League of Legends Skarner VGU - new abilities & gameplay and visual changes revealed

League of Legends Skarner VGU details like his improved gameplay, new abilities, and visual upgrades have been revealed in the recent blog post, and players have been buzzing with excitement over this Skarner rework.

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New details on League of Legends Skarner VGU revealed

In Season 12, Riot delighted fans with some incredible mini-reworks that restored champions like Zeri and Dr. Mundo to their former glory. They also gave Aurelion Sol a significant overhaul. These "champion reworks" focus on enhancing gameplay and visuals, and there are three main types: VGU, ASU, and mini-rework. 

Today, we're diving into the League of Legends Skarner VGU because the VGU team has just provided a progress update on his rework.


UPDATE: 15/03/24

League of Legends Skarner VGU Splash Art Revealed

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League of Legends Skarner VGU

League of Legends fans who have patiently awaited updates on their beloved champion, Skarner, were finally rewarded with a detailed developer blog post from Riot Games. While the entire unveiling is still a ways off, we already know a lot about how this Skarner VGU will look and have seen a preview of Skarner's new ultimate.

The post outlined the upcoming changes to Skarner's visual and gameplay elements, and it's safe to say that they're nothing short of groundbreaking.

New League of Legends Skarner Abilities

In League of Legends, Skarner's reworked abilities were still mostly unknown until now.

LoL Skarner Q ability: One of the most notable changes comes in Skarner's Q ability. In this new update, he gains the power to tear a piece of terrain from the very Rift itself, carrying it with him, ready to unleash its devastating potential at a moment's notice. While the process of ripping the terrain involves a relatively long cast time, once he wields this rock, Skarner's auto-attacks are empowered. Additionally, he can hurl it toward an enemy champion, slowing them down significantly while inflicting substantial damage.

LoL Skarner W ability: While Skarner's W ability wasn't entirely explained in detail, the accompanying GIF suggests that the Ixtali defender will slam the ground, simultaneously providing himself with a shield and dealing magic damage to the nearest enemy. This could be a crucial ability for bolstering Skarner's durability when diving into the heart of enemy teams to position himself for subsequent actions.

LoL Skarner E ability: Skarner's E ability introduces a formidable tool to his arsenal. This skill grants him escalating movement speed but with limited maneuverability as he hurtles toward an enemy champion. Upon reaching his target, he seizes them and carries them a short distance. During this brief window, he can pin them against a wall, inflicting a stun and additional damage.

As Skarner activates his E, he gains the ability to bulldoze through certain types of terrain. In the process, he can also snatch up a boulder to wield against his adversaries. This skill proves to be a terrifying asset for ganking, allowing him to plow through obstacles and execute seamless attacks in support of his team.

LoL Skarner Ultimate ability: While Skarner's ultimate ability is the only aspect of his kit not undergoing a complete overhaul, game designer Jacob “Llama” Crouch hinted that Impale may no longer be a point-and-click ability. The team envisions an Impale that delivers awe-inspiring moments but could also leave you subject to questioning pings from your teammates. This suggests that the iconic move might transition into a skill shot mechanic in the near future.

League of Legends Skarner Gameplay Updates

The fact that Skarner's appearance as a monster and scorpion champion does not correspond to the crystals that have been a part of his history and his in-game champion character has been one of the biggest problems with him.

Riot has therefore chosen to discontinue using crystals for Skarner VGU. This implies that since the crystal spire mechanic won't be a part of his VGU, it will no longer be a part of Skarner's gameplay.

Furthermore, Jacob "Riot Llama" Crouch, a Game Designer discussing updates to Skarner's gameplay in his Visual Gameplay Update (VGU), emphasized that Skarner's ultimate ability, Impale, was a valuable asset in League of Legends. However, the team identified areas for improvement. They aimed to balance Impale's power budget by making it less reliable and redistributing some of its power to Skarner's basic abilities to avoid making them weak.

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LoL Skarner VGU will improve the Scorpion champion's gameplay.

The team also focused on improving the satisfaction of using Impale, aiming to make it more fun to use even if its gameplay impact was reduced. They sought to introduce awe-inspiring moments in Skarner's gameplay while also embracing the potential for disappointing outcomes.

Furthermore, previously it was revealed that Skarner will relocate from Shurima to Ixtal, where the Brackern will play an entirely new and different role. As a result, his engagements with Piltover and Zaun are expected to be canceled, and Skarner will now stretch the earth element rather than crystals.

League of Legends Skarner Visual Updates

The developers have opted for a comprehensive transformation of Skarner, abandoning his crystal theme entirely and refashioning him into a formidable scorpion with three stingers. This alteration is designed to heighten his imposing presence on Summoner's Rift. Although the final in-game model of the revamped Skarner hasn't been revealed yet, the concept art shared by the developers is expected to represent his ultimate appearance.

Talking about Skarner’s new look, Andrew “Riot Ubysi” Raabe, Producer said Skarner, a character in the popular game League of Legends, has undergone a significant visual redesign. The decision was made to streamline his appearance for better gameplay clarity. Previously, he had 12 appendages and three tails, which made his character design appear cluttered. 

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With the new Sakrner VGU, the champion will get six legs instead of 12.

The team decided to give him six legs, with two positioned beneath his front section to support his larger stature, creating a more breathable silhouette. This change also tied into his new thematic of Ixtali earth magic, allowing him to manipulate the ground in a distinctive manner.

The design team wanted to ensure that Skarner's new form integrated seamlessly with his earth-controlling abilities. Instead of using conventional magical earth bending, Skarner physically reaches in and grasps boulders, showcasing a unique approach to his powers. This mechanic became a central element of his new kit and overall character fantasy, aiming to make it a favorite among players. The team also focused on maintaining Skarner's visual clarity, ensuring he didn't appear like a rock with legs when holding a boulder.

Andrew said, “So to answer our original question of how his new form would work with his powers... We needed to make sure that Skarner’s silhouette stayed readable when holding a rock, without him just looking like a rock with legs.”

In addition to the visual changes, Skarner's Visual Gameplay Update (VGU) will extend to his skins, including some that have remained untouched since 2011. The skins set to receive updates alongside the LoL Skarner rework encompass Earthrune Skarner, Sandscourge Skarner, Guardian of the Sands Skarner, Cosmic Sting Skarner, and Battlecast Alpha Skarner.

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League of Legends Skarner VGU concept art

League of Legends Skarner VGU release date

Even though he topped the League of Legends Season 12 VGU poll, the Skarner's rework will probably take some time to complete.

As Riot has mentioned, the Skarner VGU is going to be delayed until early 2024. This comes as a surprise after the last dev blog where Riot mentioned that they would release the new version this year. From the sounds of it, Riot seems to have hit a snag in terms of development. It is honestly sad to see that happen.

Hopefully, Riot can bounce back and give players what they want. There have been a lot of shortcomings as of late from Riot, and while they have tried to make things better, there are still many more hurdles to overcome. With Skarner being delayed, no other VGUs are expected this year, barring more potential reworks and such.

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Upcoming VGU will also bring changes to Skarner skins and splash art.

Even though Riot has started providing information and updates on the development of Skarner's rework, it is realistic to believe that it will be released sometime in 2024, however, it should be noted that a precise LoL Skarner VGU release date has not yet been specified.

So, keep an eye out for further updates on Skarner's rework. When it finally drops, it's sure to bring some exciting changes to the League of Legends experience.

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