League of Legends Skarner rework - new abilities, gameplay changes, VGU release date, more

League of Legends Skarner rework is one of the most talked about topics in the community, and we finally have new updates from the developers on his VGU.

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League of Legends Skarner rework

League of Legends has been around for thirteen years. The game has already gone through numerous phases with many ups and downs. The player base has been outspoken about what they enjoy and doesn't like, and Riot continually adjusts the gameplay to meet their needs.

So, certain League of Legends champions also get to experience that. The champions and their kits are typically changed as part of reworks, while adjustments to the gameplay mechanics, items, and champions themselves are occasionally necessary.

In Season 12, Riot performed some incredible mini-reworks that restored Zeri and Dr. Mundo to their former positions of prominence. Additionally, the developers significantly overhauled Aurelion Sol earlier this month.

An upgrade called a "champion rework" emphasizes gameplay and visual elements, sometimes even both. VGU, ASU, and mini-rework are the three main champion reworks that Riot has implemented over the years.

Here, we're going to speak about the League of Legends Skarner VGU because the VGU team has provided an update on the champion and explained their course of action for Skarner's rework.

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League of Legends Skarner VGU

Since 2020, Riot Games has conducted the rework poll. Fiddlesticks, Mundo, Volibear, and Udyr have all had modifications as a result of the reworks in the game.

Riot Games first revealed the contenders for the Champion Rework Vote in January 2022. These were Skarner, Tryndamere, Nocturne, Shyvana, and Kog'Maw. Then in February 2022, the results were announced and Skarner won by a wide margin.

Skarner, the one and only scorpion on the Rift that we love, needs a lot of work to make him suitable for the current League of Legends. He has a more one-dimensional playstyle, and his equipment is a little old.

We haven't heard anything new about Skarner's VGU other than a brief segment of concept art in a while, but a new dev blog has finally revealed some fresh information regarding the rework. While the entire unveiling is still a ways off, we already know a lot about how this Skarner VGU will look and have seen a preview of Skarner's new ultimate.

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League of Legends Skarner rework - new abilities

In League of Legends, Skarner's reworked abilities are still mostly unknown as the devs haven't revealed a lot. Except for the new Skarner ultimate.

Impale was already mentioned in a previous blog post by Riot developers, and now we know that this new Skarner ultimate ability will enable him to capture a complete squad of foes rather than just one.

Moreover, with this new ultimate ability now having two levels of damage, it will also be possible to miss it, and the damage it deals will be reduced by half if someone cleanses out of it.

There are certain benefits compared to the original Skarner ultimate and some drawbacks, but it now affects the game considerably more than it did in the past.

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League of Legends Skarner rework - gameplay changes

The fact that Skarner's appearance as a monster and scorpion champion does not correspond to the crystals that have been a part of his history and his in-game champion character has been one of the biggest problems with him.

Riot has therefore chosen to discontinue using crystals for his VGU. Implying that since the crystal spire mechanic won't be a part of his VGU, it will no longer be a part of Skarner's gameplay.

Furthermore, Skarner will relocate from Shurima to Ixtal, where the Brackern will play an entirely new and different role.

As a result, his engagements with Piltover and Zaun are expected to be canceled, and Skarner will now stretch the earth element rather than crystals.

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League of Legends Skarner VGU - new look

Developers have entirely removed Skarner's crystal theme and turned him into a large scorpion with three stingers.

Riot intended to maintain the scorpion and monster idea, but they've chosen to take it a step further by giving Skarner three stingers as opposed to just one. He will appear more threatening on Summoner's Rift as a result of this.

Although we haven't yet seen the complete in-game model of the new Skarner, the concept art shared by the devs is thought to be his ultimate appearance.

The image below contains every piece of LoL Skarner VGU Concept Art that Riot has ever published.

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League of Legends Skarner VGU concept art

Also, Skarner's VGU will also involve changes to his skins, some of which haven't received any updates since his 2011. Hence, players can anticipate the following skins to change with the LoL Skarner rework as he already has a few skins:

  • Earthrune Skarner
  • Sandscourge Skarner
  • Guardian of the Sands Skarner
  • Cosmic Sting Skarner
  • Battlecast Alpha Skarner

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League of Legends Skarner VGU release date

Even though he topped the League of Legends Season 12 VGU poll, the Skarner's rework will probably take some time to complete.

Reworks take a while to be released, and according to the dev team's blog, Yuumi's rework has been given high priority. As a result, it will likely be some time before Skarner's VGU is made available on live servers.

Even though Riot has started providing information and updates on the development of Skarner's rework, it is realistic to believe that it will release later in 2023, however, it should be noted that a precise LoL Skarner VGU release date has not yet been specified.

These were all the details of League of Legends Skarner's rework, including his new skills, gameplay changes, and more. When it comes out, keep an eye on it.

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