Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Banners and Characters Revealed

The Honkai Star Rail 2.1 banners will feature three new characters - Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher, each with their own abilities, backstories, and models.

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Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Banners and Characters Revealed

Three new characters, Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher, are revealed to be the Honkai Star Rail 2.1 banners. Fans' experience will be enhanced by these additions, which offer new gaming styles. Other than the official reveal, leaks have revealed details on their abilities, traces, character models, and a lot more.


UPDATE: 16/03/24

Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Banners: 5-star and 4-star Characters With Phases Revealed

Two of the most anticipated characters in the history of Honkai Star Rail will make their debut with the 2.1 update. Moreover, two more popular characters will make a reappearance in addition to the new ones.

The following characters will be seen on the HSR 2.1 Banner, as revealed during the 2.1 update livestream:

HSR 2.1 Banners Phase 1:

  • 5-stars: Acheron and Luocha
  • 4-stars: Dan Heng, Pela, Gallagher

HSR 2.1 Banners Phase 2:

  • 5-stars: Aventurine and Jingliu
  • 4-stars: Luka, Lynx, Serval


UPDATE: 15/02/24

Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Banners and Reruns Leak

According to the latest leaked data, the HSR 2.1 banner will introduce two new characters and two reruns.

We will be getting the Acheron banner and Fu Xuan rerun in phase 1 and the Aventurine banner and Topaz rerun in the second phase.

To break it down for you, we have the following characters in the HSR 2.1 banner:

  • 1st phase: Acheron and Fu Xuan
  • 2nd phase: Aventurine and Topaz and Numby

Well, the new characters were already expected, however, the inclusion of Fu Xuan and Topaz is new info, and fans are quite surprised that Topaz is already getting a rerun.


Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Banners: Characters and Their Kits

The latest information on these characters comes from a reliable source, stepleaker, who has unveiled details about Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher being featured in the HSR 2.1 banners.

Character Details:

  • Acheron (5-star Nihility)
  • Aventurine (5-star Preservation)
  • Gallagher (4-star Abundance)

Leaks indicate that Acheron, a five-star Quantum-type character on The Nihility Path, will make her first appearance in the first phase of the HSR 2.1 banner somewhere in March 2024 and that Aventurine will be introduced in the second phase in May 2024. In the meantime, information on Gallagher's release is still unknown.

Acheron, the upcoming 5-star Nihility character, boasts a DPS-focused kit with Quantum damage. Unlike other characters, her Ultimate doesn't rely on energy but utilizes a distinct recharge mechanism. Her lore as the Galaxy Ranger, wandering the cosmos with her sword, adds an air of mystery. Acheron primarily strikes with her scabbard, refraining from drawing her Sword free.

Aventurine, a 5-star Preservation character, wields Imaginary Damage and excels in providing shields to allies based on his Defense stat. As a senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department and one of the Ten Stonehearts, Aventurine takes a high-stakes, high-return approach to life, unafraid to take risks.

Gallagher, the 4-star Abundance character, specializes in Fire damage, scaling off Attack instead of HP. Known for his strong offensive kit and healing abilities, he introduces debuffs that enhance Break Effect damage and delay enemy attacks. Serving as a security officer for the Bloodhound Family at Penacony, Gallagher is a mixologist with a courteous yet vigilant demeanor.

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While these leaks shed light on the characters' powers, details about new 4-star characters or those appearing on Acheron and Aventurine's banners remain unknown. Developers and data miners are expected to reveal additional information as the HSR 2.1 banner release date approaches.

Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Banner Release Date

Although the official Honkai Star Rail 2.1 banner release date is unknown, it is anticipated to occur on March 26, 2024, following the release of the HSR 2.0 banner, in accordance with comparable game release schedules.

However, information regarding the impending Honkai Star Rail 2.1 banner characters, including their leaked kit, traces, light cone, and more, is provided in the section that follows.

Honkai Star Rail Acheron

Acheron, the highly anticipated 5-star Lightning-type character aligned with the Nihility Path, has created a buzz on Twitter. Despite her reserved demeanor, Acheron delivers swift and lightning-like strikes with her scabbard, making her a formidable force in battle. Although Acheron refers to herself as the Galaxy Ranger, her real identity is unknown.

It is expected that Aventurine, the other 5-star in this patch, will arrive in the second half of version 2.1, while Acheron will most likely debut in the first. You can check the complete Acheron kit below:

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HSR Acheron Abilities

According to leaked information, her abilities are as follows:

  • Basic ATK: Deals Thunder DMG based on ATK and gains 1 Energy Point.
  • Skill: Deals Thunder DMG to a single target and adjacent targets based on ATK, and gains 2 Energy Points.
  • Ultimate: Consumes all Energy Points and enters the Ultra Pose, performing the following actions within 1 turn.
    • During Ultra Pose, all enemies' All-Type RES is decreased.
    • Deals Thunder DMG to all targets and triggers Lotus Bloom on every single target that has Lotus.
    • Acts again, dealing Thunder DMG to all targets and triggers Lotus Bloom on every single target that has Lotus.
    • Acts again, dealing Thunder DMG to all targets and triggers Lotus Bloom on every single target that has Lotus.
    • Acts again, dealing Thunder DMG to all targets. In the end, remove all Lotus from enemies and exits Ultra Pose.
  • Talent - Energy Point
    • Acheron initially has 0 Energy Points.
    • When Acheron has enough Energy Points, the Ultimate will be available.
    • For every Energy Point gained, Acheron will apply 1 Lotus to a her target.
    • If Acheron does not have a target, the target holding the highest number of Lotus will be selected, prioritizing Elite enemies.
    • When any enemy is inflicted with a debuff, Acheron gains 1 Energy Point. This can be triggered once every turn.
    • When an enemy is defeated or escapes, their Lotus will be transferred to other targets.
  • Talent - Lotus Bloom
    • Consumes the Lotus held by a single target, with an upper limit of 3 per target.
    • Deals Thunder DMG to all targets. This DMG counts as Ultimate DMG. For every Lotus consumed, this DMG is increased by 100%, independent from other buffs.
  • Technique: Immediately kills an enemy target. If unsuccessful, will deal Thunder DMG to all targets after entering battle and gains some Energy Points.

HSR Acheron Traces

  • Trace 1: After entering battle, will gain some Energy Points.
  • Trace 2: For every Nihility Path character in the team, Acheron's DMG dealt is increased independently from other buffs. This counts a maximum of 2 Nihility Path characters and does not count Acheron herself.
  • Trace 3: When triggering Lotus Bloom, for every Lotus consumed, Acheron's DMG dealt is increased for some turns.

HSR Acheron Eidolons

Some of Acheron’s Eidolons have leaked ahead of her release date. You can find them below:

  • Eidolon 1 – When an ally applies a debuff to an enemy, Acheron's ATK and Crit Rate are increased. This effect lasts the entire battle and has an upper limit.
  • Eidolon 2 – Trace #2 will count 1 extra Nihility Path character. When Acheron's turn begins, Acheron will gain 1 Energy Point. Trace #2 needs to be unlocked.
  • Eidolon 3 – Unknown at this time
  • Eidolon 4 – When performing Ultimate, all targets will receive increased Ultimate DMG for some turns.
  • Eidolon 5 – Unknown at this time
  • Eidolon 6 – Acheron's Ultimate DMG is increased. Acheron's Normal ATK and Skill will be regarded as Ultimate.

HSR Acheron VAs

Ju Huahua (Chinese), Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese), and Park Ji-Yoon (Korean) are HSR Acheron's voice actors. Notably, Sawashiro and Huahua have a history of portraying mature characters; they previously did Raiden Shogun and Raiden Mei's voices. Apart from the other language mentioned, Allegra Clark is the voice actress for Acheron in English.

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine

Aventurine is characterized as a man who sees life as a high-risk, high-reward venture that he executes with skillful ease. Working with Topaz, Aventurine is a member of the Strategic Investment Department at Interastral Peace Corporation. Aventurine contributes strategic experience in her role as an executive and member of the Ten Stonehearts. As a 5-star Preservation character, he excels in providing shields and dealing impactful Imaginary damage. You can check the complete Aventurine kit below:

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HSR Aventurine Abilities

  • Basic ATK: Deal Imaginary DMG based on Aventurine's DEF.
  • Skill: Applies stackable Aventurine Shield to all allies, strength based on Aventurine's DEF. "If an ally does not have an A card, they will pull a card from 4 cards: A, B, C, D. When Aventurine's Shield expires, the card will also disappear.
  • Ultimate: Aventurine obtains a random amount of Coins, and deals Imaginary DMG based on DEF, with a chance to increase the target's incoming Crit DMG for some turns. The Crit DMG of this skill can be buffed by the effect of this instance.
  • Talent: When allies protected by Aventurine Shield perform an attack, Aventurine gains 1 Coin. When allies protected by Aventurine Shield suffer from an attack, Aventurine gains 1 Coin. If the character has an A card, Aventurine will gain extra Coins. When Aventurine has 6 Coins, he will consume 6 coins to unleash the Coin Attack: Deal multiple instances of Imaginary DMG to random targets, with a chance to lower the target's Effect Hit Rate. Then, all allies under Aventurine Shield will discard their card and pull a new one.
  • Technique: Aventurine rolls a dice, with three results: 1,2,3. If Aventurine does not obtain a 3 after a certain number, the next roll is guaranteed to give a 3. After entering combat, Aventurine's DEF is increased based on the result of the dice, with 3 giving the maximum. After entering battle, will also apply Aventurine Shield to all allies and let all allies pull a card.

HSR Aventurine Traces

  • Trace 1: Increase Crit Rate based on a percentage of DEF.
  • Trace 2: Allies protected by Aventurine Shield will have increased Effect Res.
  • Trace 3: After performing Coin Attack:
    • 1 Stacks Aventurine Shield for all allies, and stacks an extra amount to the ally with the least shield.
    • 2 Increases the duration of all allies' Aventurine Shield. If Aventurine has Aventurine Shield, the duration of all allies' Aventurine Shield is further increased.
    • 3 All allies without a card pull a card.

HSR Aventurine Eidolons

Aventurine's Eidolons have also been leaked ahead of release, demonstrating the might of the 5-star Imaginary tank.

  • Eidolon 1 – Allies under Aventurine Shield with a B card will have their Crit DMG boosted. Allies with an A card will gain an even bigger boost.
  • Eidolon 2 – Increases Coin Attack's number of attack instances. When performing Coin Attack, Aventurine's DEF increases for some turns.
  • Eidolon 3 – Ultimate lv +2, until lv 15; Basic Atk lv +1, until lv 10.
  • Eidolon 4 – After Aventurine performs a Basic ATK, Aventurine will perform a follow-up attack, dealing Imaginary DMG based on the sum of all allies' shield HP.
  • Eidolon 5 – Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15; Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
  • Eidolon 6 – Increases Aventurine's DMG dealt based on the number of allies protected by a shield.

HSR Aventurine VAs

Kawanishi Kengo, who previously portrayed Muichiro in Demon Slayer, provides the Japanese voice of Aventurine. Yang Chaoran plays the voice in Chinese, and Ju-seung Lee plays the part in Korean. Camden Sutkowski is the English voice actor of Aventurine.

Honkai Star Rail Gallagher

Gallagher, the 4-star Abundance character, takes on the dual role of a security officer and laid-back mixologist. Known for his courteous yet vigilant demeanor, Gallagher's abilities include Fire damage, healing, and debuffs enhancing Break Effect damage. Although Gallagher seems to have a complicated past, it's fascinating to note that he keeps certain aspects of it private. You can check the complete Gallagher kit below:

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HSR Gallagher Abilities

Here is what we know so far:

  • Basic ATK: Deals minor Fire DMG based on Gallagher's ATK
  • Enhanced Basic ATK: Deals minor Fire DMG based ATK, and decreases the target's ATK turns.
  • Skill: Heals a certain percentage of HP for allies.
  • Ultimate: Deals Fire DMG to all enemy targets based on Gallagher's ATK and inflicts Mark on all targets, lasting some turns. When using Basic ATK after this, will unleash Enhanced Basic ATX instead This can be triggered once.
  • Talent: Enemies with Mark will take increased Break DMG. When enemies with Mark are attacked. will regenerate a certain percentage of HP for himself.
  • Technique: Immediately attacks the enemy. After battle, deals Fire DMG to all targets based on ATK and inflicts Mark on all targets some turns.

HSR Gallagher Traces

As of right now, the following has been revealed about Gallagher's Traces:

  • Trace 1: Increases Gallagher's Heal Bonus based on a percentage of Gallagher's Break Effect.
  • Trace 2: Regenerate a certain amount of Energy after entering battle.
  • Trace 3: When enemies with Mark are attacked by Gallagher's Enhanced Basic ATK, Gallagher will not only heal HP for himself, but will heal HP for all allies.

HSR Gallagher Eidolons

The following are HSR Gallagher Eidolons based on leaks:

  • Eidolon 1: After using Ultimate, Gallagher's action is advanced by 100%
  • Eidolon 2: Enemies with Mark will have their Break DMG further increased based on the number of Debuffs they are inflicted with.
  • Eidolon 3: Increase Skill Level by +2, up to a maximum of Level 15. Additionally, Basic Attack is increased by +1, up to a maximum of Level 10.
  • Eidolon 4: When inflicting Mark with Ultimate, its duration is increased.
  • Eidolon 5: Increase Ultimate Level by +2, up to a maximum of Level 15, and Talent Level by +2, up to a maximum of Level 15.
  • Eidolon 6: Gallagher's Break Effect and Weakness Break Efficiency are boosted.

HSR Gallagher VAs

The Japanese voice of Gallagher is provided by Mikami Satoshi, who was the actor behind the MCU's Dr. Stephen Strange persona. Park Sang-hoon plays the part in Korean, while Ma Yufei plays the voice in Chinese. Erik Braa is the one who voices Gallagher in English.

Well, just one day before the HSR 2.0 broadcast, Honkai Star Rail unveiled three new characters through their most recent drip marketing campaign. Although it's not confirmed, the expectation is that these three characters will appear in the HSR 2.1 banners and fans are quite excited.


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