Valorant 7.06 Patch Notes - competitive and agent updates, gameplay changes, bug fixes, more

Valorant 7.06 patch notes are live now the main focus is on the competitive arena with a slight adjustment for Sage.

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Valorant 7.06 Patch Notes

Riot Games has rolled out the Valorant 7.06 patch notes, with a primary focus on curbing unfair rank boosting by players. Given that Episode 7 Act 2 recently launched, Riot Games opted to refrain from introducing major alterations at this juncture. The developers noted an influx of competitive rank boosting through both bot accounts and actual players. Additionally, a slight adjustment is slated for Sage once the Valorant 7.06 patch is implemented.

Valorant 7.06 Patch Notes

The standout modification in the upcoming Valorant 7.06 Patch pertains to the competitive arena. Players at the Ascendant tier and above will no longer have the liberty to invite anyone below the Platinum rank. This measure is aimed at thwarting any attempts to exploit the ranking system. Furthermore, a minor tweak is on the horizon for Sage when the Valorant 7.06 patch is deployed.

If these revisions pique your interest, delve into the detailed Valorant 7.06 patch notes.

Valorant 7.06 Patch - General Updates

  • We’re introducing some optimizations in how we load your accessories, such as gun buddies and weapon skins, with the aim of reducing your load times. This enhancement is slated for mid-patch.

Valorant 7.06 Patch - Agent Updates


  • Sage's voice lines have received an update, along with the addition of interaction lines with a wider array of Agents.

Valorant 7.06 Patch - Competitive Updates

  • A surge in competitive rank boosting involving both bots and genuine players has been observed. To counteract this abuse, we've instituted restrictions. Ascendant tier players and above can only invite players holding a Platinum rank or higher to their competitive party.
  • We remain vigilant in monitoring instances of botting abuse and will take appropriate actions, including account bans, against those exhibiting suspicious behavior.
  • For a more in-depth understanding of our Gameplay Systems and our stance on combatting disruptive conduct, refer to our recent Valorant Systems Health Series.

Valorant 7.06 Patch - Gameplay System Updates

  • Backend adjustments have been made to Combat Reports to rectify instances where correct information wasn't being displayed. Kindly report any unusual behavior, particularly after death and before round commencement.
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Valorant Premier Game mode has been launched in the competitive arena

Valorant 7.06 Patch - Bug Fixes


  • Rectified a rare bug that led to unintentional exposure in certain areas after purchasing a weapon.
  • Addressed an issue where the Spike plant and defuse UI bar failed to appear for observers utilizing minimal HUD.
  • Fixed a bug wherein vision cones would flicker at the onset of a round on the Sunset map.

The Valorant 7.06 patch is live now and since Valorant Premier mode has been released, all of these modifications are ideal for those of you who want to advance in the Valorant ranks.

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