Best Valorant Agents for Sunset map - complete tier list and based specific roles

Here we have shared a comprehensive tier list of the best Valorant agents for the Sunset map, also categorized by their specific roles.

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Best Valorant Agents for Sunset map - complete tier list and based specific roles

Valorant has introduced its newest map, Sunset, which is based in Los Angeles. Riot Games aimed to provide a gameplay experience where player strategies and choices during agent selection play a pivotal role.

Each Valorant map is distinct in design, influencing which agents perform best. However, with a multitude of agent choices, it can be confusing to pick the right ones. Don't worry, we've simplified it for you. Below we have shared a rundown of the best agents for the Sunset Map, overall and based on their roles.

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Best Agents for Sunset (A Complete Tier List)

To align with Sunset's layout and features, we'll now present the Agents that complement the current meta seamlessly. Given that there are four types of Agents in Valorant, each of equal importance, we initially compiled a list of the best Agents for Sunset (Overall). Here are the best Valorant agents tailored for the new Sunset map:

  • Raze
  • Yoru
  • Killjoy
  • Chamber
  • Omen
  • Skye

  1. Raze: With recent adjustments to Jett, Raze emerges as a top choice for duelists. Her explosive abilities are particularly effective in the narrow spaces of Sunset. Her Paint Shells and Showstopper are powerful tools, and her Boom Bot helps uncover hidden spots.
  2. Yoru: Yoru excels in exploiting flanking opportunities, which are abundant on Sunset. His teleportation abilities allow for surprising enemy encounters and scouting enemy positions. His ultimate enables quick repositioning, making him strategic for outsmarting opponents.
  3. Killjoy: Killjoy remains a strong sentinel choice, especially for players who prefer locking down areas with utility. Her turret and Alarm Bot are valuable for site control, particularly in close-quarter areas like A.
  4. Chamber: Recent buffs have elevated Chamber. As an Operator user, he can hold long sightlines in Sunset's mid. His Trademark trap offers extended range, and his teleport ability allows for effective site presence, making him potent in solo play.
  5. Omen: Omen's smokes and Paranoia are invaluable in Sunset's narrow chokepoints and corners. He can also use his Shrouded Step to access elevated spots, giving him flexibility in site control or spike planting.
  6. Skye: Skye's versatility makes her a valuable initiator on Sunset. Her abilities allow for effective corner checking, revealing hidden spots, and gathering information.

Sunset is characterized by a straightforward map layout, lacking notable gimmicks but featuring irreversible bomb doors akin to Ascent. The design encourages intense gunfights, especially in the crucial central area. The map boasts numerous angles and chokepoints, necessitating vigilance against potential flanks that could disrupt strategic plays.

Sentinels play a pivotal role in maintaining the game's flow. Both A and B sites offer several entrances, all susceptible to blockage by Controller Agents' smokes. Clearing the multitude of angles proves challenging for any Agent, underscoring the significance of specific Initiators in shaping the game's outcome.

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Official image of Valorant Sunset Map

Let's break down the tier list by categorizing Agents into specific roles: Duelist, Sentinel, Controller, and Initiator.

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Best Valorant Agents for Sunset: Duelist

  • S-Tier: Raze, Neon
  • A-Tier: Phoenix
  • B-Tier: Yoru, Reyna
  • C-Tier: Jett

Raze: Following a significant nerf to Jett in patch 7.04, Raze stands out as the premier Duelist. Sunset's narrow passages and tight corners will likely see an uptick in Cypher and Deadlock players using traps to stifle both Defenders and Attackers. Only Raze, with her Blast Packs, can effectively navigate past these obstacles. Even without factoring in her satchels, Raze's Boom Bot and Paint Shell prove instrumental in clearing corners. Paired with adept Initiators, advancing as a cohesive team becomes considerably more manageable.

Neon: Neon demonstrates exceptional agility in and out of combat using her High Gear ability. Sunset's compact size plays to Neon's strengths as a Duelist, allowing her to feint, rotate, and maintain control effectively. Her Relay Bolt proves invaluable in drawing out enemies from the myriad corners and angles across Sunset. If cornered, Neon can swiftly escape using her Fast Lane walls. Additionally, Neon's Overdrive can be a game-changer in eco-rounds.

Phoenix: Phoenix thrives in environments with sharp angles and confined spaces, mirroring the terrain found in Sunset. As the sole Duelist with the ability to flash around corners, clear angles with Hot Hands, and enter sites using the Blaze wall, Phoenix brings a unique edge. It's worth noting that in the absence of healing characters like Sage or Skye, Phoenix becomes a crucial pick on a map like Sunset.

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Valorant Sunset Map Layout

Best Valorant Agents for Sunset: Sentinel

  • S-Tier: Killjoy, Cypher
  • A-Tier: Chamber
  • B-Tier: Sage
  • C-Tier: Deadlock

Killjoy: In Sunset, Killjoy is an indispensable Agent. Her Turret can cover multiple angles simultaneously, offering a respite for her team. Should she face a push, she can thwart or even eliminate attackers with her Alarmbot and Nanoswarms on the Defenders' side. These tools also prove pivotal on the attacking side, deterring flanks. Killjoy's ultimate, Lockdown, shines in both attacking and retaking scenarios on Sunset.

Cypher: Cypher presents a compelling alternative to Killjoy on Sunset. Depending on playstyle, he may even surpass Killjoy in effectiveness. Cypher's Trapwires are instrumental in defending sites and thwarting enemy flanks. His Spycam serves as a valuable tool, instilling fear in the enemy and dissuading ill-conceived flanking attempts. Furthermore, if your team only has one Controller, Cypher's Cyber Cages can double as smokes, eliminating the need for a second Controller.

Chamber: Despite popular belief, Chamber proves to be an outstanding Agent on Sunset. The map's compact size mitigates Chamber's limitations, allowing him to make impactful plays. With Jett's diminishing presence, Chamber emerges as the sole Agent adept at effectively wielding the Operator for early picks.

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Valorant Sunset A Site

Best Valorant Agents for Sunset: Controller

  • S-Tier: Brimstone
  • A-Tier: Omen
  • B-Tier: Viper, Harbor
  • C-Tier: Astra

Brimstone: Unlike more open maps, Sunset features numerous chokepoints and narrow entrances, creating an environment conducive to Brimstone's skillset. His Sky Smoke can effectively shut down these critical areas. Moreover, Brimstone's smokes have a longer duration compared to other Agents, cementing his status as a must-pick in Sunset. Beyond his smokes, Brimstone's Incendiary proves devastating in post-plant scenarios. Additionally, his Ultimate has the potential to decimate an entire team if they find themselves in a corner.

Omen: Omen emerges as a strong contender for the title of best Controller Agent in Sunset. All of Omen's utilities prove invaluable on this map. While Omen's smokes may not endure as long as Brimstone's, they offer their own unique advantages. Given Sunset's specific map design, Omen is a vital asset for teams looking to employ a dedicated lurker or flanker.

Best Valorant Agents for Sunset: Initiator

  • S-Tier: Fade, Skye
  • A-Tier: Breach
  • B-Tier: Sova, Gekko
  • C-Tier: KAY/O

Fade: Sunset provides an ideal battlefield for Fade, an excellent Initiator. Her Prowlers negate the need for constant vigilance around corners. After driving out adversaries, your Duelist can take charge and clear the initial corners. Even if you're playing solo, Seize can be employed to prevent enemies from escaping. After corner clearance, pushing into or retaking the site becomes crucial. In this regard, Fade's Haunt comes to the fore, either revealing enemies or displacing them from vital positions in Sunset.

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Valorant Sunset B Market

Skye: Fade and Skye share a similar playstyle, especially on the Sunset map. Skye's Trailblazer effectively clears hazardous spots, while Guiding Light compels enemies out of the site. Additionally, for players assuming a robust support role, Skye surpasses Fade as she can provide healing to allies through Regrowth.

Breach: Breach represents a sound choice in Sunset for players looking to disrupt enemies while dealing substantial damage without directly engaging in gunfights. Breach's abilities are well-suited to clearing crucial angles and creating pathways for Duelists and support players in Sunset.

Remember, each agent has unique abilities, and when used effectively, any agent can lead to victory. This tier list is based on how well an agent's abilities align with the layout and structure of the Sunset map in VALORANT. Experiment with different agents to find what works best for you on this latest map.

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