation is augmented by a redesign process that imbues her with an unforgettable and distinctive persona.

She joins the league of the Redhammer Squad, a renowned team of Destruction that includes prominent figures like Ash, Buck, Sledge, and Thermite. Given her association with this illustrious team, the potency of her device's destruction capability had to be limitless.

Thys, the release of Ram marks the debut of the largest throwable in Siege's history. The BU-GI, a symbol of might and robustness, is designed with two rotating shredders at its base for floor destruction, along with rotating saws at the front to breach walls.

What's noteworthy is that Ram's gadget boasts a mechanical essence rather than a futuristic touch, lending it a gritty, grounded aesthetic that resonates with the desires of the fanbase. To infuse an extra layer of chaos, the device is powered by a combustion engine.

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R6 Ram Gadget

At the core of Ram's loadout is the BU-GI Auto Breacher. This rugged, bulletproof drone epitomizes raw destruction. The BU-GI can be thrown from various vantage points, even from behind cover, or while rappelling. While it can demolish barricades with ease, Castle armor panels manage to withstand its impact.

Once deployed, the BU-GI can be activated remotely from anywhere on the map, akin to the activation mechanisms of Thermite or Fuze. Before activation, Ram can alter the gadget's trajectory using an alternate mode, tailoring it to move forward or curve left or right. These diverse modes offer strategic advantages, especially in confined spaces or corners, without exposing herself.

R6 Ram's Loadout

Ram's loadout encompasses the following weapons, as officially unveiled:

  • Primary Weapons: R4C, LMG-E
  • Secondary Weapons: ITA 12S, MK1 9mm
  • Primary Gadget: Bu-Gi (four in total)
  • Secondary Gadgets: Stun Grenade, Hard Breach Charge

Unlike Ash, players can opt to attach both 1.5x and 2x Scopes on Ram's R4C, a nostalgic touch for Ash Mains who recall using an ACOG on her primary weapon until 2019. This enhancement is sure to be welcomed by players, given the weapon's prowess.

Ram's loadout makes her an adept Operator for vertical gameplay, enabling her to dismantle traps and fortifications present in choke points and narrow corridors.

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Rainbow Six Siege Ram loadout

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R6 Ram's Gameplay Details

Ram's gameplay pivots around the BU-GI Auto Breacher, unleashing chaos with these imposing drones. The BU-GI, designed for formidable soft destruction, can be launched from cover, while rappelling, or through barricades—except for Castle panels. After deployment, Ram can trigger the device remotely, mirroring the tactics used by Thermite or Fuze.

The alternate mode adds an intriguing dimension, permitting trajectory adjustments before activation. Players can choose between direct forward movement and curving left or right, a tactical advantage in specific scenarios.

Ram's primary weapon, the R4C assault rifle, is a recognizable weapon akin to Ash's signature armament. This choice favors aggressive pushes and swift engagements. Additionally, she enjoys high-powered scopes to bolster long-range capabilities.

For those favoring suppressive fire, the LMG-E emerges as a potent choice. It's substantial magazine capacity and manageable recoil makes it ideal for sustained pressure on opponents.

In the R6 Ram secondary weapon category, the MK1 9mm caters to aggressive players, offering a reliable backup in intense gunfights. Alternatively, the ITA12S shotgun suits those prioritizing destructive capabilities. Ram's secondary gadgets provide flexibility for both aggression and destruction, with flash grenades empowering gunfights and hard breach charges facilitating strategic advancements.

Ram excels as a vertical Operator, a distinction from figures like Buck or Sledge. Her unique ability allows her to engage in destruction from a position of safety, appealing to those hesitant about vertical play's complexity.

Ram's dynamic capabilities extend to dismantling numerous Defender gadgets in tight passages and choke points, simplifying the attackers' offensive moves. Veteran players will appreciate the alternate mode's strategic nuances and the device's distinctive audio cues, propelling them to craft innovative strategies.

Engaging with Ram's cataclysmic impact is exciting, offering both seasoned and new players an enticing gameplay experience.

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Rainbow Six Siege Ram - the R6 Y8S3 operator

The R6 Y8S3 operator, Ram's electrifying presence will be unveiled as part of Rainbow Six's Operation Heavy Mettle on August 29th, 2023. Before her official release, the Korean Attacker will undergo thorough testing on the TTS, ensuring a polished and balanced addition to the game's roster.

And that is all that is there to know about R6 Ram, her gameplay, loadout, gadgets, and other elements that await players as they brace for the forthcoming Operation HEAVY METTLE.

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