Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Elite - outfit, victory dance, player card, gadget, more

The much-anticipated Rainbow Six Thunderbird Elite Skin has been officially announced, and it's an exciting bundle that includes a new outfit, a victorious dance, a unique player card, a sleek gadget, and more.

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Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Elite bundle

In Rainbow Six Siege, elite skins hold immense appeal as they offer exclusive and distinctive components designed specifically for particular Operators, breaking away from the conventional themes of other skins. 

Introduced with Operation Red Crow back in November 2016, the game has now amassed a collection of over 40 elite skins, with some Operators enjoying multiple sets. However, one Operator, Thunderbird, has been waiting for her own elite skin since the inception of the game. Fortunately, recent revelations regarding the Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Elite Skin have finally put an end to this wait.

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Rainbow Six Thunderbird Elite

The Rainbow Six Thunderbird Elite Skin is part of Operation Heavy Mettle, which ushers in a range of new features to Rainbow Six Siege, encompassing a new operator, updates to playlists, adjustments to Grim and Frost, and more. 

Starting from August 14th, Rainbow Six Siege players will be granted the opportunity to explore all these features on the Test Server. Though the prospect is indeed thrilling, concrete information about upcoming cosmetics is still quite limited. Nonetheless, Ubisoft has already disclosed the fortunate recipient of Operation Heavy Mettle's launch Elite Bundle - the spotlight is on Thunderbird!

Rainbow Six Thunderbird Elite Bundle

The R6 Thunderbird Elite set boasts a variety of cosmetic items that pay homage to her origins. This comprehensive bundle comprises the Tamer of the White Howl uniform, headgear, a victory dance, operator cards, a gadget skin, and weapon skins for the SPEAR .308, Bearing 9, Q-929, and SPAS-15. Additionally, it comes with the Elite Thunderbird Chibi charm. 

Thunderbird Elite skin reveal video unfolds on the Yacht map, with her positioned next to a downed helicopter. Notably, Thunderbird fulfills the role of an Aerial Medic, a context that resonates with such situations. The Thunderbird Elite skin introduces a fresh MVP animation, distinguishing it from the past Battle Pass cosmetics.

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Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Elite Skin - MVP Animation

Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Elite Skin - Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird player card, gadget, and background

How to get Rainbow Six Thunderbird Elite Skin?

So, how can one acquire the unique Rainbow Six Thunderbird Elite Skin? To make this stylish addition to your collection in Rainbow Six Siege, you simply need to enter the in-game shop, navigate to the Uniforms section, locate the Thunderbird Tamer of the White Howl bundle, and obtain the complete ensemble for 1680 R6 Credits. 

Regrettably, individual items from the Elite Set aren't available for separate purchases. Once the purchase is made, you can seamlessly equip Thunderbird's Elite Set through her Operator preview section, conveniently found in the Appearance tab.

Here's a step-by-step guide to securing the Rainbow Six Thunderbird Elite Skin:

  • Launch Rainbow Six Siege and access the Shop area from the main menu.
  • Head to the Uniforms section and seek out the Thunderbird Elite bundle.
  • The total cost for the bundle is 1680 R6 Credits; however, individual items from the Elite Set cannot be purchased separately.
  • Once the acquisition is complete, use Thunderbird's Operator preview area to locate and equip her Elite Set.

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Thunderbird, a defender in Rainbow Six Siege introduced with Operation North Star, operates as a two-speed, two-health operator, offering versatility to both roam or anchor strategies. Nonetheless, her current state in the Rainbow Six Siege meta isn't particularly strong. Due to her limited explosive utility, she struggles with creating rotations. Moreover, her loadout is not particularly outstanding, with players often opting for other flexible operators like Wamai or even Doc. 

The recent Ubisoft adjustments resulted in her swapping her two impact grenades and a C4 for either barbed wire or a bulletproof camera. Her Kóna Station, however, remains a valuable gadget, allowing defenders to heal themselves or their teammates after enduring aggressive encounters. 

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