Valorant Neptune 2.0 skin bundle - first look, release date, price, variant leak

Valorant Neptune 2.0 skin bundle and the possible weapons skins that are set to make their debut in the game very soon have been revealed by recent leaks.

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The Valorant Neptune 2.0 skin bundle has been leaked

In Valorant, developers invest significant effort in crafting skins to ensure player satisfaction. While not all skins and bundles receive universal acclaim, those that gain popularity and sell well often see a 2.0 version released. This has been the case for many of the most favored skin bundles, with Valorant Neptune 2.0 being a highly anticipated addition.

Fortunately, it seems that players won't have to wait much longer as the Valorant Neptune 2.0 skin bundle has been leaked.

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Valorant Neptune 2.0 Bundle Leak

The Neptune collection is a premium skin bundle introduced with the 4.10 update. It also served as a teaser for the Pearl map, which debuted a few weeks later. The bundle immediately captured the hearts of players upon its release in the Valorant store.

Its innovative aquarium-like feature set the Neptune skin bundle apart, providing a tranquil and refreshing experience that was missing in other bundles. Additionally, the bundle's minimalist white and black color variants, along with its distinctive shooting sound, further heightened its appeal among players.

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Valorant Neptune Skin Bundle

Since acquiring the Neptune bundle, players have been speculating about the possibility of a second version of this premium edition skinline. Thanks to ValorLeaks, we now have confirmation that the Valorant Neptune 2.0 bundle is indeed on its way.

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Valorant Neptune 2.0 Skin Bundle

Though we don't have a lot of information, according to the leaks, the Valorant Neptune 2.0 bundle will include skins for:

  • Phantom
  • Odin
  • Bulldog

However, the fourth weapon included in the bundle has yet to be confirmed, though a Melee skin is typically part of such bundles.

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Valorant Neptune 2.0 Skin Bundle Price and Release Date

As of now, the official pricing for this Valorant Neptune 2.0 skin set has yet to be released. It is anticipated that Valorant Neptune 2.0 will belong to the Premium Edition Tier Skinline, similar to the original one. The bundle is expected to encompass 5 Skins, 3 Playercards, and 3 Sprays.

If the leak holds true, the total cost of the bundle is estimated to be around 7100VP, or roughly $71. Breaking it down, each Valorant Neptune 2.0 skin is projected to cost 1775VP if purchased individually, while the Melee skin might be priced at 3550VP.

Regrettably, ValorLeaks has not provided a specific release date for Neptune 2.0. However, he has assured that it will be available in the near future. Based on previous patterns, the much-anticipated Neptune 2.0 bundle is expected to arrive in Valorant during Episode 7 Act 2.

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