Valorant 7.05 Patch Notes: competitive and agent updates, map changes, bug fixes, more

Valorant 7.05 patch notes will mainly target the competitive update along with a few Astra buffs, the release of the Sunset map, and bug fixes.

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Valorant 7.05 Patch Notes

Riot Games hasn't released the official Valorant 7.05 patch notes yet, but we do have a preview from the PBE (Public Beta Environment). 

This Valorant 7.05 patch focuses on three main aspects: implementing new competitive restrictions to combat bots and boosters, buffing a less popular agent in ranked play, and introducing a new map to the competitive pool. While these changes primarily impact the competitive mode, it's an essential component of the Valorant experience.

Let's have a detailed look at the Valorant 7.05 patch notes.

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Valorant 7.05 Patch Notes

In the Valorant 7.05 patch preview, Riot Games is taking steps to combat the issue of competitive rank boosting by implementing new queue restrictions. Players with Ascendant or higher ranks can now only invite others ranked Platinum or more increased to their competitive parties. This move aims to address the problem of players being sabotaged by bots on their own teams and frequently encountering highly-ranked opponents who are boosting lower-ranked teammates, ultimately creating a more balanced competitive environment.

Astra, who has seen a decline in competitive play, will also receive a significant buff in this patch. Astra's Astral Form will allow her to hear all sounds around her body, removing the previous audio-dampening effect. This change is expected to enhance her competitive viability and potentially bring her back into the fold of more frequently chosen agents.

Furthermore, the map "Sunset," inspired by Riot's hometown of Los Angeles, will be officially added to the competitive map pool. This map encourages mid-control, potentially leading to quicker rounds and matches due to the proximity of barrier drop locations. These changes collectively aim to improve the competitive experience in VALORANT and address ongoing issues within the game's ecosystem.

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Valorant 7.05 Patch - COMPETITIVE UPDATES

There has been a wave of competitive rank boosting with bots and real players. In an effort to protect against this abuse, we have introduced restrictions where Ascendant players and higher can only invite players with Platinum rank and higher to their competitive party. We will continue to actively monitor botting abuse and ban any accounts suspicious of this behavior.

Valorant 7.05 Patch - AGENT UPDATES


  • The changes are made to her Astral Form (X), it gives Astra back some agency and information, allowing you to react to enemy footsteps and utility you may have missed while in Astral Form.
  • Astral Form (X)
    • Astra will now be able to hear everything happening around her physical body while in Astral form.

Valorant 7.05 Patch - MAP UPDATES


  • Sunset will now be in the map rotation for Competitive mode.
  • Competitive map rotation includes: Sunset, Breeze, Ascent, Haven, Bind, Split, and Lotus
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Valorant Sunset - Episode 7 map

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Valorant 7.05 Patch - BUG FIXES

General fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the SFX volume would default back to 100 percent volume when Alt-Tab-ing is out of the game.

Agent fixes

  • Fixed a bug where there was a small audio dead zone in Astra’s Cosmic Divide (X).
  • Fixed a bug where Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor (Q) would trigger when Gekko’s Wingman (Q) walked near it.
  • Fixed a bug where other Agents were not animating when they moved through Omen’s Dark Cover (E) ability.
  • Fixed a bug where Cypher’s Trapwire (C) would sometimes fail to activate when placed on stairs.

With the Valorant 7.05 patch, Sunset will now join Breeze, Ascent, Haven, Bind, Split, and Lotus in this game's Competitive mode. On Sept. 6, this patch is anticipated to go live, and full official Valorant 7.05 patch notes will be made available at that time.

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